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Every year child study teams and districts identify students whose needs are beyond what the structure of the traditional school and child study team can meet. Child study team professionals understand what these discouraged students need but also recognize that they lack the time and resources necessary for the most effective intervention. Sage In-District Services is designed to fill the gap in service between traditional in-school support and an out-of-district placement. Our skilled clinical team will work with the child study team, academic staff and administration to provide a seamless counseling experience for the student. With the right therapeutic relationship and counseling, students will gain the support, strategy and insight they need in order to make progress in school. Sage In- District Services brings both the educational and counseling expertise that are the essential components of successful school-based intervention. For more information on our services click here.To View our Sage In-District Brochure click here.
boonton campus

The fourth marking period started on April 20th.  As of the end of the third marking period, Sage Day Boonton is proud to announce that we had three students on High Honor Roll, ten students on Honor Roll, and five students earning Honorable Mention. The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) resumes in May 2015. Although testing dates differ from district to district, our teachers are flexible and resourceful, and our students will be well supported in their efforts to keep up with the classroom instruction.


April ended with a multicultural lunch celebration, which involved students and staff bringing in and tasting traditional foods representing a wide variety of cultures. May is an important co-curricular month as the juniors and seniors have their prom on May 20th. Students attending this prom will be sailing on Spirit Cruises, which boards at 6:30 and cruises around Manhattan from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m. At the end of the month, our seniors will go to Pyramid Mountain for a hike and will enjoy a senior lunch celebration afterwards at a local restaurant.


Students and staff are busy preparing for  our Annual Arts Festival. The theme this year is Alice in Wonderland. We hope this will be a magical experience for all our guests who can expect to hear musical performances as well as appreciate our outstanding student art.



*May 15- Progress Reports Due

*May 20 - Junior/Senior Prom

*May 22 - 12:30 Dismissal

*May 25 - Memorial Day - School Closed 

*May 29 - Senior Hike/Lunch

*June 5 - Trip To Fun Plex 

*June 11 - Annual Arts Festival 

*June 12 - 12:30 Dismissal

*June 18-24 - 12:30 Dismissal

*June 24 - Graduation 


RP campus


The month of May is bringing us warmer Spring temperatures and students are feeling that the end of the school year is within their grasp. However, their are still lots of loose ends to tie up and activities and projects planned for the upcoming weeks.


Students have been donating all their loose change for "Pennies for Leukemia Foundation" fundraiser.  We are very pleased to announce that we collected $337.23, which will be donated. Ms. Wuthrick's advisory group raised the most money and the students won a pizza party. Mr. Milon's advisory group, came in 2nd place and won an ice cream party. We thank all the advisory groups for participating in this great cause.


On May 8th, students in our art classes travelled to "Grounds for Sculpture" in Trenton.  Grounds for  Sculpture is a beautiful park that features over 270 works of art and exhibitions, complete with wandering peacocks. The grounds are extremely beautiful and expansive and students and staff had a fantastic trip.


Our Acting Class will be presenting their Spring play performance on May 15th from 1:05 - 2:25 p.m. This year, the performance will consist of two one-act plays and two monologues. One play is called, Sorry Wrong Number, about a bed-ridden woman who overhears a murder plot on the phone, and is trying to call an operator to help her. The other, called A Matter of Husbands, is about a woman who visits a famous actress with the hopes of confronting her about her suspicions that the actress is stealing her husband. It is definitely going to be an entertaining afternoon for us. 


Our Junior/Senior prom is on May 20th aboard one of the luxurious Spirit Cruises that departs from Lincoln Harbor in Weehawken. Our students will be able to kick back, relax and enjoy the spectacular views of the New York skyline, while sampling dishes from an extensive buffet.  There is a DJ aboard for dancing under the stars, and we know that this will be a memorable evening for all attending. Boarding time is 6:30 and the cruise time is 7:00-9:30 p.m.  


Our annual softball game will be held at RP's Carlock Field on May 26th . The theme "Mets vs. Yankees" will determine the teams students and staff will be on. 


We will close out the month of May with our Track Team participating in a meet on May 29th at Foley Field in Bloomfield. Under the coaching of our very own, Mr. John Milon, our team is currently undefeated this season and came in first place for the past two years. We are hoping that our team will bring home another trophy!


Mr. Montesano will continue to work with our Juniors individually to help them create a transition plan. This includes career research, college searching, setting college visits and creating college lists. Our Juniors are also starting to create resumes, work on interviewing skills and applying for summer jobs. 


Upcoming Events:


*May 15 - Progress Reports 

*May 22 - 12:30 Dismissal

*May 25 - Memorial Day - School Closed 



mahwah campus

The month of April opened with a field trip to Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey.  At Liberty Science Center students were able to enrich their understanding of science by experiencing hands-on exhibits on such diverse topics as animals, germs, communication, and engineering skyscrapers. In addition, students got to enjoy an engaging science-related movie in the world's biggest I-Max theater. 


Students and staff also enjoyed a much-needed spring break in April before returning to put the finishing touches on the third marking period and ushering in the fourth and final marking period. Parents were welcomed into the building after spring break for parent-teacher conferences. Conferences were a success as parents learned about their student's academic progress and parents and teachers collaborated on how to end the year on a high note with even greater growth and success.


In May, parents were once again welcomed into the building as Sage Day Lower & Middle School sponsored an open dialogue forum for current parents and guardians of lower and middle school students to share their experiences at Sage Day. In addition, parents received an update on our ongoing school improvement initiatives and were encouraged to offer suggestions to enhance these initiatives. Mr. Christopher Leonard, director of operations joined our Clinical Director, Ms. Hipscher, and Principal, Mr. Immerman, on Monday, May 4th. 


Beyond that, May should also be a great month for the students as there are many activities in store such as the annual Curriculum Challenge and the Carnival to be held prior to Memorial Day weekend.  And, as always, you can stay updated on the events at Sage Day Lower & Middle School by visiting our student-run blog: