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Every year child study teams and districts identify students whose needs are beyond what the structure of the traditional school and child study team can meet. Child study team professionals understand what these discouraged students need but also recognize that they lack the time and resources necessary for the most effective intervention. Sage In-District Services is designed to fill the gap in service between traditional in-school support and an out-of-district placement. Our skilled clinical team will work with the child study team, academic staff and administration to provide a seamless counseling experience for the student. With the right therapeutic relationship and counseling, students will gain the support, strategy and insight they need in order to make progress in school. Sage In- District Services brings both the educational and counseling expertise that are the essential components of successful school-based intervention. For more information on our services click here.To View our Sage In-District Brochure click here.
boonton campus

December was a busy month at the Sage Day Boonton campus. Student progress reports were posted on December 5th. At the December 19th Town Meeting first marking period honor roll certificates were disseminated. One student made High Honors, twelve students earned Honors Level, and four students qualified for Honorable Mention. We celebrated their success with a pancake breakfast.


Ms. D'Aurelio, clinical director, escorted  a group of well- rehearsed student volunteers for a caroling trip to the Merry Heart Senior Care Facility in Boonton. The Student Council conducted a warm clothing drive and delivered a sizable donation of coats and other warm clothing to the Morristown Mission. In Art class, the students made beautiful and heartfelt cards for terminally ill children in hospitals for the holidays. The culminating holiday event was the Holiday Cafe held on December 23rd featuring a select group of students singing or telling jokes for an appreciative audience of staff and students.



*January 29 - Parent-teacher conferences/ 12:30 dismissal

*January 30 - 12:30 dismissal


RP campus


This year, January 19th was the federal holiday that honored the work and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  At Sage Day, we planned a "day of service" as a commemorative celebration to spread Dr. King's message of peace and justice.  A "day of service" calls for Americans from all walks of life to work together to provide solutions to our most pressing national problems. 


On January 9th, the school viewed and listened to Dr. King's "I Have A Dream" speech. Each of our advisory groups were given a quote that used specific imagery from his speech. Each group then designed a door decoration depicting the quote. They finished their project on the morning of the 19th. The entire student body and staff then watched excerpts from Lee Daniels' The Butler. Following the movie, there was an interactive activity that underscored the differences and civil rights given to African-Americans and European-Americans, from the point of view of a family member.  


Our seniors are continuing to hear back from the colleges to which they have applied. They will make their final decisions about which school they want to attend. Mr. Montesano will be working with our juniors during January, helping them to create and think about transition plans and career exploration. 


mahwah campus


The highlight of last month in the classrooms was the Rube Goldberg PBL project conducted by Mrs. Picone in her 8th grade science classes. Students worked collaboratively in small groups in order to create Rude Goldberg-style machines designed to solve real-world problems and tasks. Utilizing what they have been learning about physics, students created complex machines out of a wide variety of materials in order to complete such simple tasks as popping a balloon, or to solve perplexing problems like getting those last potato chips out of a can of Pringles. By combining standard-based content knowledge with valuable 21st Century skills like creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving, the Rube Goldberg PBL project was a huge success.


Outside of the classroom, students embraced the start of winter by attending the school's annual ice skating field trip to Mennen Arena in Morris Township.  At Mennen Arena, students enjoyed themselves by skating on the ice, playing video games and air hockey in the arcade, and sampling the great food and hot chocolate from the snack bar.  While staff members were impressed by the skating skills of many of the students, the most impressive students were the ones who demonstrated their resiliency by attempting something outside of their comfort zone and still endured despite taking some tumbles here and there. Sage Day Lower & Middle School students showed on the ice that having fun isn't just about doing something your good at, but challenging yourself to improve at something that you may not be so good at.


Of course, December would not be complete without the annual school-wide Holiday Party.  With Holiday Break only a day away, students celebrated the season by watching movies, playing bingo, creating art projects, and enjoying a dance party.  After a successful, but busy and work-intensive, first few months of the school-year, the Holiday Party was a perfect way to celebrate and usher in a well-deserved break.


December did end on a bittersweet note at Sage Day Lower & Middle School, as students and staff said goodbye to popular art teacher Mr. Castellano, but enthusiastically welcomed new art teacher Ms. Vicendese  who took over the helm of the art classes this month. We recently observed our Day of Service on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day where students were busy working on community service projects. Last year students created and ran their own Penny Wars that raised money for a children's cancer center, and this year's Day of Service was  just as worthwhile.


Lastly, January 23rd marked the end of the Second Marking Period and the halfway point of the school-year. Also, anybody can now stay abreast of events at Sage Day Lower & Middle School by continually checking the recently-created student-run blog: