Building a Stronger Safewaze

We announce today a significant expansion of our company and our capabilities, with a new, awesome 100,000 square foot facility in Concord, NC.
Two years in the making, the new facility will increase our capacity 5x, add capabilities in R&D, testing and training, and better optimize productivity.

"We've been on a long journey at Safewaze to build an enduring company. This facility is a major milestone. It reflects our commitment to U.S. manufacturing, to making Safewaze an employer of choice, and most importantly it strengthens our advantage in responding with speed and flexibility to customer needs." said Gene Verble, co-founder of Safewaze.

225 Wilshire Avenue SW, Concord North Carolina 28025 is officially the new home of Safewaze!

Since our original founding in 1994, Safewaze is on a mission to save lives. No matter the project or how tough the job, we ensure workers are protected by the best that modern fall protection technology has to offer. As you navigate working-at-heights challenges, Safewaze is the partner you can count on.

If you have questions, want to place an order or just say hello, click here to email us directly or call 800-230-0319.