Sunday, February 3, 2019
Oblate Sunday
"Our life, oriented toward contemplation, consists
in seeking the Presence and making ourselves present." Olivera 
February 3 Oblate Sunday with Abbot Isaac, OSB
Assignments/RSVP for lunch, Learn more...
  • Novice class Chapter 7 of the Rule.
  • Oblate class a Bernardo Olivera letter on the Eucharist.

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Become an oblate
If you are interested in becoming an oblate and have not filled out an application, please call Brother Giovanni 813-228-8015.
Volunteers to scan archive photos
Much of the abbey's history is recorded in photographs. Abbot Isaac asks for volunteers to scan photographs. It is simple and easy.
The picture to the right of the 60-inch cyclotron completed in 1939 has nothing to do with the abbey or the scanning project.
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Unknown part from Abbey history
Could it be?

Take a guess or see it February 3.
Presentation of the Lord, February 2
From the photographer's website:

"Today's liturgy is particularly evocative because it is marked by the symbol of light. The solemn procession with candles which you made at the beginning of the celebration points to Christ, the true light of the world who shines in the night of history and illumines every seeker of the truth." - Pope Benedict XVI

"2 February is the feast of the Presentation, also known as Candlemas because of the procession with blessed candles.

"The mosaics in the Lady Chapel of Westminster Cathedral, of which this is a detail, began in 1930, and lasted 5 years, under the direction of Basil Cary-Elwes to designs by Gilbert Pownall.