August 31, 2020

Dear CIM Faculty Members,

It has been a great change of pace to see many faculty members and students return to the building in the last few weeks or to be back in touch with you virtually after several months away! Thank you for all you are doing to keep CIM healthy and safe as we move forward through the semester.

As activities begin to increase in the building, we wanted to send a review and update on the policies in place for the safety of our CIM community. First, here are a few faculty-specific reminders:

  • Please request the space you need well in advance. We know schedules are ever-changing. We will do our best to accommodate the requests we receive in a timely fashion. Please understand that scheduling in advance by emailing is the best way to obtain the rooms you need. Especially during this time, last minute reservations are very challenging to accommodate and occasionally we are unable to do so. With that in mind, please try and send emails for the next day no later than 5pm the day before, and for weekend and Monday requests, please attempt to send them in by the Friday before. This will help ensure your request can be filled.
  • Concert & Events is currently taking all room requests via Security will be unable to assist you if you show up without a confirmed reservation and they will not be able to make future reservations for you if you call or speak with them at the desk.
  • If you need to make multiple requests for different rooms or for different types of activities, please try to combine as much info as you can into one email. Multiple emails creates confusion about what the current requests are. If you do need to change a request, please indicate that you are changing a previous request in your new email.
In addition, please note the following reminders that were sent to students today; please note that these guidelines apply to all CIM community members, at all times:
  • Wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth is a critical strategy to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses. Woodwind, brass and voice students and faculty who are alone in an enclosed space, more than 15 feet away from the nearest person or outdoors, may remove their masks when actively playing or singing. All others should wear a mask at all times unless alone in an enclosed space (with the door shut).
  • Ventilation breaks for practice rooms, studios, and large spaces are important. They are programmed into the scheduling system and must be strictly observed. Your room should be vacant when you arrive to use it. If it isn’t, this likely means a student has stayed past their reservation time. Please let us know when this happens so we can follow up with the student.
  • Appropriate distancing is required. For masked activities, a minimum distance of 6 feet is required between all people involved unless impossible due to ensemble requirements. For unmasked activities, a minimum of 15 feet of distance is required. There are 6-foot plastic measuring pipes in all studios, chamber rehearsal spaces and concert halls to assist you with finding the right distance in the configuration that works for your rehearsal or activity. 
  • Please remember that some CIM community members may wish to take additional precautions beyond what CIM expects of all students, faculty and staff. Some people may be in high-risk categories or live with others with health concerns. Please be respectful, kind and understanding and allow people to draw boundaries they are comfortable with.
Thank you for helping to keep CIM’s community healthy and safe and we look forward to providing you with the support you need for the rest of the semester.

All the best,

Maddi Tolliver
Senior Director, Artistic and Facilities Operations