Saginaw County's outstanding business sector and the entire Great Lakes Bay Regional community are stepping up to support the fight against COVID-19. Manufacturers are ramping up production to supply hospitals and many other health care providers with critical personal protection equipment needed to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses, schools and individuals are also demonstrating generosity in many ways.
Face Mask Donation & Production in Saginaw, Michigan         
Nexteer Automotive is working with local government and medical organizations to donate much-needed medical supplies to nearby medical facilities. To date, Nexteer has already donated about 1,100 N95 masks that the Company had on hand to the medical community and is supplying an additional 5,000 that the Company was able to purchase.
In addition to donating purchased masks, Nexteer’s Engineering Team in Saginaw is also using its 3D printers to produce additional masks in two sizes to provide a better fit for men and women. Members of Saginaw’s medical community reviewed the initial prototypes before manufacturing began. The team has donated over 800 of these masks to Michigan Health Improvement Alliance, Inc. (MiHIA) to fit with filter material and elastic for ear straps.

“Our Saginaw site has a long history of helping our community and country in times of a crisis,” said Dan Dralle, Executive Director, Global Manufacturing Engineering, Nexteer Automotive. “During World War II, we produced M1 Carbines, and now our team is working around the clock to produce masks for the medical community to help in the fight against COVID-19.”
Kremin, Inc.
is printing headbands for face shields and assembing the face portion for donating to local hospitals.
Erie Custom Signs
is in the process of completing its first-ever hospital-grade face shield for area hospitals! Erie also applied for MEDC Retooling Grant to help companies retool and manufacture critical supplies.
Dow develops simplified, lightweight design for face shields to help protect healthcare professionals, shares open-source design to encourage additional production 
To help address the urgent need for personal protective equipment (PPE) among healthcare professionals battling the COVID-19 pandemic, Dow (NYSE: DOW) has developed a simplified face shield design and is sharing its design through an open-source file to help accelerate production rates of this critically-needed PPE. In addition, the Company is collaborating to produce 100,000 face shields for donation to the state of Michigan for distribution to hospitals.  
Companies and individuals interested in producing face shields can access the design file online. Dow is also seeking to partner with other companies with film manufacturing and cutting capabilities to continue to develop this critical PPE. Please contact us at if you are interested. 

The Michigan State Police State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) is managing distribution of supplies. Organizations that want to request face shields need to contact their county emergency management office. Multi-county or state wide organizations can submit a consolidated request to

In addition to sharing the open-source design, Dow is producing 100,000 face shields to be donated to the state of Michigan for distribution to hospitals. On March 23, Dow committed $3 million to aid COVID-19 relief efforts, with donations going towards global relief organizations, as well as non-profits in communities where Dow operates. On March 30, Dow announced that sites across North America, Europe and Latin America were set to produce more than 200 metric tons of hand sanitizer, equivalent to more than 880,000 eight-ounce bottles, to be donated to local health systems and government agencies. And on April 9, Dow announced an additional $500,000 donation to the Great Lakes Bay Region in Michigan, to aid COVID-19 relief efforts in Dow’s global headquarters community. 
Swan Valley High School 3D printed frames for face shields for HealthSource Saginaw health care workers!
Frankenmuth Credit Union 
bought food from DaVinci's Italian Restaurant for Covenant HealthCare staff in Frankenmuth.
Sherwood Elementary School
donated hand sanitizer and wipes to local hospitals including Ascension St. Mary’s. These supplies will help as the safety of their patients, care teams and the community is our top priority as we all work to slow the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) and care for all those in need. The outpouring of support from our community is appreciated.
Hemlock Semiconductor
is committed to the well-being of its employees and communities. To help support local health care workers, HSC contacted Covenant HealthCare about the supplies it needs and took inventory of what HSC had on hand to donate. Recently, HSC sent over 15,000 items, including masks, DuPont Tyvek suits and coats, gloves, safety glasses, face shields and shoe covers. One HSC coworker who owns a home workshop even donated 60 masks from his personal stock!
KUKA Assembly and Test Corp (AT ) is pleased to help the endeavors of OEM’s, such as General Motors, to provide essential healthcare equipment during this COVID-19 pandemic. KUKA AT's greatest resource is its experienced employees, which collaborated with clients and structured, fabricated, and provided the ventilator test system in less than two weeks. The wellbeing of its employees and clients is a priority, so KUKA AT has provided quality Personal Protection Equipment, with assistance from KUKA Systems, in a swift timeframe. KUKA representatives at the Saginaw office, are inspired and dedicated to work nonstop to deliver the lifesaving equipment.
Endurance Carbide
is located in Bridgeport Charter Township and manufactures precision wear parts designed to handle the rigors of industrial use. The company stepped up to manufacture hose fitting components for ventilators. Endurance Carbide Team Member Tom Tesch worked diligently to get the machine set up and running to produce the needed component.
Air Advantage
transformed part of its office from being a service provider to a parts manufacturer! Don and Amy Doyle and their children set up ten 3-D printers in about seven hours in the Air Advantage office "lunch room". Soon after they had 20 visors printed that will be used for face shields at the VA Hospital. Air Advantage estimates that it can print about 100 per day.
Saginaw Control And Engineering
This may look like any normal SCE enclosure order shipping out of an Ohio Warehouse. But in reality these enclosures are going to the front line to fight this pandemic. Four new high speed Covid-19 testing machines are being built. SCE is also working with suppliers of 3M to supply enclosures for machines that make the N95 masks. SCE also donated safety glasses to the MiHIA initiative.
Duro-Last Joins Fight Against COVID-19, Retools to Produce Medical PPE
Duro-Last engineers, product development and manufacturing staff united to fabricate and manufacture isolation gowns and face masks. Utilizing expertise in manufacturing flexible PVC and fabrics, the team went from prototype to production to delivery in one week. Click here for complete article.
Saginaw Valley State University
plans to turn its state-of-the-art labs into a makeshift factory serving the fight against the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Boosted by a donation from Saginaw-based Old Town Distillery, campus staff are gathering the ingredients to cook up 300 gallons of hand sanitizer for use by the region's doctors and nurses. And, soon, more potentially life-saving items for health care providers could be added to the university's production line. Click here for complete article.
Old Town Distillery
produced 270 gallons (3,205 bottles- 51,280 shot) of 190 proof (95%) alcohol that will be turned into hand sanitizer throughout mid Michigan hospitals and health centers. Old Town Distillery will continue to work with Saginaw Valley State University to provide more sanitizer.

