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Sail Canada AGM   

Dear Member Clubs, Schools, Camps and Affiliates of Ontario Sailing:
The Sail Canada Annual General Meeting (AGM) is fast approaching. It will be held in Ottawa this year during the week of October 27th to 31st.
We encourage all members to attend. More details about the Sail Canada AGM can be found on the Sail Canada website at www.sailing.ca as they become available.
For members not able to attend, we ask that you consider signing the attached proxy form over to the President of Ontario Sailing, Mark Searle.
At the June Board meeting of Ontario Sailing, the Board voted to support the election run of Todd Irving for President of Sail Canada at this year's AGM. Todd is well known to Ontario Sailing. He was our President and has been a long time coach, instructor, board member and supporter of sailing. Todd was asked to include a platform to outline his goals if he becomes President. Attached is his platform.
You can fill in the attached proxy by:
  • Entering the name of your member organization in the first line
  • Entering Mark Searle, President, Ontario Sailing in the second line
  • Entering the date, your name, your position and your signature at the bottom
You can forward your completed proxy to Ontario Sailing c/o Glenn Lethbridge by email (execdir@ontariosailing.ca) or fax (1-877-677-7245).
With thanks,
Glenn Lethbridge
Executive Director, Ontario
New Address : 70 Unsworth Unit 17 Hamilton L8W3K4
905-572-7245 or 1-888-672-7245 ext. 224
Fax 905-572-6056 or 1-877-677-7275