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Edmond J. Martin
Principal, Chief Investigator
Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)
Texas Certified Investigator (TCI)
Refinancing Your Separate Real Estate Property during Marriage: Have you just given away half the farm? 

More often than not a spouse owning separate real estate property acquires it through a previous marriage or by receiving a gift or inheritance; this spouse may then marry, and later divorce. Some forensic accountants with specialized knowledge often work on divorce matters with the issue of separate vs. community property and business valuation. Attorneys and the courts presume that the party owning the separate property real estate has made a 50% gift of the property to the other spouse when the spouse's name appears on the real estate documents. The gift issue arises because a party in whose name separate property is titled cannot make a gift of that property to the community, only to their spouse. This gift occurs when the name of both parties appears on the Warranty Deed.

What we encounter in many purchase or refinance transactions is that the lenders and title companies routinely name both parties on the Deed of Trust and the Warranty Deed when real property is being purchased by one of the spouses, even though they are using his/her separate property. Both names on the Deed of Trust do not change the separate property nature of the real property, but can do so when both appear on the Warranty Deed. This type of issue occurs in two instances:
  1. The spouse paying separate property cash knows their spouse's name will be on the Warranty Deed but does not have an understanding of the ramifications and has no intention of making a gift. They just do what the lender, title company, or realtor instructs them to do. It is also our experience that realtors generally do not understand the gift issue, either.
  2. The spouse paying separate property cash does not have any knowledge that his/her spouse will be named on the Warranty Deed and in most cases does not understand the legal consequences of the Warranty Deed. A Warranty Deed provides the greatest protection for the... Read More
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