October 2018
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In this edition, we talk about why business partners steal money.

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Edmond J. Martin
Principal, Chief Investigator
Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)
Texas Certified Investigator (TCI)
Why Did My Partner Steal from Me?

Experience has shown that individuals steal from their partners for a number of reasons including to support a habit including drugs, gambling, women. But the main reason is greed for money and easy access to the proceeds of the business when control systems are weak. One of the keys to why your partner will steal from you is he/she perceives that he/she does all the work. From construction to operating a bar individuals steal from their partners especially if they are absentee owners. They steal services of a vendor, health insurance for their estranged wife, fees paid for an ATM machine, proceeds from the sale of an asset, materials from a job site and many other means. The theft is indirect most the time except in the direct embezzlements of money.

Psychological studies show that people steal because they have a psychological disorder, kleptomania, depression, low self-esteem, a desire to fit in, or the feeling of being financially deprived. In the case of embezzlement, the reasoning could be that he/she has lots of money anyway and will not miss it. The fraud triangle is appropriate here because it includes opportunity, motivation, and rationalization to justify the theft. Regardless of the reason our clients must deal with the aftermath of the theft and determine how to recover.


A prominent businessman was approached by a friend with an idea of providing framing crews for the lucrative housing market. The businessman (Partner #1) established a partnership with proper legal documents but without a partnership agreement. Partner #1 made the initial capital investment and purchased the tools for the workers, obtained permits, and negotiated the contracts with a major home builder. Partner #2 was responsible for organizing the crews for the jobs. Partner #1 had a thriving primary business that needed his attention, therefore he was an absentee owner of the framing business. Quickly, Partner #2 became known as the boss among the framing crew. Partner #2 organized two crews and could frame two homes per week and the profit margin was 36% on each job which was very profitable for the partners. Partner #2 hired his son as foreman and his son organized additional crews and things changed. The costs of the framing crews increased, and the profit margin decreased to 8% and Partner #1 continually contributed capital to meet the payroll. At first Partner #1 did not realize what was taking place. The son of Partner #2 was
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