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August  2017

Hi Everyone,
I'm a news junkie. I wake up to CNN and go to sleep with Nightline. My computer home page is the New York Times and my phone receives push messages from the Washington Post. I have a need to know what's happening and I want that information quickly and in as few words as possible. This may be why I find the story of Jesus' transfiguration so appealing.
In Sunday's Gospel Jesus is taking three of his closest friends and leading them "up a high mountain apart by themselves". Already we begin to anticipate something important happening, and it does. Jesus is transfigured. He becomes dazzling white as he speaks with Moses and Elijah. Poor Peter is terrified and overwhelmed. Just recently he had been witness to many of Jesus' miracles and now, live and in person, here were the prophets, Moses and Elijah. Enough already. Let's just build a few tents, stay here and enjoy the moment. How could this possibly get any better?
Hardly had the words passed from Peter's lips when a voice came from a cloud, "This is my beloved Son. Listen to him." Just as suddenly, they are again alone with Jesus. But there was to be no standing still, no tent on the mountain. As they begin their decent, Jesus instructs them to tell no one of their experience until after "the Son of Man had risen from the Dead". Who could they tell? Who would believe it?  Imagine the CNN interview here!
Certainly Peter, James and John had an experience of the Divine. They were convinced of that. And oh, how comfortable it would be to just dwell on that for a while, but as we fast forward to the resurrection it becomes evident that the key to understanding the transfiguration is the cross. Jesus' death and resurrection moved the disciples beyond the mountain shrine. Jesus' divine nature did not come from his earthly ministry. The Divine is revealed to those who are ready to listen and willing to act. Jesus asks us to come down from the mountain, to leave the places we find comfortable, to listen to God's voice calling each of us. As we begin a new year in Religious Education, it is my prayer that each of our students learn to hear that voice.  For that to happen we need volunteer teachers willing to step out on the edge to embrace the cross and share the Good News.  No theology major needed, just a willing heart!  If you think you might be able to volunteer please call Phyllis in the YM office or Cathy in the CCD office for grades 1-8.
                Attention Rising 9th Graders
in the Fall you will begin your preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Parent/Student meetings were held in early June.  If you missed the meeting please call Phyllis in the YM office to set up an appointment.   Registrations were due on July 15th.  Students are placed in class on a first registered basis.  Registrations for Phase I Confirmation will NOT be available online.
  Phase II Confirmation Registration
If you are entering Phase II of the Confirmation Program you can register online.  Go to the parish web page  Click on Phase II registration to download the forms.  Registrations were due by July 15th.  If you have not registered please do so today!
 Attention HS Graduates
We would love to connect you to Catholic Campus Ministry at your college or university in September.  Please email the YM office with the name of the college you will attend in the fall.  We will send your name to Campus Ministry and they will contact you on campus after classes begin.

    Leadership Training for Antioch  Team 

If you loved your Antioch Retreat then consider serving on the  Antioch Team for this year's retreat.  (November 10-12)               

Our training sessions scheduled for June and July did not seem to work with everyone's schedules so we will offer a mini retreat day just before the team meetings begin.  This workshop is open to all those current sophomores (class of 2019) and juniors (class of 2018) who are interested in being a retreat team member for the Antioch Retreat Weekend . This workshop will offer you the necessary skills to be effective leaders, not only for Antioch but for participation in extracurricular events at school. Antioch Teams this year will be limited to 20 leaders and attendance at Leadership Training is mandatory to be considered for one of these positions. The retreat day is Sunday, September 10th.  We will meet for 9:30AM Mass then hold our training from 10:30-2:30.  Snack & lunch are included in the $10 workshop fee. If you have any questions, please contact Phyllis at the Youth Center, 973-729-4722.
The presentations include:
  What is Leadership
  How to Run a Small Group
  Peer Facilitation
  How to Write a Retreat Talk
Click here to download a registration form.


Parents, We Need Your Help! 

The Youth Ministry Program tries to offer many opportunities for young people to encounter Christ through service, classroom experiences and social events.  We also do a few fundraisers each year to support these ministries.  None of this would happen without the help of our parents (and Grandparents, too!).  Please take a look at the volunteer information sheet on the YM page of the parish web site.  Three or four hours of your time just once a year can be a big help!
If you have  special interest or skill to share then give us a call  973-729-4722.  We would love to have you join us!
                Lectors, Eucharistc Ministers, Welcomers
Were looking for teens to help out with liturgical ministries at Mass.  Won't you consider becoming a Lector, Eucharistic Minister or Welcomer.  Serve at the Mass you and your family attend.  All training provided.  We would love parent and teen volunteers too!  Please call or email the YM office if you are interested or with any questions. 
 Vendor and Craft  Fair
We will be holding our annual Vendor and Craft Fair on Saturday, November 4th, from 12 Noon until 6:30PM.  Last year we had over 40 vendors!  Please put this date on your calendar so you can get a head start on some of that Christmas shopping.  If you are a crafter or vendor and would like to rent a booth you can download a form from the parish web site under the Youth Ministry Tab or email the YM office and we will send you information.
gift cards
Everyone Shops!
You can continue to purchase Everyone Shops gift cards throughout the year. Gift cards are available to almost every store and restaurant.  A percentage of your purchase comes back to St. Kateri Parish.    Everybody Shops information can be found in the Gathering Space. 
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Saint Kateri Youth Ministry hopes to offer young people a  place to learn about and worship the God who loved us into being.
It is where we become disciples of Jesus Christ and where the gifts of teens are valued, encouraged, and shared with the parish community.
It is a place where ALL are welcome.
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