UMBRAGROUP S.p.A. is a high-tech manufacturing company headquartered in Italy with facilities located in Germany and the US Pacific Northwest. In March of this year, UMBRA purchased Thomson Aerospace and Defense from Meggitt. The facility located at 628 N. Hamilton St. in the City of Saginaw. SFI has assisted the company throughout the purchase including the relocation of staff from Italy. The building and equipment are old and worn, so the company plans to make significant investments to improve and update them. SFI is working with the City of Saginaw on incentives to support these investments. SFI also continues to work with employees as they relocate to this area from other UMBRAGROUP locations. Six employees have recently moved to this area, including three from Italy and three from Seattle. UMBRAGROUP manufacturers ball screws and other e-motion technologies for the aerospace, industrial and energy sectors.