April 16, 2020

Dear friends,

We hope this e-newsletter finds you and your family well as we all continue to adjust to the changing times.

We have some good news to share! Thanks to a grant from the Martin Richard Foundation, we have launched a program as part of our Toss-A-Line efforts to help others that we call "Sailing Heals Meals." Sailing Heals Meals not only helps hospital workers but it also helps local restaurants.

Last night, working with the excellent team at Salem GNU Kitchen, (see our new GNU friends above) we made our first delivery of 350 meals to the night shift at North Shore Medical Center, Salem Campus in Salem, MA!

The meals were received with gratitude, excitement and even a few tears by medical staff! Here's just one testimonial:

"Omg!!!!! Thank you!!! Getting the call last night at work for a special dinner from you literally brought tears to my eyes!!! Thank you!!!! Nights never gets included or remembered in treats or special thank you donations. YOU made sure to remember us. As charge RN, the staff & I from E2 want you to know how appreciative we were for recognizing all our efforts." 😷💕😷 - Melanie Velleco

We thank long-time Sailing Heals Board Member Bill Richard, his wife Denise and the great team at MRF for all of their help in launching this program, so quickly, to coincide with One Boston Day (April 15). Please help us share the love with many dedicated workers on the front line. More on the full program, including tv interviews with Bill Richard and also one with board member from Dudley Welch can be found at the link below. Please take a moment to check out the link and learn more.

Take good care and stay engaged!

Trisha and the Board of Sailing Heals
Phase 1 of Sailing Heals Meals, thanks to funding from MRF, will go forward until early May . The program will continue -- through the COVID-19 crisis -- as long as we have support from additional sponsors which are needed for future phases.

Please donate or call us if you -- or perhaps a business owner you know -- would be interested in giving back to medical staff and local restaurant owners, while helping Sailing Heals help others!

Future locations will be considered based on need and sponsorship availability.

Our terrific Treasurer Ken Adam has been hard at work with Trisha and members of the Executive Committee for weeks to ensure that we adapt our sails as quickly and efficiently as possible in the changing seas while remaining afloat. Having to cancel our biggest fundraiser (that was to be scheduled for tonight!) left a big, scary hole in our revenue plan, as it has for so many non-profits this year. Below are many of the actions we have taken to honor our mission while sustaining our organization for as long as possible:

  • Immediately implemented plans to minimize expenses to a murmur, while initiating efforts to source revenues that will help sustain the Sailing Heals mission through the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Established an Emergency Fund that specifically supports the small staff and ongoing office operations of 1.5 positions while preserving core funding so that the original mission can be relaunched at the appropriate time.

  • Applied (and still applying!) for several grants.

  • Applied immediately for the SBA's Payroll Protection Program. (Status pending.)

  • Initiated the Toss-A-Line program aimed at responding to needs from our Sailing Heals community to provide friendly support for people in pain, stressed or feeling isolated.

  • Partnered with the Martin Richard Foundation (MRF). Thanks to a grant from this Boston-based foundation we have created "Sailing Heals Meals" and will partner with restaurants on the North Shore of Boston to deliver meals to night-shift workers at North Shore Medical Center, Salem Campus.

  • Applied for -- and was awarded! -- a generous 6th sponsorship commitment from our long-time corporate sponsor, Eisai Inc.
We thank the supporters who have responded to our S.O.S. call to protect our small staff, along with minimal office operations, during this uncertain time. These donors and their commitment to our mission, their loyalty and generosity will always be remembered! Names of those who have donated so far can be found in the "Learn More" section of our Emergency Fund page. We would love to add more names to this list as wel l, even if it's the name "Anonymous!" Thank you for your support -- at any level.
HUGE thanks to our friends at Eisai, Inc. for supporting Sailing Heals for a 6th year and for their extra support of our COVID-19 efforts!
SAIL ME TO THE MOON - but not tonight.

In normal times, at least 150 of us would be gathered together this eve with smiles, hugs and pretty outfits at the gorgeous Corinthian Yacht Club on Marblehead Neck for Sail Me to the Moon ; our most important fundraiser of the year! Although it couldn't work out this Spring, we thank the many volunteers who worked so hard to secure wonderful auction items and we thank all those who donated first-class items. We thank the entertainers who were offering their time like Billy Costa, Mansfield Entertainment with deejay Dan Maguire, classic singer Stephen Savio as well as and Back Stage Photography . We also thank Bob Kamp of I Can Do That Productions for his awesome design. We thank the sponsors for their generous support like Tito's, Merck and Eisai, Inc. We thank the advertisers including Iron Tree Services, Northshore 104.9 radio, Nautical Gin and J. Barrett and Co. and finally we thank those dedicated supporters who were quick to buy tickets. W e look forward to rescheduling at the first opportunity.
With a full heart, we thank Sailing Heals Boston Team Volunteer Betty Ton for making many masks for hospitals and other organizations in the area but we are especially touched that she made these for us! These Sailing Heals masks, in limited supply, are offered with our thanks to large donors to our Emergency Fund and Sailing Heals Meals campaigns, as well as participating restaurants. Thank you to all of our devoted volunteers and donors for continuing to support our ongoing mission!
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