Saint Paul Lutheran Church
 Summer Newsletter 2016

Summer greetings,

In this newsletter you will find various ways to stay connected to each other and God, in and around the church, and we hope there is something here for everyone.

In Christ,
Saint Paul Lutheran Church Staff
Everyone is welcome!
Welcome to St. Paul's Holy Communion worship. We extend a special welcome to those who are single, married, divorced, widowed, gay, confused, filthy rich, comfortable, or dirt poor. We extend a special welcome to wailing babies and excited toddlers.
We welcome you whether you can sing like Pavarotti or just growl quietly to yourself. You are welcome here if you're "just browsing," just woken up or just gotten out of prison. It does not matter if you're more Christian than the Pope, or haven't been to church since Easter ten years ago.
We extend a special welcome to those who are over 60 but not grown up yet, and to teenagers who are growing up too fast. We welcome athletic moms, football dads, starving artists, tree-huggers, latte-sippers, vegetarians, and junk food eaters, and ethnic groups of all kinds. We welcome you regardless of your political party, profession or the language you prefer to speak. We welcome those in recovery or still addicted. We welcome you if you're having problems, are down in the dumps or don't like "organized religion." (At times we're not that keen on it either.)
We offer a welcome to those who think the earth is flat, work too hard, don't work, can't spell, or are here because granny is visiting and wanted to come to St. Paul's.
We welcome those who are inked, pierced, both or neither. We offer a special welcome to those who could use a prayer right now, had religion shoved down their throat as kids or got lost in the midst of wine tasting and wound up here by mistake. We welcome pilgrims, tourists, seekers, doubters . . . and you!  
  "Create in me a pure heart, O God Psalm 51:10
Verse: "The Lord is good to all, compassionate to every creature" Psalm 145:9

We successfully completed the 2015-2016 school year. WOW! Our last school day was May 27.  What a busy past month!  Some of the end of the year's highlights included:  special theme days, a field trip, a helicopter (crop duster) visit, two fundraisers, a new multi-talented copy machine, releasing our glorious butterflies, purchasing a flat screen "Smart" television for science, the children's art show and teacher appreciation evening, celebrating the graduation of Mrs. Richards/Miss Bethany's class into kindergarten, and a school-wide party. WOW!

Looking back to CHAPEL services of the past, we want to thank Pastor Dan for being involved each Tuesday and Wednesday in our services.  The children learned so much from him and he told us this time spent with us was wonderful. 

On Wednesday, Mr. & Mrs. Hummel was here to sing and teach our children with songs and stories. Many of our students tell me this was their favorite part of the day. Mr. Hummel always had a minute to stop and talk with the kiddos or let them "strum" his guitar.  We have been so blessed to have the wonderful "Hummels" in our school midst!

As we prepare for the next school year beginning August 01, we also are in the present with "Summer School" and our preschool's participation in "Vacation Bible School."  This year we have two summer school sessions and enrollment looks good.  Part of Session 1 includes VBS taught by our staff.  Each week of summer school has its own theme. Some include: cooking/baking, habitats; ponds, sea, marshes, the Rain Forest, as well as circle time, bible stories, storybook time, special art projects, and more. Many of the children are with us in the summer as their parent's work year around and they are in need of a safe, fun, and learning environment for their child. 

On our need list includes:  new bark and sand, and a desk-top computer for Mrs. Richards' classroom. 

We wish you a great summer and will be back soon to tell you more of our school days!


Rita A. Spohn, Director

More thank you's: 

We would like to thank Julia DeWalt and Mary Haas for additional teaching materials for our school, and also Pat Fredstrom for classroom supplies!  We are feeling very blessed to receive their treasured materials given to benefit the school!
We would like to thank Monte & Sue Hummel for their continued involvement and wonderful music ministry with our children in preschool choir.
VBS 2016 - Cave Quest

Thank you to everyone who made this year's VBS possible! It was great to have so many helpful volunteers and such a talented staff.

Let Your Light Shine!

Lutheran World Relief Update
It has been about 6 months since we sent off our quilts and backpacks. Our quilts are still in the process of being placed, but our backpacks have been sent to Burkina Faso, Africa! For more information about this country in need please check out our bulletin board outside Morton Hall. We will continue to track our quilts until they also reach "home"!
Your Social Ministry Board
New St. Paul Connection to Lodi House

Lodi House is a temporary home for homeless women and children. In the past St. Paul has fitted one of the bedrooms with furniture and bedding and given many donations. Meals, counseling and job preparation are provided at Lodi House for these single women. Low cost housing is also available after they have left the house until they can get on their feet. The thrift store on Lodi Avenue helps fund this worthy project.
A new director has been selected and it is Shelby Eichele Young. How wonderful to have one of our own confirmands set up to give a hand to some women in need. Shelby asks us to keep her in our prayers as she undertakes this worthy cause. It is hoped that our congregation will continue to give support. Lodi House has a new website with volunteer opportunities listed.
Welcome, William Zimmerle!
William has been hired by Saint Paul to be our new Director of Youth Ministries. We are thrilled to add him to our Program Staff and excited about our future under his leadership. Please extend a warm welcome to William when you next see him!

