Sailing Science Center News
March 2019
Vol. 2, No. 7

Welcome to the March issue of the Sailing Science Center News. February continued our fierce fast-forward pace! As I reviewed the happenings of the past month to outline this newsletter I could hardly believe all that transpired in just four short weeks. We made more critical connections and laid more groundwork than ever. A sampling of the highlights are shared below.

Those who drink the water must remember those who dug the well.

– Chinese Proverb
Volunteer Spotlight - Victoria Marcus
Victoria Marcus
In February, Victoria Marcus was one of our most active volunteers, as we got deep into our stakeholder analysis and engagement planning. What does that big talk mean? In a large community project where many parties are affected, it's important to identify those parties, consider their needs, determine how we can produce positive outcomes for them, and have conversations with them to ensure those outcomes are met. Victoria has been one of our lead volunteers in this process.

Yet another inductee from the 2018 Social Sailing program at the Treasure Island Sailing Center, Victoria's sailing history goes back two years earlier to 2016, when she completed Basic Keel Boat 101 with the San Francisco Sailing Company. Born in France, Victoria grew up in Arizona and spent her undergraduate years at UC Davis where she earned a BA with honors, and double majored in Economics and International Relations. Soft-spoken but powerful, Victoria likes things-political. She was the president of the largest business club at UC Davis during her senior year, and has continued her interest in leadership and politics.

In her working life, Victoria is a Corporate Finance Analyst on the Corporate Development team at Franklin Templeton Investments where she works on mergers and acquisitions. As a volunteer for the Sailing Science Center Project, Victoria has proven herself to be professional, thorough, and detail-oriented, exceeding expectations at every turn. Victoria, you set a standard that any team would be proud to embrace. It's an honor to have you aboard!
Four Leaf Clover
SSC Turns 2
Birthday Candle in the Shape of a Number 2.
It was March 13, 2017 when we met physicist, Alexandra Liguori, at the Coupa Café coffee shop in Palo Alto to propose the idea of creating a Sailing Science museum. We shared a conceptual layout, ideas for galleries and brainstormed potential exhibits.

Asking her interest on a scale of 1 to 10 at the end of the meeting, Ms. Liguori responded About 100!

And so the project was born!
Alexandra Liguori
One person with passion is greater than 99 who only have an interest.

– John C. Maxwell
BADM Gathering
Paul Kamen on a Ladder
February Volunteer Gathering
On February 7 six of us met with Lauren Cooper, Senior Manager of Visitor Experience, and Elizabeth Friedrich, Events Manager, at the Bay Area Discovery Museum. We learned a tremendous amount about the history of their museum, their programming and even their CRM system, making it a fun and highly valuable trip. Thanks go out to Volunteer Coordinator Morgan Davidson for making the connections with Lauren and Elizabeth, as well as for her incomparable note taking.
UC Berkeley
February 8, 2019

On a very rainy February 8 we presented the project to a group of 20-30 graduates, undergraduates and professors at UC Berkeley, hosted by Naval Architecture Professor Emeritus, Ron Yeung!

The most exciting part of this visit was the conference afterward with three professors who all wanted to support the project through student involvement in exhibit design and construction! You will definitely hear more about this in the future. Thanks go to Professor Yeung for arranging this!
Four Leaf Clover
SSC Volunteers at UC Berkeley
Left to Right:

SSC Volunteer, Paul Kamen
SSC Founder, Jim Hancock
UC Berkeley Graduate Student
UC Berkeley Professor Ron Yeung
SSC Director, George DeVore
Corinthian Yacht Club
March 7, 2019

On March 7 we will be presenting at the Corinthian Yacht Club in Tiburon, together with Bill Kreysler of the Facility for Advanced Sailing and Technology (FAST). Our talks will describe the two separate projects, but also the overarching vision to create a world destination for sailing education, knowledge and competition on the southeast corner of Treasure Island. The program is free and is open to the public. Learn more here.

March 7, 7:00 pm, Corinthian Yacht Club
SSC Logo
Four Leaf Clover
People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

– Theodore Roosevelt
Leadership Changes
Ken Done - It is with a true sense of loss that we announce the resignation of Ken Done from the SSC Board of Directors. Ken announced in February that due to health issues he will no longer be able to perform his duties. Ken has been a friend and a real asset to our team and we want to take this opportunity to thank him for all he has done to help launch the project. You're in our prayers Ken.

George DeVore - It is with great gratitude that we welcome George DeVore to the SSC Board of Directors. George joined the project as a volunteer in November, shortly after our Stakeholders Gathering. He has contributed tirelessly to the project since that time. Electing George to the Board was a slam dunk, with strong support from all the other Directors. We're happy to have you on the team George!
California Academy of Sciences
SSC Visit to California Academy of Sciences
On February 20 three of us met with California Academy of Sciences Manager of Volunteer Services, Rosalind Henning to learn about their volunteer program. Rosalind was extremely generous with her time and in providing resources to help us design our own program.

With over 30 years in her current position and with more than 800 volunteers at the Academy, Rosalind knows what she's talking about. We're excited to implement much of what we learned in this short visit and are thankful to Rosalind for the time she so kindly spent with us.
Four Leaf Clover
L to R:

Morgan Davidson, Rosalind Henning,
Jim Hancock, Meagan Strout
Volunteers Web Page

The San Francisco Sailing Science Center has a new web page where people can sign up to volunteer. Following guidance from our visit to the California Academy of Sciences, we will soon be posting volunteer positions, much like job descriptions. There is already a form for signing up.

Click this link if you'd like to help out, or even if you just want to learn more about our program.
Four Leaf Clover
Super Stars

In February we added three new volunteers who are so good we just have to tell you about them now!

Lars Anderson - 30+ year board member and former Executive Director of the ExplorIt Science Center in Davis.

Kira Hammond - Former Media Specialist and Project Manager at the California Academy of Sciences. Kira specializes in digital interactive museum exhibits. Kira Hammond.

Kurt Long - Former head of the Fluid Mechanics Lab at NASA Ames Research and developer of interactive exhibits and demonstrations for Mythbusters, Nova, Quest, Discovery Channel and others. WOW! Kurtis Long.

You will definitely hear more about these folks in the future!
New Volunteers - Besides the folks mentioned above, we want to extend a hearty welcome to Charlie Deist , Sonia Travaglini and Tegan Anderson who also raised their hands in February. You all embody the spirit of giving that makes our community a better place. Welcome everybody! (-:
That's all for this month.


Jim Hancock
President and Founder





*STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math

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