• This week's bulletin with weekly calendar can be found here.
  • Obligation to Attend Mass returning August 15, 2021! Read Bishop Persico's letter about the return to Mass.
  • Emmaus Soup Kitchen Baked-Goods Drop Off: Wed., July 21 between 9am-3pm.
  • We are looking for baskets and donated items for the basket raffle for the Parish Picnic coming up on September 12 at Picnicana. If you have items to donate please drop them off at the Rectory Office. Thank you!
  • We are still in need of stories and memorabilia for our 100th anniversary celebration and commemorative book. Please see our weekly bulletin for more information.
  • WELCOME Women's Retreat: October 2-3, 2021: Registration now open!

  • "Mark does not tell us the "many things" that Jesus taught the vast crowd, but we do know the lesson he taught the Twelve. He taught them what their priorities should be. Tired and hungry, they hoped to get some rest away from the townsfolk, some of them they may have just visited when Jesus sent them out two by two. But their plans were changed in an instant, for Jesus' heart was moved to pity. Compassion caused them to turn their attention away from themselves and their need for food and rest so they could attend to strangers in need of healing and guidance. Lesson learned." Pastoral Patterns
  • All day time Masses are being celebrated in the Multi-Purpose Room in the School due to the construction schedule for the roof/window project.
  • Adoration: Please note that Adoration will now be in the Mother's Chapel each Friday from 8:30am-10:00pm not in the main church.
*The 9:30am Sunday mass can still be streamed at home. Please note: we may experience technical difficulties at times with our connection to the livestream, The Mass will be recorded and posted later the same day so do please check back.

Second Collection THIS WEEKEND: National Needs
Week of July 11, 2021: Total Budgeted: $26,462; Total YTD: $23,737
RAISE THE ROOF APPEAL: THANK YOU FOR YOUR GIFTS! Please join others in contributing to this historic project!
  • 411 Total Pledges/Gifts
  • $968,966 in pledge commitments
2021 Catholic Services Appeal, it is not too late to contribute. No gift is too small to support the ministries of the Erie Diocese. Total Pledged: $100,515.

  • QUESTION OF THE WEEK: When has my compassion for someone or for others pushed aside my own needs? How can I put others' needs first more often.
"One Faith, One Family, Yesterday, Today, and Forever."
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