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October 1, 2015

To read an article written by our Sage Day Boonton Clinical Director,  Gail D'Aurelio, titled The Bullying Triangle, click  HERE.
Many of our Sage Day students have experienced bullying in some capacity and those experiences have contributed to anxiety, depression and other emotional issues. Bullying can also contribute to school refusal, suicidal-ideation or self-harm. These are some of the issues that we work through during our intensive individual, group and family therapies.
Families and child study team members who visit our schools frequently tell us that Sage Day feels like such a "safe" and "welcoming" environment. This can be attributed to our caring staff, therapists and leadership teams, who support our students in restoring confidence and enjoying success during their years at Sage Day and beyond. 

Here is an opportunity to reflect on these questions: Are we creating a safe environment in our schools? Has there ever been a time when bullying has been overlooked in any way?  How can we make our students feel even safer? 

Sage Day Mahwah

Next week our school will be participating in Week of Respect.  During the week we will have events and activities that promote respect and tolerance among the community.
Monday, October 5th  
"Sock it to Bullying"  wear your craziest socks
Tuesday, October 6th 
"It's Cool to Care"  wear your shades and be cool
Wednesday, October 7th  
"Let's Co-Exist"  multi cultural day
Thursday, October 8th  
"Put a Cap on Conflict" hat day
Friday, October 9th  
"Put Hate to Bed"  pajama day

Sage Day Rochelle Park

Our Zoology classes went for a nature walk to explore the local flora and fauna of our area. 

In class, they are discussing the different roles that organisms take in an ecosystem. By exploring our local biodiversity, the class investigated a variety of roles that they may not have been aware existed and will also be delving deeper into some familiar roles like predator interactions.  

Sage Day Boonton

The National Honor Society was resurrected last year at Sage Day Boonton with three inductees, and we hope to expand with n ew applications currently being accepted. The final due date is October 15th. 

Throughout the 2015-16 school year, the National Honor Society will focus on the five components of the National Honor Society: Scholarship, Service, Leadership, Character, and Citizenship. 

The first initiative is to create a "good character" board asking students to identify peers who are demonstrating good character. Service will be the next focus of NHS, which will most likely involve an eyeglasses or food drive.


Sage Day Mahwah 
(grades 4-8)
  • Oct. 14 - 12:30 Dismissal
  • Oct. 23 - Trip to Stony Hill Farms

Sage Day Boonton 
(grades 8-12)
  • Oct. 5-9 - Week of Respect  
  • Oct. 9 - Progress Reports
  • Oct. 23 - Open House
  • Oct. 26-30 - Spirit Week
  • Oct. 30 - Halloween Celebration

Sage Day Rochelle Park 
(grades 9-12)
  • Oct. 3 - SAT Exam
  • Oct. 5 - A Rep from College of St. Rose Will Address the Seniors.  
  • Oct. 14 - PSAT Exam 
  • Oct. 16 - Mythbusters Club Will Be Going to Ft.Mifflin in PA. 

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