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Edmond J. Martin
Principal, Chief Investigator
Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)
Texas Certified Investigator (TCI)
The Impact of a Fraud Investigation

At times federal agencies-IRS and FBI-get information that leads to the execution of a search warrant at an individual's place of business and possibly their residence. This is generally a shocking activity for employees, clients, and family members.
There are a number of expenses related to such warrants that are tangible and intangible in nature. The cost of allegations of impropriety, illegal activity, and fraud for a business ranges from loss of business due to adverse publicity, to the loss of the owner's freedom through criminal prosecution. Also associated are tangible costs for the subject of an investigation and the business. These tangible expenses include: hiring professionals-such as attorneys and forensic accountants-to defend against the allegations; the impact on the company and the subject's personal liquidity; the decrease in borrowing capabilities; and the impact on pending contract negotiations. While the tangible loss is significant, several intangible costs exist as well. These costs include: the distraction of owners, the concerns of employees and third-party vendors, and loss of opportunities while funds are entangled in the investigation rather than day-to-day operations. The culmination of both tangible and intangible costs may cause operational issues throughout the company.

When a client's legal team contacts Sage regarding this type of risk assessment investigation, we work to develop the scope of the investigation with the client and their counsel. We further counsel the client about the process they face and what activities may result from the investigation, i.e. agents contacting employees, third party vendors, and banking entities. We interview the client in depth about... Read More 
August 2015 - Sage Investigations, LLC Founder, Edmond Martin Awarded the Hudgins-Sallee Award by TALI

Austin, TX - The Texas Association of Licensed Investigators awarded Edmond Martin, Founder of Sage Investigations, LLC the most distinguished, honourable and noble award that can be presented to a member of Texas Association of Licensed Investigators (TALI) by their peers. This award was established in remembrance of two outstanding deceased TALI members - Virginia Hudgins and David Sallee. The Hudgins-Sallee Award was established in their memory to exemplify the high moral and ethical standards by which a professional licensed private investigator adheres to in his/her services to the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators.
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