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Message from Mrs. Tonkovich
October is the month of the Holy Rosary!
Fall Fundraiser Reminder!

Our fall fundraiser begins, today, Friday, September 29, 2023!

This year, the Saint Dominic School Fall Fundraiser will be a totally ONLINE program! We have once again contracted with Believe Kids Fundraising, a professional online school fundraising organization. Believe Kids Fundraising offers prizes for top sellers!

For families who opted to participate in the fall/spring fundraiser in their school contract, this fundraiser is a great opportunity to fulfill the requirement!

Inside this year's Fall Fundraiser catalog, you will find 100+ items such as jewelry, kitchen accessories, snacks, holiday gift wrap/bags, and much more!

Online orders can be placed beginning September 29, 2023, and through October 13, 2023.

Orders are delivered directly to your home. You no longer have to pick up your ordered goods at school. Out-of-town friends and family will have their orders delivered directly to their homes as well!

We are excited about this opportunity, and we hope you enjoy raising funds for your children’s school through the sale and purchase of quality items.

Should you have questions, please contact Ms. Marjorie Pawlowicz at or 732-840-1412.

The money raised from this fundraiser benefits your children and our school in many ways. We greatly appreciate your orders.

No order is too small! Thank you in advance! 

PTA Meeting Reminder
Saint Dominic Parish - Blessing of the Animals

Donut Day - October 6th - Half Day Snack

Progress Reports

Progress reports will be sent home with students in kindergarten through second grade on 

Friday, October 6. 

Parents of children in third through eighth grade are asked to access grading and assignment information through their Parent Portal account. 

School Closed - Monday October 9, 2023

Saint Dominic School will be closed on Monday, October 9, 2023!

P.T.A. Trunk or Treat
Click here to Register!
Picture Day Reminders

Students in the Grade 8

  • will have graduation portraits taken on Monday, October 23rd.
  • 8th Grade Students must wear their regular school uniform to school that day and bring their cap and gown with them.
  • Boys must wear their winter uniform (blue/button-down shirt, tie, and shorts or slacks.
  • Girls must wear their summer uniform (blue polo shirt).

Students in Grades PreK 3 Year Old ONLY & K-7

  • will have their school pictures taken on Tuesday, October 24th.
  • Students in K-7th Grade may wear their school uniforms or dressup/casual clothes.
  • Students should be modestly attired.
  • Shirts with inappropriate sayings and extremely short skirts will not be permitted.

Students in PreKA & PreKB - 4 Year Old

  • will have their school pictures taken on Wednesday, October 25th. Students in the PreK 4 Year Old Program may wear their school uniforms or dress-up/casual clothes. 
Confirmation/Early Dismissal Reminder!

The sacrament of Confirmation for our 8th grade

students will be celebrated on

Tuesday, October 17, 2023 at 4:00 P.M.

There will be an 'Early Dismissal' for all students

(PreK at 12:00 P.M. & K-8 at 12:30 P.M.)

"Lord, You send out Your Spirit to touch the hearts of all people, so that they may believe in You and in Jesus whom You sent. Look kindly on all candidates for Confirmation as they listen to Your voice. Open their hearts to Your Spirit and bring to fulfillment the good work that You have begun in them.

As we prepare these children for Confirmation, make each of us an instrument of Your love. Teach us to appreciate what is holy in others, and to be patient with what we do not understand. Deepen our faith in the Gospel and help us to pass it on by our example. We pray that You will continue to guide us and sustain us. Through Christ our Lord, Amen."
Renaissance Star 360

Throughout the year, Saint Dominic School uses Star 360 Assessments to help teachers understand what students know and what they are ready to learn next. The first window of Renaissance Star 360 testing is scheduled to begin October 10, 2023. Students in grades 2-8 will each complete a 20 minute online assessment in Reading and Math. Results will be sent home when all testing has been completed. 

Each assessment (reading and mathematics) is completed within one class period. Please send your child to school each day well rested.

Open House Announcement &
High School Placement Tests
Parents of students in eighth grade, please carefully review to documents below for dates/times of High School Open Houses and placement tests.

Website and contact information for each of the schools
are provided within these documents as well!
Click here dates/times of High School Open Houses and Placement Tests
National Junior Honor Society

Membership in the National Junior Honor Society is one of the highest honors that can be awarded to a junior high school student.

