With the support of our St. Mary friends, families, and sponsors, the Saint Mary Soirée raised over
in support of St. Mary Interparochial School

On Thursday, April 7, 2022, St. Mary Interparochial School hosted the Saint Mary Soirée: a Celebration to Fund Our Facility at the Arts Ballroom.

Over 180 guests joined us in support of building our students' hearts, minds, and futures. This celebration was truly a night to remember!

Thanks to the generosity of our St. Mary family, friends, and sponsors, St. Mary Interparochial School was able to raise over $56,000 in support of upgrading our school facilities so that we may continue to build our students’
hearts, minds, and futures.

Thank you to all who helped make this year's event a success!
Saint Mary is delighted to honor Thomas Jefferson University with the Partner in Academic Excellence Award.

Saint Mary Interparochial School is currently collaborating with Thomas Jefferson University in a two-year initiative to strengthen our students’ understanding and view of health and healing. Together, we are aiming to redefine and provide relevant education on healing through mental, physical, and spiritual growth.
Thomas Jefferson University,
Partner in Academic Excellence
Todd Kramer, Associate Dean of The School of Design & Engineering, Jefferson University
Reverend John J. Large graciously served as Pastor Delegate on the Board of Limited Jurisdiction at Saint Mary Interparochial School from 2014
through 2020.

We thank Father Large for his years as Pastor Delegate of Saint Mary Interparochial School, and for his lively
and thoughtful masses that our students and teachers think back on

It is with great honor that Saint Mary Interparochial School acknowledges Reverend John Large as their Legacy Leader.
Father John Large,
Legacy Leader Award Recipient
Emily Montgomery '21, Claire Montgomery '13,
and Betty Montgomery '08
During the Soiree, guests participated in a 10-minute Mobile Giving Challenge, led by Betty Montgomery (Class of '08), Claire Montgomery (Class of '13), and Emily Montgomery (Class of '21).
Our generous donors raised over $13,700 during this 10-minute challenge - over 675% of our $2,022 goal!

Thank you all for your generous donations during our Mobile Giving Challenge!
We thank our Soiree Committee for planning and orchestrating such an unforgettable night. Thank you for supporting St. Mary Interparochial School!
Thank you, Soirée Sponsors!
Trotta Family
Gentile Family
Koger Family
Ruskey - Haciski Family
and Zemaitatis Family
Carvalho Connolly Family

Joshua and Maren Novotney
Ralph and Barbara Novotney
Grandparents of Libby Novotney, Class of 2027
Natalie and Christopher Soltis
Thank you for supporting St. Mary Interparochial School!
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