Together is better.

As students, families, and communities head into uncharted territory, several local supports for engagement activities, food distribution, and other services are readily available. Below are free resources for you to explore.

2-1-1 Offers Hope and Help
Free Service Connecting You to Resources

Michigan 2-1-1 m akes it easy to find the help you need, close to home. Whether that’s connecting people with food and shelter, finding childcare or elder care, or helping for addiction or depression , 211 can tell you where to turn in a family crisis or natural disaster or help you search for a specific agency or resource. Whatever you need, help can be a call, text, or keystroke away.

Food Distribution Locations
Locations and Schedules For Meals

Saginaw County school districts are stepping up to ensure kids have access to food as schools prepare for the extended closure. School meals are critical to a student’s well-being because they provide healthy, nutritionally-balanced meals that keep young bodies and minds growing. Click the button below to view a complete list of sites.

Community Resource Guide
Linking Families to Community Resources

The Saginaw County Community Resource Guide is a comprehensive directory of community resources for families and service providers in the Saginaw county area. The guide is a fast and easy way to search for program, local organizations, and information for children and families. Click the button below to download the guide.

Video Explaining How to Flatten the Curve

Stay informed. Stay cautious, but not scared. Listen to scientists and public health officials and follow their guidance. By protecting yourself, you’re protecting the most vulnerable among us. Together we can flatten the curve on COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2. Click the button below to watch how to flatten the curve.

Comcast Offers Free Internet
Keeping Americans Connected for FREE

Comcast announced additional steps to help ensure people stay connected to the Internet as more schools suspend classes and companies encourage employees to work from home due to the Coronavirus. Visit the link below to learn more about available opportunities.

Family Engagement Guide
Guide for Engaging Children at Home

Saginaw ISD encourages families to focus on engagement and enrichment activities for children. Engagement strategies include providing engaging opportunities for students to do at home independently or with their caregivers. While the instinct may be to provide worksheets and reading material, consider engaging children through other experiences as well as including outdoor activities, physical activities, career exploration, and life skills.

Educator Engagement Guide
Guide for Teachers & Ancillary Providers

Saginaw ISD encourages teachers and ancillary providers to utilize engagement and enrichment strategies with all students. Engagement strategies include providing engaging opportunities for students to do at home independently or with their caregivers. This goes beyond printed worksheets, learning apps, and reading to also include outdoor activities, physical activities, and interaction with individuals residing in the home.

Wash Your Hands to Music
Song Generator for Washing Hands

The CDC recommends washing your hands for at least 20 seconds. Wet your hands with clean, running water (warm or cold), turn off the tap, and apply soap. Lather your hands by rubbing them together with the soap. Lather the backs of your hands, between your fingers, and under your nails. Click the button below to generate a song for washing hands.

Kids Coronavirus Information
Just for Kids: Exploring COVID-19

Kids, this comic is for you. It's based on a radio story that NPR education reporter Cory Turner did. He asked some experts what kids might want to know about the new coronavirus discovered in China. To make this comic, they used interviews with  Tara Powell  at the University of Illinois School of Social Work,  Joy Osofsky  at the LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans and  Krystal Lewis  at the National Institute of Mental Health.

Stay Updated on COVID-19
State of Michigan COVID-19 Website

On Tuesday, March 10, Michigan’s Governor Whitmer declared a state of emergency as the state’s first positive cases of COVID-19 were identified. The declaration places Michigan at a heightened state of preparedness for response. All Michiganders are encouraged to follow the recommendations from MDHHS and the CDC to protect themselves and slow the spread of COVID-19.


Saginaw ISD news updates can now be accessed online.