Benedictine Circle

March 17, 2019 1:15 pm to 4:15 pm in the retreat library on the third floor of Saint Leo Hall. No RSVP this month.

We are discussing Chapters 47 and 48 in the Road to Eternal Life . The session will be led by Mike Fonfara.

Each Benedictine Circle Session stands alone. You can fully participate and feel comfortable about participating even if you have not attended any previous sessions because the handouts include quotes from the book to be discussed. 

We will also discuss selection of a new book.

If you have lunch, the charge is $12. Just want to attend the class? (free, that's fine too!) All are welcome.
Oblate Ceremonies & Picnic
April 14 , 2019 Novice and Final Oblations and Picnic.

Come to the ceremony for those wanting to become oblate novices and for those making their final oblation.

The Family and Friends Spring Picnic with the Monks will be after the ceremonies. Everyone is invited.

More information later.
Remember these dates too
April 7 no Oblate Sunday

April 14 Palm Sunday and oblate novice/final oblation ceremonies/picnic

April 21 Easter

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