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"No people is wholly civilized where a distinction is drawn between stealing an office and stealing a purse."

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Edmond J. Martin

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Texas Certified Investigator (TCI)


The Impact of Relevant Conduct on Taxpayers  
IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agents use the specific items method of proving income because it is generally the easiest method of proof that the IRS has in its arsenal to prove unreported income. 

IRM states, "Where the government is using the specific item method of proof (in an investigation of alleged tax evasion), the government attempts to document specific transactions that were not completely or accurately reflected on the subject's income tax return. Additionally, the government must show that the specific omissions of income were made willfully for the purpose of understanding the subject's income tax liability."  


This is the most direct method of proving unreported income and is the most difficult method for defense counsel to defend against.  


IRM states, "The type of evasion that allows for the specific item method include: omitted income, fictitious deductions, false exemptions, or false tax credits. There are two approaches to specific items the basic and aggregate approach and depending upon the facts and circumstances the Special Agent will choose the approach."  

  1. The basic approach to the specific item method of proof requires... Read More
Asset Misappropriation by Check Fraud

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners recently issued its Report on Fraud to the Nation for 2014. The report cites three major areas of occupation fraud: asset misappropriation, corruption, and financial statement fraud.


"Small businesses are both disproportionately victimized by fraud and notably under-protected by anti-fraud controls generally because they lack resources. The most prevalent fraud area is asset misappropriation committed by individuals in the accounting department. The perpetrator is generally a male and the longer the fraud last (sic) the more financial damage is caused."  


Case Study:


A bookkeeper for a lumber mill with over 250 employees issued multiple fraudulent payroll checks to individuals with identification, who cashed the checks through a nearby grocery store check cashing operation. The foreman of the company solicited twenty-five employees (some illegal immigrants) with identifications to join the conspiracy by cashing the checks on a Friday afternoon in return for paying him a kickback. In some instances, multiple checks were issued to the same individual. The company bookkeeper used check stock similar in color to the Intuit QuickBooks check stock of the company to prepare the counterfeit checks without the knowledge of company management. The company owner customarily allowed his name to be stamped on the payroll checks rather than signing them himself.


Employees typically lined up outside the grocery store waiting to cash their checks every Friday. The theft was efficient until ... Read More


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