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Every year child study teams and districts identify students whose needs are beyond what the structure of the traditional school and child study team can meet. Child study team professionals understand what these discouraged students need but also recognize that they lack the time and resources necessary for the most effective intervention. Sage In-District Services is designed to fill the gap in service between traditional in-school support and an out-of-district placement. Our skilled clinical team will work with the child study team, academic staff and administration to provide a seamless counseling experience for the student. With the right therapeutic relationship and counseling, students will gain the support, strategy and insight they need in order to make progress in school. Sage In- District Services brings both the educational and counseling expertise that are the essential components of successful school-based intervention. For more information on our services click here.To View our Sage In-District Brochure click here.
boonton campus

May wrapped up with two important co-curricular events as the juniors and seniors attended their prom on the Spirit Cruise around Manhattan on May 20th and on May 29th the seniors went on a hike at Pyramid Mountain followed by a senior lunch celebration at Top of the Park in scenic Boonton. On June 5th all students had the opportunity to participate in the end-of-the-year field trip to FunPlex.

As our students prepared for the end of the fourth quarter of school and final exams, they were also busy practicing for our Annual Arts Festival which is June 11th at 7 p.m. The theme this year is Alice in Wonderland. This yearly event is always a magical experience for all of our guests. In addition to exhibitions of student artwork, visitors to our festival are also entertained by musical performances presented by our multi-talented students.


At the end of the month, we have an 8th grade graduation scheduled for June 23rd at 11:00 a.m., and our senior graduation is scheduled for June 24th at 11:00 a.m. Our graduation celebrations are moving ceremonies that involve musical performances as well as opportunities for student speeches. Congratulations and best wishes to our graduating seniors. We wish you all the best! 



*June 12 - 12:30 Dismissal

*June 18-24 - 12:30 Dismissal

*June 24 - Graduation 

*June 29 - First Day of the Extended School Year Program

*July 3 - Closed for Fourth of July

*July 31 - Last Day of the Extended School Year Program 


RP campus


For teachers and students, the month of June is often their favorite month. Our annual end-of-year beach trip to Pt. Pleasant was on Friday, June 5th. This is by far our most popular trip. 


On Monday, June 1st, we had our annual June alumni gathering where returning students came in and shared their experiences with our seniors. This is really a great time for our seniors to ask questions from our former students about life after Sage Day and have them share their transition experiences. 


This year, graduating seniors approached Mr. Friedland, our principal, and said that they wanted to have a special senior trip.  A trip was planned to Great Adventure on June 9th. Seniors who are in good academic standing and have not exceeded our attendance policy were permitted to attend this trip.


On Wednesday, June 10th, our wonderful and generous Parents' Association planned a special staff appreciation luncheon. This is an annual event that is so anticipated by the Rochelle Park staff. Our parents came in and transformed our cafeteria into a summer theme and presented us with a smorgasbord of their favorite dishes and desserts. The staff had an opportunity to kick-back, relax and enjoy sampling all the favorite dishes from our parents. What a treat this was for us. 


Another annual tradition that is highly anticipated by our graduates is their Senior Breakfast hosted by our Parents' Association.  A few of the parents arrive in the morning to walk our seniors over to the diner a block away and treat them to a delicious breakfast of their choice.  Seniors are able to share their memories, sign each other's yearbooks and have this special time to close out their year and their time at Sage Day. 


Final exams are scheduled for June 15th through June 19th.  Make up exams are June 22nd and the quarter closes on June 22nd.


Our Student Council members are busy planning their annual end-of-year picnic. Staff and students participate in a softball game, yearbook signing, dancing, singing, and our last advisory challenge of the year. The groups engage in various team-building activities to determine the top scoring advisory group.  The group who has the highest points will win the coveted giant PANDA that is displayed in their homeroom for the entire year.  Let the games begin!!


Sage Day's 18th annual commencement ceremony is on Wednesday, June 24, 2015, at 10:30 a.m.  Rochelle Park will be graduating 22 seniors this year. Celebration of this special occasion is the ultimate day for the families, staff and our underclassmen. 


From all of us at Rochelle Park to all of you, we wish you the best summer yet, with lots of wonderful memories just waiting to happen. See you in the Fall.


Upcoming Events:


*June 29 - July 31 - Summer Program

*September 3 - School Begins


mahwah campus

In May, parents were welcomed into the building as Sage Day Lower & Middle School sponsored an open dialogue forum for current parents and guardians to share their experiences at Sage Day.  In addition, parents received an update on our ongoing school improvement initiatives and were encouraged to offer suggestions to enhance these initiatives. 


Our carnival was held prior to the Memorial Day weekend and was a great success. Students played games in the gym and were able to win tickets to be redeemed for prizes. They were also treated to Rita's Ice and a pizza lunch, all compliments of the Student Council.


Curriculum Challenges were held on June 3rd. The students were split into four color teams and had various challenges such as puzzle/problem solving in Math, recycled art in Science, presidential trivia in History, and word puzzles in Language Arts. The afternoon consisted of all the students doing relay races designed by the therapists in the gym.


June 11th is our school-wide trip to Point Pleasant where the students will be visiting the aquarium, having fun on the boardwalk and enjoying the beach. On June 18th our 8th graders will visit Dorney Park and the annual 8th grade breakfast will be on Friday the 19th. 


Beginning on June 19th dismissal will be at noon until the last day of school. Students will enjoy a year-end BBQ on Tuesday, June 23rd, and our 8th graders will graduate on Wednesday, June 24th.  


And, as always, you can stay updated on the events at Sage Day Lower & Middle School by visiting our student-run blog: 


Upcoming Events:


*June 18 - Dorney Park Trip

*June 19 - 8th Grade Breakfast

*June 23 - End-of- the- year BBQ

*June 24 - 8th Grade Graduation