Sage BusinessWorks Newsletter                                                    June 2019

Save Time & Money by Integrating Vital Business Processes  
At DWD, we love Sage BusinessWorks.  After all, we've been supporting this popular accounting system for 25 years.  

During this time, we've worked with many BusinessWorks users looking for ways to save time and money by connecting vital areas of their business including shipping, e-commerce, point of sale, bar code, RFID scanning and more.

Learn how these businesses became more efficient by taking advantage of integrations offered in a full-featured ERP system.   

Does Your Business Have a Data Backup Strategy?      
Data loss is a serious problem for companies of all sizes, yet we all think it won't happen to us....until it does.

Historically, data loss was mostly attributed to fires, floods and other similar disasters.  Today, hardware failure accounts for the highest percentage of data loss, while computer viruses and ransomware follow closely behind.

Learn the components of effective backup strategies and how you can ensure your backups are secure.
About DWD Technology Group
DWD Technology Group is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Sage Software Reseller serving clients in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and throughout the Midwest.  We are committed to helping companies evaluate and implement proven network, accounting and business management software systems and to provide support to keep those systems flourishing over time. 
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