Our chapter of NJHS works hard to bring the accomplishments of outstanding students to the attention of parents, teachers, peers, and the community. We strive to give practical meaning to the Society’s standards of scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship.

These four ideals have been considered as the basis for selection. No student is inducted simply because of a high academic average. The National Junior Honor Society strives to recognize the total student - one who excels in all of these areas.

The induction ceremony for the Saint Dominic School National Junior Honor Society will be held on Wednesday, October 11, 2023, in Saint Dominic's Church and will begin at 6:00 P.M

Confirmation Preparation Meeting for Parents

A mandatory meeting for all parents of seventh-grade students will be held on

Thursday, October 19, 2023.

The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM in Saint Dominic Church. This is an opportunity for parents and teachers to partner together in order to prepare the students to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Partners in Faith

The October edition of Partners in Faith is here!

Being part of the Communion of Saints means we can look to the saints to help us by their prayers on our journey to heaven. We can also follow their examples and imitate their virtues. The main article on page one introduces saintly examples for children to connect to and imitate for the new school year and beyond.

The Rosary has been recommended by hundreds of saints as a “powerhouse” of prayer. Read about the history, attraction, and powerful effects of this beloved Catholic devotion in the Why Do Catholics Do That? feature.

Family prayer is source of spiritual strength but can also be a source of struggle. The main feature on page two provides suggestions for helping children form a prayer habit, to fuel a warm, personal, prayerful relationship with God later on.

Discover more in the October Issue of Partners in Faith
Lunch Menu

Welcome to the Blue Jay Café!

Lunch will be $5.00 for a daily lunch purchase.

Meal tickets may be purchased in advance by purchasing a lunch card. Lunch cards ares sold in increments of 10 or 20 meals. 10 meals for $45.00 or $20 meals for $90.00. *Please note if you purchase a lunch card you are saving $5.00 on 10 lunches and $10.00 on 20 lunches.  

If you have multiple children in the school please only send in one check as siblings share a family lunch card.

If you have any questions please email

Please also note the following:

  • All money for hot lunch options, bagels, and/or salads must be sent to school in an envelope marked with the students name and homeroom and will be collected by the teacher upon taking the morning lunch count. ONLY money for the purchase of lunch will be collected at that time.
  • Any money for a child wishing to purchase a snack from the snack stand must remain with the child and be utilized directly at the stand.
  • Lunch tickets remain at school and are distributed as needed.
  • Lunch Tickets are for complete meals only and may not be used to purchase snacks. 
  • A 2nd slice of pizza is $2.00 on Tuesday and Friday.
  • All checks must be made payable to St. Dominic School. Parents are asked to include the student's name and homeroom on the check.
  • All of the prices at the snack stand are the same this school year. Please check the menu for prices.

Reminder: In the event of an emergency or if your child forgets their lunch or lunch money, they will be allowed to charge for that day. Payment of that charge must be remitted the following day.

Click here to view the October lunch menu!
October Dates to Remember

October 4

Blessing of the Animals

October 6

Progress Reports Gr. K - 2

October 9

Columbus Day -School Closed

October 11

NJHS Induction Ceremony at 7:00 P.M. in the Church

October 12

Catholic Schools Mass celebrated by Bishop O'Connell at the Co-Cathedral of St. Robert Bellarmine, Freehold

October 13

Rosary Prayer Service at 1:15 P.M.

Fall Fundraiser Ends

Communication Alert

October 17

Early Dismissal (PreK at 12:00 & K-7 at 12:30)

Confirmation at 4:00 P.M. in the Church

October 18

School Closed for Students

Diocesan Spirituality Day for faculty and staff

October 19

Confirmation Meeting for Parents of 7th Grade Students at 7:00 P.M.

October 23

8th Grade Cap & Gown Portraits

October 24

Individual Portraits for K-7 & PreK 3 Yr Old.

October 25

Individual Portraits for PreK 4 Yr. Old

October 21

PTA Fall Festival & Trunk or Treat

October 27

7th & 8th Grade Halloween Dance

October 30

Communication Alert

Halloween Celebrations

Students in PreK - 4th Grade may dress in appropriate costumes.

Students in 5th - 8th Grade may dress down in Halloween colors.

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