A new Mississippi Senate bill would grant two public colleges a tax exemption if they fly the State Flag, which is now flown by none of the eight public colleges because it features the Confederate battle flag.

Republic Representative William Shirley persuaded the House last week to withhold a tax break from universities that don't fly the flag. When the bill came up for a reconsideration after amendment it failed to pass by a 58-56 vote. Since then, Shirley has been unsuccessful in his proposed Flag amendments.

Senate Bill 2509 would exempt the "lands and property" of both the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) and Mississippi State University (MSU) from state, county and municipal taxes, as well as buildings and improvements that give "affordable board" to students, according to  Campus Reform. Still under advisement is another amendment by Shirley to a bond bill that would force state supported colleges to display the banner or face financial penalties.

Without saying a word, Rep. Shirley went to the front of the House Chamber on Wednesday and waved two tiny flags - a Mississippi flag and a plain white flag.
Was it surrender? Shirley would not explain.


Rockbridge County officials said the 82-foot-tall flagpole had to be removed last week because it's too close to a public highway.

The Virginia Flaggers initially said they wouldn't take the Flag down and were prepared to pay any ensuing fines. On Monday, though, they hired a crane to remove the flagpole, which is in front of a pawn shop.

The group says they removed the Flag at the request of the property owner, who said he'd been "threatened with imprisonment."

County officials denied having threatening to imprison the owner, but confirmed that a judge could impose a jail sentence for continued contempt.


York Technical College will close the main campus and on-campus classes Today and Saturday, according to an email notice.

College officials said because of protests planned near campus, "there remains a level of uncertainty of the impact to college operations and the safety and security of our campus."

Only authorized personnel will be permitted on campus those days, the notice states.

Online classes will maintain a normal schedule, according to the college, and campuses in Chester and Indian Land will maintain normal operations.

The Rock Hill and Western York County branches of the NAACP announced in a statement last week that they will gather March 17 and 18 outside York Tech to protest the South Carolina Sons of Confederate Veterans convention at the college.

Organizers said they expect up to 1,000 protesters, with presenters and performances each day, according to a prepared statement.

York Tech officials said in October they would honor a lease agreement allowing the Sons of Confederate Veterans' South Carolina convention on campus, but vowed no Confederate flags or similar symbols will be allowed on campus.

York Tech officials during an Oct. 30 news conference said they had canceled the convention contract after learning of its plans to meet there, as a result of reporting by The Herald. However, they rescinded their notification after legal advice from attorneys.

The NAACP and other community leaders have said they are against the Sons of Confederate Veterans event being held at the Baxter M. Hood Center in Rock Hill, because of the group's use of the Confederate flag.

The NAACP groups plan to protest 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Friday and 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday.

Memorial Held At Averasboro
Record frigid March winds could not discourage a small group of Southern women  from honoring their family heritage as they gathered on the grounds of Averasboro Battlefield for a memorial service Wednesday afternoon.

The J.E.B. Stuart chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy hosted the event at the Chicora Cemetery on N.C. 82 near the site of the Averasboro Battlefield museum.

Peggy Johnson, North Carolina Division president of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, lays a Confederate flag in honor of a family member who died during the Battle of Averasboro:

The bloody confrontation, fought in 1865,  was one of the final confrontations between Confederate soldiers in the area and the troops of General William T. Sherman as they completed their march of destruction through the South. 
Following a brief ceremony marking the battle's anniversary, chapter members laid Confederate flags at the gravesites of family members. A total of 10 flags were placed in honor of Confederate veterans.

The chapter's president, Peggy Johnson, gave brief remarks during the service: "This weather reminds us of what our ancestors went through when they fought this battle," Mrs. Johnson said. "We would not let the weather stop us from coming out and celebrating our Confederate heritage."

She also spoke following the laying of a wreath at the site. "The world would like us to forget these men, but today we place this wreath in their honor," Mrs. Johnson said. The group included the unique Salute to the Confederate Flag as part of the ceremony.

Those gathered, many in period attire, lifted the familiar words to "Dixie," across the fields where Confederate ancestors fought and where many perished. The service was culminated with retired music teacher and master trumpeter Joe Edwards playing "Taps."

The service marked 152 years to the day the battle was fought.


On March 17, 2017, I shall march alongside the Sons of Confederate Veterans and other members of the South in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Savannah, Georgia.

On April 22, 2017, I shall deliver the Keynote Speech in the City Cemetery in Marion, Alabama for Confederate Memorial Day, which will also commence a ten day stay that find me attending 

On April 24, 2017 the Confederate Memorial Day Service at the State Capitol in Montgomery Alabama, 

Speaking to several Private schools and the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp in Opelika , Alabama on April 27, 2017.

