We are so excited to welcome our students to Saint Paul School this Fall.
Many aspects of this adventure together will be new for all of us.

Hoping this message helps with our getting to know each other and your seeing this through our full smiles and joy!

Looking forward to a great school year!
Rev. Thomas Nestor
St. Paul Parish / Resurrection Church
Ms. Lisa Fasano
Mrs. Linda Resca
Business Manager, St. Paul Parish & Saint Paul School
Mrs. Holly Breen
Administrative Asstistant
Mrs. Jean Schnorr
Director of Enrollment
Ms. Laura Fiotto
Preschool Instructor
Mrs. Pat Mariano,
Preschool Paraprofessional
Mrs. Kristine Martini
PreKindergarten Instructor
Mrs. Eileen Lagrotteria
PreKindergarten Paraprofessional
Mrs. Jennifer Polvere
Kindergarten Instructor
Mrs. Sarah Williams
Kindergarten Paraprofessional
Ms. Beth Bertucci
Grade 1 Instructor
Ms. Catherine Hurley
Grade 1 Paraprofessional
Mrs. Brigid Lowther
Grade 2 Instructor
Mrs. Monique Melcher
Grade 3 Instructor
Ms. Julie Rohnstock
Grade 4 Instructor
Mrs. Amanda Woodgate
Grade 5 Instructor
Mrs. Jennifer Lightfoot
Grade 6 Homeroom & Religion
& Middle School Science
Mrs. Maggie Clark
Grade 7 Homeroom & Religion
& Middle School ELA
Mrs. Sheila Deitsch
Grade 8 Homeroom & Religion
& Middle School Social Studies
Mrs. Debra Hayden
Grade 6-8 Math
Ms. Amy Barnes
Director of Academics
Mrs. Heather Carroll
Technology Instructor
Mrs. Donna Brown
Mrs. Brett Rugg
Spanish Instructor
PK - Grade 5
Mrs. Courtney Monnich
Spanish Instructor
Grade 6 - Grade 8
Mrs. Jackie Bruno
Art Instructor
PS - Grade 8
Mrs. Mary Snell
Physical Education
PS - Grade 4
Ms. Maria Calabro
Physical Education
Grade 5 - Grade 8
Mrs. Rose Trogele
Mrs. Florence Richardson
Mrs. M.E. Bailey
Ms. Federica Wade
Apprentice Principal
Mrs. Jennifer Knobloch
Cafe Manager
Rev. Matt Norwood
Parochial Vicar
Mrs. Cindy Sullivan
Administrative Assistant
St. Paul Parish
Mr. Leonard Weitzman
Facilities / Saint Paul School
Mr. Dave Frank
Facilities Manager
Mr. Jake Flynn
Facilities / Landscaping
Saint Paul School www.stpaulschoolhingham.com 781.749.2407