March 2, 2021

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Josephine Bakhita Parish,
This past week’s Gospel passage (Mark 9:2-10) presents the story of Jesus’ Transfiguration. Transfiguration takes place when some inner quality of a person is brought to the surface, when some hidden potential comes to light. Jesus is transfigured before the eyes of his friends and demonstrates that he is more than a skilled carpenter and traveling preacher. In his transfiguration, Jesus shows his true colors. He invites us to do the same, in the spirit of Lent.
With good reason, Jesus taught us not to hide our light under a bushel basket. The joy of “light” is in its brightness. We find joy in life by shining, not by keeping the best parts of ourselves in shadows. Our uniqueness is something we should take pride in; our complexity is something to cherish. Unlimited in our potential, there is always more to us than meets the eye. Each of us is a treasure house of hidden talents and virtues. Every quality we envy in someone else lies within us. However dormant, it is there.
This past year of pandemic isolation and super (yet appropriate) isolation and caution may have submerged some of this truth about our inner life and worth. This Lent is a time to rediscover that inner light and put it out on the lampstand for all to see. Not in a self-righteous or arrogant way…but in a way that shows Christ to the world by revealing our inner giftedness. We will all be better for our rediscovering ourselves. Lent is an invitation to transfiguration.

Be on the lookout for our new initiative from the Digital Disciples called "Sacred Spaces at Saint Josephine Bakhita Parish." We will be sending e-blasts and posting to our social media short digital gifts of inspiration from members of our community as they show us places at Saint Josephine Bakhita that are sacred and special to them. Would you like to share your Sacred Space at Saint Josephine Bakhita? Send an email to to learn more.


Fr. George Couturier

Slow down for a few moments and enjoy this sung meditation prepared for us by members of our music ministry, Gil Andrada and David Wurzer, accompanied by Elizabeth V. Husmer. In offering it we fondly remember Fr. Ed McLean. Copyright permission granted by the composer, Chuck Gerard.
Third Sunday of Lent
March 7, 2021
Saint Josephine Bakhita Parish will livestream the 9:00 AM & 11:00 AM Sunday Mass using Facebook Live. The livestream of the Mass can also be viewed on the front page of our website. The recordings remain available afterward on the Parish Facebook page. Join us!

To sign up to attend, Click Here.
For the Sunday Music, Click Here.
For the Sunday Readings, Click Here.
Pray The Stations of the Cross this Lent
The Stations of the Cross is a special devotional prayer that helps us recall the tremendous love of Jesus Christ as He suffered and died on the cross for our salvation.

Join us this Sunday Night for a Special Virtual Event
Stations of the Cross for Children, Families & Everyone
Sunday, March 7
Livestream on FaceBook at 6:30pm and available after

 Attend Stations of the Cross
Fridays at 5:30pm at St. James Church
Pray The Stations of the Cross with Fr. George Virtually
Available anytime on FaceBook & YouTube
Daily Mass Schedule
Mondays at 8:30am at St. Elizabeth Seton
Tuesdays at 8:00am at St. James
Thursdays at 8:00am at St. James
Fridays at 8:30am at St. Elizabeth Seton
Lent Evening Prayer
Fr. George will livestream Evening Prayer on Monday-Friday at 5:00 PM on the parish Facebook Page and the website. All are welcome!
Sorrowful Mysteries
of the Rosary
By meditating on the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary, we accompany Jesus through his final twenty-four hours leading to his death on the cross. Pray the Rosary with Fr. George anytime on FaceBook and YouTube.
Every Lent, all of the members of the Body of Christ are called to repentance. In response to Jesus' call to repentance and as an outward sign of metanoia, celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation - Monday evenings at 6:00pm at St. Elizabeth Seton Church.
Lent Giving Opportunities
The Lenten practice of almsgiving calls us to a renewed commitment to charitable giving. Our annual parish Lent Giving Project will look different this year due to COVID restrictions but together we can make a huge difference in the lives of those served by our local agencies. We are collecting the following four items because they are in such high demand:
Breakfast Cereal
Granola Bars
Men’s & Women’s Underwear/Boxer Briefs
Men’s T-shirts (Size L & XL)

Donations can be dropped off at either church location:
St James Church: Father Shea Hall, Mon-Fri (9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.) or before the masses at 4:00 or 11:00.
St Elizabeth Seton Church: Bins located near the Church kitchen, Mon - Fri (9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.) or before the Sunday mass at 9:00.

Contact Sandy Ambrose or Carl Bach
Support the Red Cross Blood Drives at St. James Church
While COVID-19 has challenged us to keep physically distant, it has also reinforced the value of good health and the role we each play in preserving it. Blood donation is essential and now more than ever we have to look out for one and other. All donations will be tested for the Covid-19 antibodies. If a donation tests positive for the antibodies, that donation may be used for convalescent plasma which is being used to treat the sickest Covid patients!.
We are dedicated to ensuring the safety of the community as well as our staff and volunteers. At each blood drive, Red Cross employees follow thorough safety protocols including but not limited to:  
  • Checking temperatures of staff and donors before entering a drive.
  • Providing hand sanitizer for use before the drive, as well as throughout the donation process.
  • Following social distancing between donors including the entry, donation, and refreshment areas. 
  • Ensuring face masks or coverings are worn by both staff and donors.
  • Routinely disinfecting surfaces, equipment, and donor-touched areas.
  • Wearing gloves and changing gloves often.
  • Using sterile collection sets and an aseptic scrub for every donation.
Blood Drive schedule at St. James Center Building
Wednesday March 10: 9:00am - 5:30pm
Thursday April 15: 9:00am - 5:30pm
Wednesday May 5: 11:00am - 4:00pm
Saturday May 8: 9:00am - 2:00pm
Friday June 18: 11:00am to 4:00pm
Bake Lenten Pretzels
The pretzel developed in the fifth century when Christians fasted from meat, dairy, fats and sweets. The first pretzels were shaped like arms crossed in prayer, because many Christians at that time prayed by crossing their arms over their breasts. Thus the pretzel is a sign of prayer and the cross. To this day we bake pretzels during Lent as a visual symbol of our prayerful fasting and make great Lenten gift.  
Try these recipes: Click here or Click here.
Archbishop's Annual Appeal Virtual
Kickoff Event
For the first time ever, please join Archbishop Leonard Blair on Wednesday, March 3, 2021 at 7:30pm, for the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal Virtual Kickoff, allowing him the opportunity to personally introduce the 2021 Archbishop’s Annual Appeal, Reaching Out, Healing Together. All funds contributed to the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal are used exclusively for the purposes outlined in the Appeal literature. No Appeal funds are ever used for legal fees or settlements.

To attend the Virtual Event on Wednesday March 3rd at 7:30pm, Click here.
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