On May 5, 2017, I shall attend alongside the Sons of Confederate Veterans and others, in a Parade in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. 

Saturday, May 6, 2017, I will speak at a Flag Raising in Moorefield, West Virginia.

June 3, 2017, I shall deliver the Keynote Speech for Decoration Day in the Old Gray Cemetery in Knoxville, Tennessee. 

And tentatively, I am scheduled to attend a Rally in York, South Carolina on April 22, 2017.  


Dear Friend:

I have read your email blast for some time now and love it!

Thank you for all the hard work you do to get this news out to OUR people.

I am ready to sign up for the new Southern Political Party however, in your article you did not have a link to sign up. Please let me know how I can  be more involved.

My membership on the Board of Directors at the Sam Davis Home Memorial Association was "terminated" illegally in 2013 for asking questions about why the Board had a policy that we could no longer fly the Confederate flag at this historic home of the Boy Hero of the Confederacy. 

I asked the question of an interim director of the home as a Board Member, yet was terminated from the Board two days later with the false accusation at that time, of "having a conflict of interest." 

When pressed for this "conflict"  I was told first that they "heard" I somehow was lobbying the legislature for more money on behalf of the historic site and that was not my job, then they changed it to that my actions were not in line with the mission of the home, now they have redirected even that statement and say I "interferred" with SCV business since the local camp was making a renewed effort to get involved on the Board with a stated purpose of "taking it over" in a coup attempt to restore the dignity and honor of our Hero. They really can't make up their mind what I did that was so wrong, but evidently according to them even asking a question about why the flag is no longer flying on the grounds after it was welcome there for over 75 years, is a crime for someone like me, a woman, to do.

You will probably not be surprized that one of the the main individuals behind this vicious personal attack on me was, I have come to find out after years of investigating, an SCV member and commander of a local camp at the time and now Commander for the Tennessee Division. This "ladder climber" up the SCV chain of command took it as a personal insult that I opposed his secret plan to takeover the Board. The problem with his theory of blame is that I was totallly unaware of his plan!!! He had never informed me that he intended to form a coup and take back the majority rule of the Board by carefully placing more SCV members on the Board. Had he informed me, I probably would not have asked any questions at all, but very innocently I asked as I was a Board member at the time and thought it perfectly within my right to do so.

So much for Free Speech in America@

Add me to your list of those who wish to support a new political party for Southern Rights...

Thank you for DOING something to organize us as a ethnic group and political powerhouse to protect, defend, and influence our own interests,


This week I began the due diligence of establishing a political party in Florida. Once it is established we will officially organize in other states. Maybe you and your husband would like to be the chairpeople in Tennessee?

Back in the 90's I visited the Sam Davis home. Its was a pleasant afternoon and still a very strong memory. 

We appreciate all that you are doing to promote the ideals and culture of our ancestors!


Several of our readers submitted this one.  The photo was originally posted on the PBS website. So its gotta be reliable, right? Talk about the libs making a freudian slip! 

Remember the President's speech to the joint session of Congress back in February? The Democrat women in Congress all decided to wear their favorite white outfits as a show of solidarity. 

This picture really is worth a thousand words! Maybe they should rename themselves from the women's caucus to the women's klavern? 

We continue to move forward in preparing for our upcoming trip to Cuba. 

Would you prayerfully give $25 to the Cuba Project today?

Give $25 to the Cuba Project:  undefined

A new twist in the Cuba Project. I will be meeting with descendants of Confederate soldiers who had migrated to the island after the WBTS. 


I look forward too discovering how our Confederate heritage is honored and remembered in Cuba. 

Even as some in our nation are waging an all-out war against all things Southern, our ancestor's banner flies proudly around the world! 

All are well aware of the negative connotation the flag holds.

Here are some of those places:


Italians in the south of Italy and Americans in the American South view the Confederate flag in a very similar way, according to the Washington Post. Southern Italians, inspired by our War, adopted the Confederate flag as a sign of rebellion around the time they were absorbed into the Kingdom of Italy in 1861.

"We too are a defeated people," an unnamed professor in Naples said, according to the Post. "Once we were a rich and independent country, and then they came from the North and conquered us and took our wealth and power away to Rome."


In post-WBTS America, thousands of Southerners fled the country and headed to Brazil, enticed by the Brazilian government's offer of land grants. 

Roughly 150 years later, that mass emigration is evident in an annual Dixie-themed festival in Brazil's southeastern Sao Paulo state. The festival draws thousands of Brazilians who trace their ancestry back to the American South.

