Abbey church
No Oblate Sunday June 2, 2019

Thank You Marleny Henderson

Marleny Henderson, husband Wayne, son Andrew, and Marleny's friend Teresa clean the abbey church every week. During Easter season they have taken care of all the flowers too. Thanks to their constant attention, trimming, and watering the abbey flowers lasted over five weeks. We are beginning the sixth week of Easter on May 26 with all the flowering Easter plants removed, but Marleny brought two bouquets of roses and yellow flowers to help us remember that were are still in Easter. 
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Early Church Fathers/Monastic thought of the day  

“For as a physician though not needing to taste the food prepared for a sick child, yet in his care for the young soul tastes it first himself, that he may persuade the child with confidence to venture to take the food unafraid, so also because all people are afraid of death, in persuading them to take courage against death, Jesus tasted it also Himself though He needed not.” Saint John Chrysostom (344-407).  


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