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Saint Michael's Minutes
Teaching Children their value as Children of God
Principal's Notes
Dear Parents and Families,

God of love,  
I know that you are the source of all 
that is good and graced in my life. 
Help me to move from the life of sin 
to which I so often cling, 
into the new life of grace you offer me. 
You know what I need to prepare for your kingdom. 
Bless me with those gifts.

Below are some quick notes for the upcoming week:
  • Wednesday, 4/10: 3:15-4:00 Choir Practice in APR
  • Friday, 4/12: 2:30 Stations of the Cross
  • Saturday, 4/13: Diocesan Science Fair
  • Thursday, 4/18: Third Trimester Interims
  • Thursday, 4/18: Holy Thursday, 11:30 Dismissal
  • Friday, 4/19 - Sunday, 4/28: No School, Easter Break
  • Friday, 5/10: 11:30 Dismissal (Professional Development)
  • May 6 - 24: Scantron Testing

I am happy to announce that Mrs. Beverly Rajnes will be returning to St. Michael as our long-term music substitute for the remainder of the month. Mrs. Rajnes previously taught music at St. Michaels four years ago. She will also be leading choir in Mrs. Burke's absence for the next month. Choir practice will continue beginning this Wednesday from 3:15-4:00. Parents please be punctual at 4:00 to pick up students from choir practice.

Our Spanish Honor Society will induct its newest members this Wednesday at 7:00 in the cafeteria. We will have a brief reception following the ceremony.

Good luck to our Top 10 Science Fair winners as the represent St. Michaels at the Diocesan Science Fair this Saturday.

Mrs. Acevedo is beginning the planning for our 2019 International Night! If you are interested in helping to coordinate, please contact Mrs. Acevedo.

God bless,

Daniel Cinalli
Welcoming Sebele into the Faith
On Friday our school was able to welcome Sebele Nadew into the Catholic Faith during our school Mass. Sebele was sponsored by Mrs. Howard who stood by her side while Sebele made her Profession of Faith.

Sebele's mother was in attendance, and after Mass our middle school students threw Sebele a reception to celebrate the special occasion. Congratulations and thank you for the wonderful example and opportunity to witness such a moving moment, Sebele!
Our 6th graders worked together to learn about the phases of the moon by creating them in Science class.
Our 8th grade students learned about sound waves by experimenting with homemade musical instruments. They were able to create quite the orchestra!
Our 4th graders enjoyed a Spring scavenger hunt in the beautiful weather this morning. The activity gave students the opportunity to explore, study, document, and collaborate with their classmates in Science class.
Following the Mr. Peace assembly, students earned I Choose Kind bracelets to wear around school. The bracelets are a reminder that at St. Michael School we are Peacemakers and we Choose Kind.
“Lent is a time of going very deeply into ourselves… What is it that stands between us and God? Between us and our brothers and sisters? Between us and life, the life of the Spirit? Whatever it is, let us relentlessly tear it out, without a moment’s hesitation.”
-Catherine Doherty
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