The vast majority of Brazilians, many of whom are of mixed race, do not view the Confederate flag in a negative way. "To me it's a positive symbol of my heritage," Keila Padovese Armelin, a festival attendee, told the Guardian. "For us, it doesn't have a negative connotation at all."


In a central part of Sweden called Dalarna, people love American kitsch. This Swedish sub-culture called "raggare" has a fascination with 1950s American pop-culture.

As the Washington Post reported in 2013, in Dalarna "men strut around in cowboy hats and leather boots. American flags flutter outside family homes, and posters advertise hamburger bars and 1950s nostalgia markets."

In Sweden - void of any political context - the Confederate flag represents another piece of Americana.


In Germany, the Confederate flag is not void of political context. European lovers of freedom have adopted the Confederate flag and variations of it because of its historical context.  as a symbol of racism and white supremacy.

In addition, the Atlantic reports that "American Civil War reenactments" have become popular in Germany, with many Germans choosing to side with the Confederacy.

Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, Protestants march with the Confederate Flag. According to the Washington Post, they do this because many Confederate soldiers were from Ulster - a part of Northern Ireland. One such famous example is the Confederate General Stonewall Jackson.


During the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, secessionists have taken up a variation of the Confederate flag as a symbol of their own movement. It is called the flag of Novorossiya or "New Russia" and it bears a striking resemblance to the flag of the American south.

However, the founder of the flag asserts this similarity is purely coincidental. He told a reporter that he found the design for the flag "online somewhere."

Last week I made it known that if we could raise just $20,000 per year I could be a full-time promoter of Southern culture, heritage, and ideology. I would be based in Florida and available to travel as needed
Additionally, if we could raise just another $22,000 we could have a second full-time man in South Carolina who would also travel as needed.

We also started the issue off with an editorial by Mark Vogl that got a LOT of reaction. 

This week I have begun the process of establishing a political party in Florida. It will be a slow process if I do it in my spare time. I could do it much quicker if able to work at it full-time. 

If we had Jack going full time in South Carolina he could organize the party there. 

Whether quickly, or slowly, the goal will be to establish the party in all Southern states. 

Would you consider helping to raise the funds to organize and promote a Southern political party? If so, please respond to this eMail. Lets talk! 
We will be sharing more details in future issues. For now, know that we were not just "talking" in last week's issue, we are DOING


Despite a Washington Post article suggesting Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) Executive Committee President Frank S. Page would ask Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) President Russell Moore to resign amid ongoing controversy, the two SBC entity leaders reported a collegial meeting March 13 and said they "fully support one another."

Earlier in the day, amid a social media flurry following the Post's report, Page told Baptist Press (BP) he planned on "bridge-building" with Moore with no anticipation of requesting a resignation.

The meeting between Page and Moore came less than a month after the Executive Committee (EC) launched a study of churches' escrowing Cooperative Program (CP) money and two months after Dallas-area Prestonwood Baptist Church announced it would escrow CP funds over "various significant positions taken by the leadership of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission." The EC has received reports of similar actions by other churches.

Churches have expressed concern about alleged disrespectfulness by Moore toward evangelical supporters of President Trump and about a court brief in support of a New Jersey Islamic society's construction of a mosque. Moore, a religious liberal, is also responsible for the SBC's resolution against the Confederate Flag.

Southern Patriots in SBC churches have been actively lobbying for Moore's dismissal. Numerous SBC churches have been withholding and/or escrowing their gifts to the SBC's cooperative program until such a time as Moore is either di

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The Spying Federal Pigeon
by Al Benson Jr.

Just about every day, when we drive across the bridge over the bayou, there is a whole group of pigeons perched on one of the telephone wires that parallel the bridge. Most people don't even think about them and just drive by without noticing them. But, if you take the trouble to find a place to stop and look, with field glasses, you will see that one of them looks a little different than the rest. That's because it's not a real pigeon-it's a pretend pigeon, with a hi-tech camera hidden underneath its pretend feathers-and it's busily taking pictures of every car that goes over the bridge and recording the license tag numbers. That way, the federal spymasters know who goes over the bridge and how often. If you cross too often you may one day get a visit from a federal snoop from an agency with such a long name you can't even remember it, and he'll want to know why you cross the bridge so often and ask you if you are on your way to any clandestine, anti-government meetings with all those crossings.

Now admittedly, the little story in the previous paragraph is a bit of a farce, but the idea came to me when I saw a photo of a batch of cameras all lined up and fastened to a pipe. I have no idea where the photo was taken, but it reminded me of those pigeons we often see when driving on that bridge over the bayou. And we are so spied on as a society anymore, and our right to privacy has been so completely compromised, that the pigeon story almost has credibility.

