Dear Lakeshore Members,

We have been open in phase IV for a little over two weeks now and gotten a lot of feedback from members as well as learned a lot about how to keep taking care of you safely with more people visiting the club. We are also very worried that the city will force health clubs to shut back down if we don’t follow the requirements that they have put in place.  As a result, we thought now is a good time to remind everyone about proper safety protocols and some other safety initiatives we have underway.

For those of you who think this is all silly or unnecessary, please remember that the city is very serious about shutting down businesses that are not complying or our industry in its entirety if we aren’t doing what they want. Forget about whether it is right or useful, do it so you can keep coming to the club!

For those of you with younger family members on the account, kindly remind them of these rules and guidelines as well. 

We are a community and we all need to act like good citizens of this community especially during these crazy times. 

Face Coverings – love ‘em or hate ‘em, we have to wear ‘em! 
According to city rules, we have to wear them all the time. If you don’t have a mask, we cannot admit you to the club. If you need a mask, we have them for purchase at the front desk. 

We have worked hard to come up with some solutions to help soften that experience, such as the barriers around the cardio equipment, the dividers in the group fitness classes and the ability to reserve the Power Lifting Studio for private use. We are expecting to have all the equipment protected by barriers within the next week. 
  • When dining at Harvest, you may remove your face-covering, but if you or your child gets up from the table, a face covering must be warn. 
  • In the locker rooms, we recognize it may be difficult to wear a face covering at all times, but please do so as much as possible and when not possible, please use a towel to cover your mouth when you get near others. 

Even if you don’t care about your own risk of getting Covid-19, please wear a face covering for the sake of others. If you violate the rules on face coverings, we may have to suspend or terminate your membership. We don’t want to do this, but we also don’t want to be shut down. Please don’t fight with our team-mates about this, making it more difficult for them to do their jobs…we're all in this together!

One way traffic – its confusing initially, but helps keep people out of each other’s way!
We know that the one way signage and new exit door can be a little confusing, but we are trying to keep people from crossing paths with others when you can’t socially distance. 
  • The orange stairwell at the front of the club is one-way up.
  • The east stairwell is one way down.
  • To get to the 4th floor, you may take the west service stairwell, the elevator or the orange stair to the central stair through the cardio studio to the stair over tennis courts 7 &8. 
  • The catwalk leading to the training studios is one way – it goes north. If you want to go south, please go up to the running track or down to the exit door and buzz out of the club.
  • When there is two way traffic in an area and it is not possible to socially distance, wait to allow others to pass.
  • Use the exit door that is by the east stairwell. Please press on the buzzer to the right of the door and wait to be buzzed out BEFORE opening the door. Please do not exit the club through the main entrance. 

Sanitizing Equipment: After you are done using a piece of equipment, help us help you and other members know so that we can sanitize it before someone else uses it. Please put small-wares such as dumb-bells, bands and mats in the area designated for being sanitized and NOT back on the racks. Our team will generally spray down this equipment, let the chemical dwell for the required kill time and then wipe it off before returning it where it belongs. If you need one of these pieces of equipment before we are able to sanitize it, feel free to sanitize it yourself. 

Help keep the place clean! Our staff is focused on sanitizing right now so may not be as focused on general cleaning. Please help them by picking up after yourself more – please put dirty towels in the towel bins rather than leaving them on the floor or on equipment. Please dispose of your dirty wipes in the trash. 

New Sanitizing Technology is being deployed:
  • UV Radiation Sanitizing: We have started deploying this technology overnights to sanitize areas that in a comprehensive way. As a reminder, this is the same technology that is used in ICU wards to clean hospital rooms. We have also procured tents that we can wheel items into and sanitize using the UV radiation while the club is operational. You will start seeing us deploying these around on the fitness floor, tennis courts and other areas. Please don’t try to open the tents while in operation! If you have questions about the technology or want to learn more about how we are using it, feel free to contact us at
  • Clorox360 Electrostatic Sprayers: We are able to use these sprayers when members are near but not too close to the equipment. This technology uses electrostatic energy to ensure all sides of equipment is reached while “fogging” areas. It is a powerful technology to ensure surfaces are really taken care of. We are using these to clean group fitness equipment after use and in areas that we can partially close off throughout the day. 
  • Our Inspector General is checking on the team: Our new Inspector General is making his rounds to ensure our new sanitizing and cleaning protocols are being followed and are effective. You will be able to identify him in his white coat while he inspects all cleaning and sanitizing procedures. He also is using the ATP testing kit that hospitals use to determine if there is residual bacteria after surfaces are cleaned. 

Some closing thoughts:
  • We know that people are very nervous right now and are watching each other a lot to make sure others are doing the right stuff. They may not know that your group of folks have been quarantining together and will be freaked out that you are all hanging out like it is normal. Please help them and help the club feel better by keeping your quarantine groups together and following the rules even if there is no one immediately next to you but you are visible. In only a few seconds, someone can be right next to you and feel very uncomfortable. 
  • We are doing our best to support everyone and make sure we are all doing the right thing: in fact, we have hired “Mask Patrol” to help remind people to keep their masks on. However, such programs cost us a lot of money. On top of the extra costs incurred for all of the sanitizing and new safety protocols, we have also lost a lot of members as people have left Chicago or are fearful of leaving their homes. We would prefer to spend our money on things to enhance your lives rather than on enforcing the rules. Please help us help you by following these rules!

If you have thoughts, suggestions or ideas on how we can continue to keep you safe and / or improve your experience, kindly let us know! Simply email


Your LSF Management Team

PS: Please do not reply to this email address as it is not monitored.