Cover art was painted by oblate Allison Poff and her husband Michael. They mailed one of these beautiful cards to every monk.
December 2 Christmas Party Pictures
´╗┐Peter Kinzie Organ Concert December 22

December 2, 2018 Christmas Party

  • Party pictures The desserts were super. Excellent work oblates!! I liked looking at the pictures of the Christmas party as they were uploaded, but two pictures also told the story of an oblate's life in divine love. One of the pictures is of Ann Marie. What joy in her face, all in God's will and by his mercy. The second is James. He is sitting quietly on the balcony. He too is at peace. He has with him two books. The one we can see is about Saint Hildegard one of the newest Doctors of the Church. As we sang, "Love's pure Light."

December 22, 7:00 pm. Abbey Christmas concert with organist Peter Kinzie in the Abbey Church. Free and everyone is invited. Although not liturgically correct I mark the beginning of the Christmas season at the Kinzie concert each year. If you have not heard him play, come to concert. You will have a blessed interlude from the pace of the world.

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Cover picture. Thank you Allison and husband Michael.