I just read a short story on for March 9th which started out with: "Former Representative Dennis Kucinich warned the Vault 7 data dump by WickiLeaks demonstrates the United States is sliding down a slippery slope towards totalitarianism." And the former Congressman said the "wholesale gathering of the nation's 'haystack' of information by the government'has eroded the concept of a'right to privacy'." Kucinich has never been one of my favorite politicians, but he has a valid point here.

The article also noted: "Kucinich argued the Vault 7 revelations, as well as legislation like the Patriot Act, have created a constitutional crisis, and called on the American people to demand the government end its mass surveillance."

And, there was another article, also on Infowars, for March 7th, by Paul Joseph Watson, that stated: "According to Judge Andrew Napolitano, the intelligence community is petrified of a congressional investigation into claims that Barack Obama spied on Donald Trump because it would expose the fact that every American is under mass surveillance and that their conversations are all being digitally recorded by the NSA" (Emphasis mine).

According to some articles I have read (and I have a batch of them sitting here) the Vault 7 documents show how the CIA hacked telephones, TVs and computers. From the WickiLeaks we find out that "CIA has an espionage division more powerful than NSA with no checks and balances...CIA turns smart TVs, iPhones, gaming consoles and many gadgets into open mics...CIA can spy on you through your smart TV...CIA turned all internet enabled consumer electronics in the world into listening devices." There's lots more, but this gives you a basic idea of what they have been doing to us (all for our own good naturally). Comforting thought isn't it? If you and your wife are in the same room and you happen to have either your computer or your smart TV on, then whatever you say to one another is being monitored (for your own good naturally). The feds are making sure you stay "safe" (and controlled) tonight.

I don't doubt for a New York minute that everything I do on my PC is being monitored-incoming and outgoing, whether it's research, email, or articles for my blog spots-they already know it all, even before the people I am sending it to do. And if they are doing it to me, you can bet the farm they are doing it to you.

Just a little something to meditate on.


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by Don Boys 

Our Catholic friends won't like this revelation but facts are facts. Patrick (original name was Sucat) was born in Scotland about 375 AD and lived about 85 years dying in 460. As a teen he was captured by marauding raiders and taken to Ireland where he was sold to Milcho, a Druid chieftain and held in slavery for six years. Patrick said that he was hungry and naked during that time. He eventually walked 200 miles to the Irish coast to escape and to find his way back to Scotland.

It is my desire to dispel the myths, delusions, superstitions and lies that are circulating about Patrick. Of course, he did not drive the snakes out of Ireland but his preaching of Christ drove out the pagan Druids and removed human sacrifice; also, his assistants in his "monastery" copied and preserved the Bible and standard texts for us to peruse today. All this while the Roman Empire was crumbling and the dark ages were falling upon Europe and the Roman Church gained more and more power and riches.

Patrick was reared in a Christian home and his father was a deacon in a Baptist church. Also, his grandfather pastored in these ancient churches of Britain which had never come under the Roman yoke. An historian wrote more than a hundred years ago, "...the truth which saved him when a youthful slave in pagan Ireland was taught him in the godly home of...his father." Under that Christian influence Patrick felt called to go back to Ireland as a missionary to convert those pagan Druids who had enslaved him!

He became one of the most effective missionaries of all time, some think, only second to the Apostle Paul! He refused to take gifts from kings and preached to everyone about the grace of God. Patrick wrote that he "baptized thousands of people," ordained men to the ministry, counseled and won wealthy women, and sons of kings and trained them for Christian service. He refused to be paid for baptizing people, ordaining preachers, and even paid for the gifts he gave to kings.

He was legally without protection since he refused the patronage of kings and was beaten, robbed, and put in chains. He says that he was also held captive for 60 days but gives no details.

It is only natural that the nascent but growing Roman Church would claim him but it was and is a bogus claim. One historian wrote, "Rome's most audacious theft was when she seized bodily the Apostle Peter and made him the putative head and founder of her system; but next to that brazen act stands her effrontery when she 'annexed' the great missionary preacher of Ireland and enrolled him among her saints." Well said.

Baptists should appreciate the fact that Catholics pay homage to him, even build churches in his honor; however, it is time to realize that Patrick was only a very simple, even untrained Baptist preacher. He was not interested in power or position or possessions but in preaching the simple Gospel of Christ. From my study of him, he would be embarrassed and chagrined that a day in his honor is often turned into a drunken orgy as in Rio and New Orleans.