Fullerton Tool Company
is committed to the health and safety of its employees as well as its communities. Fullerton donated face masks, gloves, and clear safety glasses from the its inventory to Ascension St. Mary's in Saginaw. Fullerton was happy to help provide some much needed supplies that are essential for them to do their jobs safely during these challenging times. We also have two employees using their home 3D printers to make strap’s we are donating them to anyone on the frontlines. It might be good for you to ask if anyone had 3D printers at home they could make some of these for people having to wear masks all day.
donated thousands of nitrile gloves and protective eyewear to our local Covenant Hospital. It also provided the hospital with a list of supplies if needed. MAHAR is also considered a critical and essential supplier during this time. It has implemented safe and prudent business practices to allow to remain operational.
PF Markey owner and Saginaw Future Board Member, Jim Terry, donates 15,000 surgical gloves to Covenant Medical Center to help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Michigan Sugar Company purchased $131,000 worth of gift cards from restaurants in communities where it operates. Michigan Sugar gave each of its 1,300 employees a $100 gift card from more than 50 restaurants.
FAMAero, with a location in Frankenmuth, is producing approximately 350 – 400 masks and/or face shields per day right now. Distribution is primarily been to local fire stations, ems, Police stations and the VA Hospital.
Supplying Critical COVID-19 Materials
With the help of THRIVE, a collaborative effort between Michigan Health Improvement Alliance, Inc. (MiHIA) and the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance (GLBRA), there has been a concentrated effort to get all needed personal protection equipment (PPE) and sanitizer. PPE distributed throughout the region. 

“Our region was called to action, we stood up together and responded, with many of our partnering organizations offering to help in any way possible,” says Beth Roszatycki, Chief Executive Officer of Michigan Health Improvement Alliance Inc. (MiHIA). “It was great to see people come together across industries, counties, etc. to help our health professionals and first line workers defend themselves against COVID-19.”

Regionally, materials have been collected and distributed with the help of THRIVE. Made up of nearly 100 local partners, the collective has supported local COVID-19 response efforts, supplying the regional health systems, at-risk populations and critical workforce members with appropriate PPE.
Needed Supplies:
  • N-95 Masks
  • Hand Sanitizer (>60% alcohol)
  • Disinfectant Wipes (>60% alcohol)
  • High Efficiency Air Filter
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Clear Face Shields
  • Clear Safety Glasses
  • Surgical Gowns
  • M4 Red Top Tubes
  • Dacron Swabs (for sample collection)
If you have materials that you are able to supply, please note the following:
  1. Fill out the link in the “Survey for Materials” link HERE.
  2. Businesses can drop materials off to SVSU between 9:00am and 5:00pm.
  3. A designated and secured area for materials is available at the SVSU Ryder Center (please see map HERE).
  4. Please note, a specific code or process to gain access to the designated area will be provided ASAP in a follow-up email.
If you have any questions, please email Dallas Rau at or Tera Szeliga at
How to Request PPE for Your Essential Business

If your business is considered Healthcare or EMS all PPE requests BESIDES hand sanitizer must be submitted to the Region 3 Coalition. Please fill out the required form by clicking  HERE . If you are requesting hand sanitizer, please follow the directions below.

Other Essential Businesses
If your essential business is in need of PPE, please follow the process as described below to be placed on the list to receive any available supplies.
Saginaw: Fill out form by clicking  HERE
Bay: Fill out form by clicking  HERE
Midland: Contact Jennifer Boyer,
Please include the items you are needing, the quantity, and contact person for your organization 

ALL of Great Lakes Bay Region, request for hand sanitizer: Fill out form by clicking  HERE
If you or your company is stepping up to support the fight against COVID-19, send your brief story and photo to . Please consider using #SaginawStrong with your corresponding social media posts.