Mama Suu has been shelter-in-place and cooking up amazing food for us that we must share with you. Each week we will offer a traditional Vietnamese family meal inspired by what Mama Suu have cooked for our family at home.

Menu for this Fri 4/24 and Sat 4/25 is the authentic braised caramelized pork belly and egg dish called  Thit Heo Kho  and sweet and sour shrimp soup with okra, pineapple, tomato that's similar to Thai Tom Yum soup called  Canh Chua

Meal for 4 comes with side of white rice and her favorite dessert sweet mango with coconut sticky rice. 

Traditional Vietnamese comfort food from our kitchen to yours. 
Pre-order for Pickup or Delivery this Friday and Saturday.
Sweet & Sour Shrimp Soup
Braised caramelized
pork belly and eggs
Thanks to all the donors to our Feed Health Heroes Fund, we were able to donate free snacks, meals, and drinks to hospitals around Chicago besides Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Please donate any amount which will all go to help these brave first responders to fight COVID-19

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