If Patrick had been a Roman Catholic then somewhere there would be support for that, but there is none. Patrick wrote Confession, or Epistle to the Irish and Epistle to Coroticus and in neither did he refer to Rome. The Breastplate, a hymn is also attributed to him. Not one of his early biographers mentions any Roman connection. Moreover, there is no support for the claim that Pope Celistine sent him to the Irish people.

Furthermore, during his life, the Roman Church was only in embryo form. The Bishop of Rome was not considered the authoritarian he became much later. In fact, church authority was split in five directions: the Patriarchs at Constantinople, Antioch, Jerusalem, and Alexandria all claimed to have as much authority as the Roman Bishop!

Professor George T. Stokes, a prominent scholar, declared that before the synod of Rathbresail in A.D. 1112, the rule of each Irish Church was independent, autonomous, and "...dioceses and diocesan episcopacy had no existence at all."

Neander's History of the Christian Church says that the facts "prove the origin of the [Irish] church was independent of Rome, and must be traced solely to the people of Britain... Again, no indication of his connection with the Romish church is to be found in his confession; rather everything seems to favor the supposition that he was ordained bishop in Britain itself."

Odriscol, who, incidentally, was an Irish Catholic, in his work entitled, Views of Ireland, reveals: "The Christian church of that country, as founded by St. Patrick and his predecessors, existed for many ages, free and unshackelled. For 700 years this church maintained its independence. It had no connection with England and differed on points of importance with Rome." That's from an Irish Catholic!

Another Irish scholar wrote that "...Leo II was bishop of Rome from 440 to 461 A.D. and upwards of one hundred and forty of his letters to correspondents in all parts of Christendom still remain and yet he never mentions Patrick or his work, or in any way intimates that he knew of the great work being done there." So, until after 461, the Roman Church had not tried to make Patrick as one of their major "saints."

Furthermore, the Venerable Bede (Father of English History) did not refer to Patrick in his Ecclesiastical History of the English People. That fact is shattering to Patrick's Roman connection.

Moreover, there are many other proofs that Patrick was a Baptist, not a Catholic:

He only baptized born again believers-never infants. He wrote about a convert named Enda who was saved the night after his son Cormac was born. He baptized Enda but not his infant son. And in all his letters and his books Patrick never mentions baptizing infants. He wrote of "baptized captives," "baptized handmaidens of Christ," baptized believers," and he wrote, "Perhaps, since I have baptized so many thousand men,..." But never infants.

An additional proof of Patrick being a Baptist was he only baptized by immersion. Various church historians record an incident when 12,000 people were converted and baptized. "Profiting by the presence of so vast a multitude, the apostle [Patrick] entered into the midst of them, his soul inflamed with the love of God, and with a celestial courage preached the truths of Christianity; and so powerful was the effect of his burning words that the seven princes and over twelve thousand more were converted on that day, and were soon baptized in a spring called Tobar Enadhaire."

Thomas Moore, in his history of Ireland says: "The convert saw in the baptismal fount where he was immersed the sacred well at which his fathers worshipped."

Archbishop Usher admits: "Patrick baptized his converts in Dublin, including Alpine, the king's son, in a well near Saint Patrick Church, which in after ages became an object of devotion."

Famous church historian William Cathcart stated, "There is absolutely no evidence that any baptism but that of immersion of adult believers existed among the ancient Britons, in the first half of the fifth century, nor for a long time afterwards." He also wrote, "There are strong reasons for believing Patrick was a Baptist missionary and it is certain that his Baptism was immersion." No, Patrick was a Baptist preacher, not a Roman Catholic priest.

Patrick knew nothing of confession or forgiveness by a priest; he forbade worship of images; he never told his converts to pray to Mary or any other "saint"; he never mentions purgatory, holy days, rosary, or last rites. Moreover, Patrick never mentions any pope or cardinal or gives credibility to any creed, catechism or confessional. Nor to Eucharist, relics, or dogma of the Roman Church.

Patrick was not Irish nor was he a Catholic. He preached, practiced, professed, and promoted Baptist distinctives and to declare otherwise is simply Irish blarney.

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This is a link to a law that is STILL ON THE BOOKS in Louisiana. 

ยง431.  License tax, exemption from payment 

Any honorably discharged Confederate veteran, or his wife or widow, may engage in business other than dealing in liquor, tobacco, deadly weapons, and gambling devices, without paying a license tax. 
This Section applies only if the business is operated exclusively for the support of the veteran or his family and if the veteran, or his wife or widow, does not own taxable property in his own name in excess of two thousand dollars.  



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