May 5, 2021 Edition
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Good News!
No assigned seats!!
Sunday Worship Service registration will remain open until capacity of 100 is reached. We look forward to seeing you!

Please note:
There has been some confusion about which pew is closed according to the signs. We hope this illustration helps.
Registration Required. We ask that all participants follow posted social distancing guidelines and wear a mask. Please note that this service will be live-streamed on the STMAA YouTube channel. 
Patrick Reeves Recital
For those of you who enjoy the wonderful guitar music of Patrick Reeves at church, we invite you to hear his compositions in his virtual senior recital performed Friday (4/30/21) for his study in music composition and guitar performance at UMKC Conservatory. A brilliant young talent!

Patrick Reeves Senior Recital Lecture - YouTube
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Contact with questions.
Breakfast at St. Paul’s Operating Every Saturday

I am happy to announce that the Breakfast at St. Paul’s is now operating every Saturday on a to-go basis. John & Dia Montgomery, a very nice and enterprising couple, are running the 2nd and 4th Saturday to-go breakfasts. As a result, there are volunteer opportunities available that I am sure our St. Michael’s parishioners are hungry for. 

To sign up for a volunteer shift, please go to the Sign-Up Genius link:

To sign up for the early shift, please contact Julie Marcus, either by text: 913-461-7133 or email:

Doing the hot, to-go breakfast requires 2 shifts of volunteers just like the old breakfast did. We have the early, cooking shift (6:30 – 9am). Due to social distancing we can only have 5 or 6 volunteers in the kitchen at a time to prep and cook. The second shift (8:30 – 11:30am) sets up the outdoor tables, fills the containers and bags with food/drink and distributes to the people, distributes the St. Paul’s pantry bags, and cleans up, all of which requires about 10 – 12 volunteers. 
Julie Marcus
Bishop Bascom to lead online justice-based Scripture study
Bishop Cathleen Bascom will be the leader for an online May 11 Scripture study entitled “Rethinking Justice” at 6 p.m.

It is sponsored by an interfaith group including Topeka JUMP, Douglas County Justice Matters and a new interfaith justice ministry for Johnson and Wyandotte counties.
The Zoom-based event will explore three questions:
  • What is the scriptural imperative for people of faith when it comes to issues of justice?
  • What is the difference between doing justice and providing mercy?
  • How can people of faith effectively do justice in their local community?

There will be a second study on May 13, with a different leader still to be named.
The Pastoral Care Team asks you to include in your daily prayers the names on this list:
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