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Safety and Health Week May 3-9, 2020  
Working responsibly in the time of COVID-19

The world has seen unprecedented changes in the past 2 months. Employers in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories have had to very quickly adapt to these changes to help keep their workplaces safe and their businesses operating responsibly at this challenging time.

The WSCC is marking Safety and Health Week online in 2020. All week long, we are highlighting resources, information, and guidelines from your public health authority to help answer frequently asked questions. From safety in your new or temporary workplace, to the rights and responsibilities of every worker and the important topic of mental health awareness, we will promote some of the best "working through COVID-19" resources available to northern employers and workers.

Every workplace is different and will have different requirements. Lots of workers may find themselves stepping up into different roles and doing jobs that they don't typically do or haven't done for a while. Some workplaces have had to move their workforce to work from home. A lot of workplaces have had to close and are figuring out how to open safely in the future.  Others are continuing to work on worksites where the hazards typical for their industry or for this time of year are still very relevant.

The health and safety of our workers is essential, no matter what their working environment is. We encourage you to use this week to review these resources, evaluate the new working conditions in your workplace, and promote every workers right to a health and safe work environment.

Make sure to follow us on our social media channels Facebook and Twitter for all of these valuable resources.  If you have any questions, concerns, or if you need to talk to a safety inspector, contact us today. 

WSCC Service Updates  

WSCC is working to support the direction of the Chief Public Health Officers in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories and helping employers and workers take all necessary precautions possible to minimize the risks of COVID-19 exposure now and into the future. Please see below for the most recent changes and updates to WSCC services. You can find important updates as they occur on the COVID-19 page of our website.
Reminder: update your Payroll Estimate

Payroll estimates can be submitted or changed online through  WSCC Connect.  For an online guide please visit our  WSCC Connect Help Desk . If you require further assistance, email our  Employer Services  team .

Employer Payment Information

Due to COVID-19, WSCC has put in place financial relief measures for employers by extending payment deadlines to August 1, 2020 and suspending late payment interest charges. Employers will receive a revised payment schedule with their next billing statement.

We urge all employers who do not need the deadline extension to continue with their planned payment schedule by contacting WSCC Employer Payments toll-free at 844 238-5008.

For information about payment options, please visit WSCC Connect.

WSCC has added a COVID-19 Resources page to provide information that all employers should use, together with their workers, to assess the risks and put controls in place at their workplaces. These resources will continue to be updated as they become available.

Workers and employers with questions or concerns about workplace health and safety during the time of COVID-19 can contact the WSCC by emailing Covid-19@wscc.nt.ca or calling 1 (800) 661-0792.

You'll be able to speak to a OHS inspector to get answers to your questions, and if you need more assistance, a OHS inspector will be assigned to help you assess the health and safety risk at your workplace.  

You can also submit a Report of Unsafe Work online through WSCC Connect.
Mine Rescue and the Miners Picnic

The 2020 Mine Rescue Competition and Miners Picnic has been cancelled due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Mine rescue competitions are a way to practice life-saving skills. They allow teams to learn from one another, share best practices and new industry equipment, and most importantly, help keep our workplaces safer.

We look forward to welcoming the teams, organizers, volunteers, sponsors, event partners and spectators back to Yellowknife in 2021 for the 63rd Annual Mine Rescue Competition.

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