Sage Day 
Inside View Monthly Newsletter
June 2, 2016


This month's cartoon highlights a concern shared by many parents that too much screen time can cause or worsen the attentional difficulties associated with ADHD. Actually, no research study has conclusively established that screen time directly causes attentional difficulties. Limiting screen time is of course important for all children.  The more important takeaway from this cartoon is how the boys aren't able to keep track of what just happened.  This highlights a common difficulty for young people with ADHD, executive functioning, i.e., the skills than enable an individual to manage oneself and one's resources in order to keep track of time and get things done.

In general, there are three forms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: Inattentive, Hyperactive-Impulsive and Combined.  Although there are clear differences in symptoms and issues associated with the different types of ADHD a common thread is that young people with ADHD often struggle with executive functioning. Executive functioning can be improved with proper intervention in the form of coaching and or therapy.  For more information on the forms of ADHD and some helpful tips be sure to check out our latest article


The Extended School Year, (ESY) has been re-designed for the 2016 summer.  The program was developed during a staff in-service in March which featured author and researcher Dr. Nancy Sulla as the workshop leader. This summer each student will be assigned to a faculty mentor who will guide the students through a series of choices and requirements that will be completed each of the five weeks of the program. The program will enhance the student's capacity to explore at their own pace with the guidance of their faculty mentor. 


One of our RP sophomores , Ezra Brauner, submitted a research paper to an annual essay contest, hosted by the prestigious Gilder Lehrman Institute of NYC. Ezra's paper, entitled, "An Ant Against Giants:  The Efforts of Commoners to Reform Eighteenth Century America", used primary sources from Princeton University.  Ezra spent over two months working on his paper and is competing against more than 150 students across the United States.  While developing his challenging essay, Ezra collaborated with Mr. Weeks, his U.S. I teacher, and Mrs. DiLorenzo, his English teacher. 


As the 2015-16 school year draws to a close, students are preparing for project based final exams. Seniors enrolled in Pre-Calculus and Calculus  will be analyzing phone records of fictitious suspected robbers to help prosecutors single out the real criminal. They will use cell phone pings to triangulate the location of suspects at different points in time and synthesize this information with a description of the robberies to pinpoint the true criminal. The triangulation process will require students to implement trigonometric relationships and properties learned throughout the year, such as the Law of Sines and Law of Cosines. 

For their final project in Global Issues, the seniors will be writing, filming and editing their own version of a CNN News segment.  It will feature pieces on human trafficking, the labeling of GMOs ,and an interview with the executive director of a local animal shelter. 


Students at Sage Day Princeton are currently reading the book, The Witch of Blackbird Pond in English class. The story takes place in Connecticut in the year 1687. The book's main character, Kit, and most of the members of the community where she lives know how to knit.  Knitting is used as a hobby to avoid monotony and to make clothes and blankets. As a project relating to the book, the students and staff participated in a knitting lesson presented by the school principal.


  Sage Day Mahwah 
(grades 4-8)
  • June 9  - Point Pleasant Trip, Returns to Sage at 4:00 pm. 
  • June 10  - Grade 8 Breakfast for Families 9:00 am. 
  • Noon Dismissal Begins
  • June 14 - Grade 8 Trip to Dorney Park. Return to Sage at 6:00 pm. 
  • June 16 - All School Picnic
  • June 17 - Grade 8 Graduation, 10:00 am
  • June 27- Extended School Year Begins 9:00- 12:00 pm. 
Sage Day Rochelle Park 
(grades 9-12)
  • June 3 - End of Year Beach Trip
  • June 6  - Play Performance
  • June 8 -13 - Final Exams 
  • June 14- Make Up Exams 
  • June 16 - End of Year Annual Picnic
  • June 17 - Commencement at 10:30 and Last Day of School 

Sage Day Boonton 
(grades 8-12)
  • June 3 - End of the Year Trip
  • June 8  - Annual Arts Festival
  • June 9-10 - Final Exams
  • June 13 - Final Exam Make Ups
  • June 9-17- 12:30 Dismissal
  • June 15- Quarter 4 Ends
  • June 16 - 8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony at 11:00
  • June 17 - Commencement at 11:00

Sage Day Princeton
(grades 6-12)
  • June 9 - Trip to Point Pleasant
  • June 14 - Trip to Grounds For Sculpture
  • June 15-17 - Reduced Session Days, 12:30 Dismissal