Dear Safety Group 455 Member:

It is time to file your 5/1/2024 New York Construction Classification Premium Adjustment Program (NYCCPAP) application with the New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board (NYCIRB).  The NYCCPAP program allows premium credits for some employers in the construction industry. These credits exist to recognize the difference in wage rates between employers within the same construction industries in New York.


The 5/1/2024 applications can be filed online beginning on 2/1/2024 and need to be filed before 4/30/2024. Please go to the NYCIRB website - to file.  On the application, you will need to provide weekly gross payroll from the 3rd quarter of 2023. For commercial work, the payroll should be capped at $1,718.15 per employee. There is no cap for residential work.


If you have any questions about the program, need help filing, or would like us to file for you, please contact Jeanine Cosentino at 914-412-0535 or . If you plan on submitting the application by fax or mail to NYCIRB, we ask that you let us handle this for you by sending it to Jeanine to be processed.


Please send your 2024 NYCCPAP applications for the new year to Jeanine Cosentino now!


Please also note that the 5/1/2023 application can still be filed, but the deadline is before 4/30/2024. Please contact Jeanine for details.

Thank you,

Jeanine Cosentino
Your Keevily Team
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Harrison, NY 10528
Tel: (800) 523-5516
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