Keeping our faculty and students safe is our #1 priority. Our mantra has been, and continues to be “Testing, Tracing, Mitigation.” We continue to work with the District to negotiate conditions for a safe return in the fall.
The Guild continues to be responsive to changing conditions in the remote environment.

  • The Board of Trustees has approved a one-time stipend of $1000 to compensate faculty for remote workplace expenses. You need to have taught in one of the following semesters: Spring 2020, Summer 2020, Fall 2020, Winter 2021, or Spring 2021. You do not have to complete any paperwork to receive the stipend.
  • Another MOU clarified that faculty teaching large distance learning classes during any of the academic terms may receive a stipend for that semester if it was requested during the planning stages of scheduling. Faculty may request no more than one large class DL stipend in any academic term and no more than two stipends in any calendar year. We clarified that the semester could be fall, winter, spring, or summer. We brought contract language into alignment with Board policy and the large class agreement must be made in the planning stages of schedule development. But now it includes winter or summer.
  • A third MOU clarified language in Article 16.G: Bumping begins three weeks before classes start and cannot extend beyond the first two weeks after classes start or the first 10% of the term length for a class scheduled for a period that is shorter than an academic semester.

Perhaps the most urgent matter the Guild considered this month was the “re-engagement” plan: We were settling into life in a remote environment. We began the important business of developing a proposal to hand over to management to begin a thoughtful, careful discussion about returning to campus. The negotiations team for this task was the Guild Executive Committee (chapter presidents, officers, and chief grievance officer).