Sailing Science Center News
October 2018
Vol. 2, No. 2
Welcome to the October issue of the Sailing Science Center News. September was a good month as we planned and prepared for upcoming events. We held an informational talk at the Berkeley Yacht Club, brought on a new Board Member and put a date on the calendar for a very special event in November. Read on for the details

Integrity is the foundation of interpersonal excellence that determines the reliability, speed, and bandwidth of any team's performance.
- Tom & Birgit Hanson

Volunteer Spotlight - Carson Conner-Collado
Carson and Amanda
I met Carson and his wife Amanda in the Spring 2018 session of the Social Sailing program on Treasure Island where they were team members on my boat in the morning group. Carson was the helmsman for the team, driving us to a solid lead at the beginning of the last day. A bad race on that final day slipped us into second for the series, but certainly not because of Carson's driving.

With a degree in neurobiology from UC Davis, Carson is a sharp young man. But after graduation he shifted his interests to the trades, and he now holds a supervisory role for Cupertino Electric, where he oversees two buildings at UCSF. Carson's father was in the SFPD for 40 years, which likely contributed to Carson's strong discipline, noteworthy integrity and civic-minded attitude.

Carson's first involvement in the Sailing Science Center project was during our May 10 Brainstorming Event. During follow-up calls Carson's comments and suggestions for the project were among the best I received. But of all the things that have impressed me about Carson, the thing that has impressed me the most has been his simple consistency in always doing what he says he's going to do. Carson joined me at the BYC event in September (see below) and took the pictures and video that appear with that article. It's a pleasure to know you Carson, and a pleasure to have your interest in this project.
New Board Member - Meagan Strout
We are delighted to announce that Meagan Strout has joined the SSC Board of Directors. Meagan's experience as a professional recruiter is really secondary to her incredible energy, professionalism and eagerness to take the initiative. Welcome aboard Meagan!

When you're interested you do what is convenient and easy.
When you're committed you do whatever it takes
- Ken Blanchard

BYC Dinner Talk - September 15
On September 15 we gave a presentation and demonstration at the Berkeley Yacht Club . The event was attended by about 40 club members and was well received. Afterward we did some testing with the new SSC Wind Tunnel, Version 1.0. The pictures and video below, all taken by Carson Conner-Collado, will give you an idea of this MVP (Minimum Viable Product) wind tunnel we created with a computer fan, some Plexiglas and a sail cut from a manila file folder. Purists will argue that the Reynolds Scaling is all wrong and they're right but there were BIG lessons from this small experiment.
Chipping Dry Ice for the Vapor Machine
Chipping Dry Ice to feed the "Vapor Machine"

Paul Kamen and Jim Hancock Experimenting with Wind Tunnel
Paul Kamen with Jim Hancock, Testing Wind Tunnel 1.0

Streamlines Over a Cardboard Sail
Wind Tunnel 1.0 in Operation Showing Streamlines with Dry Ice Vapor

Wind Tunnel 1.0, The Video (1:39)

November Event
Last month I announced a November event and suggested people save the date, but at our September Board Meeting both the date and character of that event were changed. I apologize for any inconvenience or disruption my pre-announcement might have caused. The revised event is now firmly committed and is described here.

Saturday, November 10 – Sailing Science Center Stakeholder Gathering – An Afternoon of Learning, Brainstorming, Networking and Relationship Building . Due to limited space this has been organized as an invitation-only event. Invitations will be sent the first week of October. The event will be open to others on a space-available basis at the beginning of November. Please contact us if you wish to attend and you don't receive an invitation.
Volunteers Needed – We continue to seek volunteers in all areas of expertise. Specific areas of interest at this time are in marketing, fundraising, web development, accounting and legal. Please reply to this email if you or someone you know is interested in volunteering.
Stuff NeededThe SSC office continues to need a small fridge and a microwave oven. If you have used items you can donate, or access to items we can purchase at low cost it would be a big help!
That's all for this month.


Jim Hancock
President and Founder





*STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

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