September 22, 2021
Safety Week Day 4: School Evacuations
Thursday, Sept. 23 will mark Day 4 of Barrington 220 Safety Week, which runs through Sept. 24. The goal is to raise awareness about school safety among our students, parents, staff and community members.
During the school day, all students will view a short video that has a "Safety 220 Tip of the Day". Thursday's tip corresponds with the safety theme for the day, which is School Evacuations. Thanks to the Barrington Fire Department for helping us put this video together!
As part of Safety Week, Barrington High School students will be practicing a safety drill at the end of their lunch periods on Thursday. You may see students exiting the building in the afternoon. Please note, this is just a drill.
To view the "Tip of the Day" video for Thursday, Sept. 23, please click the link below: