Sage BusinessWorks Newsletter                                                    April 2019

Is Your Inventory Out of Control?  
The concept of inventory management is an easy one to grasp - determine what to stock, in what quantity, and when to order more.   But in practice, things are a little more complicated.

Millions of companies get off the ground using software such as BusinessWorks, QuickBooks and Sage 50 and why not, they're affordable, easy to use systems.  But companies that are in growth mode reach a point where their software is no longer keeping up with the complexity in operations.

And if your business carries inventory, the epicenter for this problem hits smack dab in your warehouse.  Stock outs, late shipments, lost customers are all signs.

Take a look at how companies lose control of inventory and what you can do to get it back.

Getting to Know Multi-Factor Authentication      
Whether it's your personal email account or a critical app for your business, keeping electronic data safe is more important than ever.  
Multi-factor authentication has emerged as a powerful tool to help restrict account access to its intended user.  Learn the three most popular multi-factor authentication methods.
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DWD Technology Group is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Sage Software Reseller serving clients in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and throughout the Midwest.  We are committed to helping companies evaluate and implement proven network, accounting and business management software systems and to provide support to keep those systems flourishing over time. 
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