We need our community's help to churn out a steady supply of high-quality posts for our social media feeds. In addition to weekly posts containing links, videos, and images from sailing sites around the web, we are beginning to craft more in-depth, original content in line with our brand and vision for the Sailing Science Center.

Call to Action :

1)  Write for Us - We love featuring posts from our community.
  • Prepare a concise article centered on a Sailing Science Center theme
  1. Airflow, Sails, Sailing
  2. Waves, Hull Resistance, Hydrostatics
  3. Mechanical Advantage, Human Factors
  4. Navigation, Astronomy
  5. Weather, Oceanography
  6. Anchoring, Knots
  7. Materials, Structures
  • Article should be approximately 350-500 words
  • Include 2-3 web-sized companion photos, graphics and/or video
  • Include your name, a 2-3 sentence bio, your email and/or URL (if you wish)
*No advertising or blatant product endorsements

2)  Send us Links to Great Content -   Share suggestions for websites, articles and/or social accounts that we should track. We're always on the hunt for things to show on SF SSC social channels.

Forward articles and ideas to  social.media@sailingscience.org .

For inspiration, see this example post by Charlie Deist, SSC Social Media Manager.