November 1, 2018


New program aimed at helping workers understand health benefits, well-being programs

Washington — The National Business Group on Health has partnered with more than 20 employers on an effort to boost employee engagement and improve their experience with employer-provided health benefits and well-being programs. Read more

Blue light from electronic devices, sun may damage vision: study

Toledo, OH — Exposure to blue light from the sun and electronic devices may destroy cells in the retina and accelerate the onset of blindness, a recent study from the University of Toledo indicates. Read more

Sleep loss may contribute to weight gain, help explain shift worker health problems: study

Uppsala, Sweden — Losing sleep, even for one night, can negatively impact metabolism and help trigger excess weight gain – possibly explaining a link between sleep deprivation and shift worker health problems – according to the results of a recent study conducted by researchers at Uppsala University. Read more

Giving up junk food may produce withdrawal symptoms similar to drug addiction: study

Ann Arbor, MI — Cutting junk food from your diet may result in withdrawal symptoms similar to those experienced by people kicking a drug habit, new research from the University of Michigan shows. Read more

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