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Edmond J. Martin
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A Christmas Lesson for the Scam Artist

This is a continuation of our series on fraudulent contacts on the internet.

Recently, someone one using the name K. Reyes sent an email to a Private Investigator (PI) to hire security guard services. The PI contacted an associate that provides security guard service and got permission to send Reyes his contact information. Reyes contacted the manager of the security guard service (SGS) via electronic mail.

The email from Reyes follows:

"Thanks for the response, I had recently purchased this house not too far from your location and I need a security officer there until i get back from my trip. I work as mechanical engineer with a yacht company on the sea, so one of our ships has a mechanical problem in the middle of nowhere which was very emergent, they needed our attention almost immediately or else the goods in the ship would be rendered useless. I was sent there with my crew to crank the ship up and here we are, I thought it'll be something minor, but it appears to be a time sensitive and consuming project. I should have just called to discuss with you but its never an option from here because you can't even get a bar of service here it just comes and go. I would feel comfortable if I know that access control into my new home is secure and my home is safe because I left unplanned that's the only thing I worry about here and as soon as you take care of it I think the burden in my heart will be lifted because I hate been insecure and its causing a lot of distractions for me in here. I had a very very bad experience with my former house while I was away sometime ago on a similar trip, someone broke into my home and took almost everything I've worked for, can't get into details now but it kind of left me traumatized and I ended up selling the property. I don't want history to repeat itself. I will like your service for 13 hours everyday for 14 days 6pm-7am."

"Let me know the total cost and how much you would like to take as deposit, so we can get the ball rolling because I don't mind having the security officer there asap!
The SGS manager emailed
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