John Cassian 360-435
Other than the Bible, Saint Benedict recommended John Cassian's "Conferences" and "Institutes" more than any other books.
Benedictine Circle - April 28

April 28, 2019 1:15 pm to 4:15 pm in the retreat library on the third floor of Saint Leo Hall.

WE DID IT!! (Almost) We will discuss Chapters 49 and 50 (last chapter) in the Road to Eternal Life. The session will be led by Mike Fonfara. After beginning the book in March 2017 we are finishing in April 2019.

The new book selected for the Benedictine Circle meeting May 19 is John Cassian's Conferences 9 and 10 On Prayer . Kindle or Paper or FREE ONLINE . The May 19 session will be an overview of Cassian's life and Conferences 9 and 10 On Prayer.

Each Benedictine Circle Session stands alone. You can fully participate and feel comfortable about participating even if you have not attended any previous sessions because the handouts include quotes from the book and the discussion includes how you have lived the topics/subject discussed. 

If you eat lunch at the abbey prior to the Benedictine Circle, the charge is $12. Just want to attend the class? (it is free) All are welcome.

Have questions? Call Brother Giovanni (John Bakas) 813-228-8015.