DISCOVERY Yacht  Expedition
SeaKeepers participated in a marine fish survey aboard DISCOVERY Yacht Lojo as part of the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) volunteer survey.
Community Outreach 
SeaKeepers volunteered at the Broward County Waterway Cleanup, which is the largest and longest-running environmental event in Broward County.

 Miami Herald Article
Scientists used data from the NOAA Global Drifter Array Program, one of the initiatives that SeaKeepers supports, to study distribution of marine trash.  

SeaKeepers E3 Cuba Experience: Ecology, Environment & Education
 The E3 Cuba Experience provides an educational program that offers a blend of activities covering the above three vital areas of focus while actively engaging with Cuban people and scientists. SeaKeepers recognizes the need to protect the Cuban marine and coastal ecosystem and to preserve Marine Protected Areas. We aim to advance and support the efforts of scientists in Cuba through a collaborative agenda working with Cuba VIP Yachts and Moore & Co.

Singapore 2017
SeaKeepers' chapter expansion, SeaKeepers Asia, will be hosting an exclusive invitation-only event that will take place on April 7 th in Singapore. 
Bermuda 2017
Join us on June 22nd to recognize The SeaKeepers of Bermuda against the exclusive and electrifying backdrop of the
 America's Cup. 

Our Founders' 2016 Event Sponsor  knows boats and understands the key components that make up solid marine insurance coverage. 
Vessel Available for Charter-to-Purchase
Motor Yacht Gazelle is a beautiful  98 foot yacht manufactured by  Oceanfast Motor Yachts
Congratulations to our 2017
 Yachts Miami Drifter Scavenger Hunt winner, Amanda Manning, who won a brunch for two at the LT Steak & Seafood restaurant in The Betsy Hotel  and a SeaKeepers  KAYAK membership!
 Our 2017 SeaKeeper Artist of the year, Xavier Cortada, will  be launching his 
"Seahorses" art exhibit on Thursday, 
April 6th, 2017  from 6 pm to 8 pm at Pinecrest Gardens Historic Entrance.
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"A mentor gave me a really great bit of advice years ago.'You have to pick one charity/foundation or be open to allow a charity to pick you. Pick a group of people that you don't mind being around fighting for a cause worth supporting and support them.' "
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