Safety Sidewalk Project Update
07 June 2021

Dear GCA member,

The GCA Board of Directors wanted to provide you an update to the planned walking path expansion project. Please see below and as always we welcome the opportunity to hear from our residents!

GCA Board of Directors
Safety Walking Path Project Update
As has been communicated previously, in developing the 2021 budget, the GCA Board of Directors approved the budget to proceed with the engineering study for design of the first phase of the Walking Path Plan developed by the Walking Path Subcommittee of CARB in 2019. This phase of the plan addresses the safety concerns related to limited line of sight along many segments of Farringdon and Newbridge Roads. Additionally, in 2019 a $150,000 specific reserve budget was established as the construction budget for this project.

Subsequent to this approval, Woolley Engineering was retained as our Design Engineer earlier this year. Over the past several months the GCA, through CARB, has been working with Woolley and the County to develop the design of this project. Our design approach was one which minimized disruption to existing infrastructure as much as possible, while still meeting required codes and project intent. Even with this approach, there are still a few instances where installed irrigation, dog fencing, and landscaping on the frontage right-of-way will need to be relocated by the homeowners.

As provided by the link below, you will see the final design to be submitted to Albemarle County for review and approval in the next few weeks. Following approval from the County, CARB will be working with Woolley Engineering and GCA’s Road Committee to identify potential contractors to perform the work. As planned, construction will be performed during the fall of this year.

In summary, the GCA is sharing this information with you to ensure we maintain strong communication with the Glenmore Community as the project proceeds. We appreciate those who may have concerns about the project, however this work is being completed in an effort to address the needs and concerns of all of Glenmore.