Social Ministries
Bring on the Showers!
Each week we collect food and supplies for the Salvation Army and we are proud of the faithfulness our congregation towards this mission throughout the year.  This spring in particular, as we give God thanks for the showers we have, both outside and inside we want to focus on spreading God's love in a special way. During April and May your social ministry committee encourages you to donate shower supplies to our local Salvation Army. 

The things you need for your shower are just the things we are looking for: 
soap, shampoo, washcloths, towels, combs and hairbrushes. 
Toothpaste and toothbrushes are also welcome. 
You will find a special tub in the Narthex to accept your donations!

Summer Update: 
Our Spring Showers special donation to the Salvation Army finished at the end of April but since these kind of "showers" last all year, please feel free to continue donating shower supplies using the regular Salvation Army tub in the narthex. 

Meet Your New Call Team
Front:  Lusandra Vincent, Janine Jacinto, Sharon Seegmiller, Jan Flanery
Back:  Jim Jordan, Phil Honkala, Steve Herzfeldt

Please pray for the work of the Call Team as the Call Team will be praying for each other and for the congregation.
Worship and Music Ministries

Thank you and blessings to Mark Swope for his many years of leading the Chancel Choir and singing for worship. On May 31 Mark retired from his directing position at St. Paul to spend more time with his new wife. The choir held a farewell party for him at the Churchill Ranch in May, which included good food and fellowship. Many thanks for leading us with grace and love, Mark.

Summer schedules mean that the choirs are on break, but we welcome the talents of anyone from the pews to provide special music during worship. If you have been thinking about playing your instrument or singing for church, please contact Monica at 368-2747 or to sign up.

Many thanks to those of you who have assisted with the decor of the sanctuary - providing flowers, decorating, donating items, setting up paraments, putting up crosses on the back wall, etc. Your help is invaluable and you are VERY MUCH appreciated.

'Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation'
-Psalms 95:1
St. Paul Senior Connection Notes
The Mission of the St. Paul Senior Connection is to provide, with God's guidance, opportunities for ministry by and for senior adults in spiritual, service and social areas of our church and community.  We welcome seniors and friends to join events and activities on the Senior Connection calendar.  We welcome your ideas for future social, spiritual and service projects.
Ongoing activities
Book Club :  4th Wednesday of the Month. 
Senior Connection Reading Group- July book selection is "Little Bee" by Chris Cleave.  
Next meeting is Wednesday, July 27th at 2:00pm in the Fireside room.  
For more information please call Brenda Nicholas 369-7769.
Knitting Group:
1 st and 3 rd Wednesday Every Month
Contact:  Pat Fredstrom, 368-2261
Calendar of Events:  2016
Sunday, June 26th
1776 The Musical                                      
Stockton Civic Theatre
Friendship Ministry Spring Fest

Many Thanks to our Quilting Group:
A very heartfelt thnak you for all the beautiful quilts you made for our foster childern. We wish you could see their eyes when they are given them. They are filled with joy and light.
~ Debbie, Office mgr & Staff of Environmental Alternatives

Thank you for the lap quilt. It is beautiful, warm and cozy. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.~ Willie Flanery

Thank you to St. Paul:
I want to thank everyone at St. Paul's for their prayers, cards, calls and well wishes. Your support during this journey is encouraging and heartwarming and very  welcome. Unfortunately this journey or probably my own reaction to it has proven  to be a little more difficult than I anticipated.
As it continues and my recovery from chemo treatment is slower than I expected, I still  hope to be able to get back to St Paul's soon.
God bless,
Nancy Martinez    

Laura Akahori, Michael Akahori, Daniel Anaforian, Dorothy Brown, Jenna Bryant, Judy Case, Meghann Cazale, Dick Ceresa, Erin Clark, Chaela Coberly, Julia Coughran, Sueanne Daley,  Lori Danzeisen, Julia DeWalt, Colleen Edwards, Donna Erlenbusch, Sheryl Fabrizio, Viola Focacci, Pat Fredstrom, Michael Fuso, Kathleen Ganoe, Randy Gordon, Leanora Grenz,  Joshua Hagen, Ian Halligan, Anne Heberle, Cameron Heberle, Janice Herdrich, Lorrie Hermes,  Nicole Herrmann, Tom Herrmann, Tod Hill, Liam Hines, Jon Honkala, Karen Honkala, Brad Jacka, Marcia Jordan, Cal Kielhold, Clay Knittel, Susan Kralj, Michael Lang, Brody Lehnertz,  Mark Maier II, Gladys Mayer, Walter McKeown, Ann Mende, Rich Mullenbach, Erich Neu,  Roger Nicholas, Claudia Reed, Carol Reese, Ashley Snider, Mary Takeda, Amy Terra,  Julie Thompson, Eileen Tiede, Justin Tiede, Russell Vanderpool, Ernie Velarde, Andrew Vincent, Robert Whittaker, Cassidy Youdall.

Kimberly Akahori, Peja Andrews, Evelyn Blachly, Robert Burkhardt, Josephine Carson, Sharon Ceresa, Connor Daley, William DeWalt, Esther Dietz, Elexis DiPiero, Larry Dold, Eleanora Dunning, Mike Ferri, Patricia Freeman, Alice Frohling, Brian Fuso, Jeff Glenn, Robby Glenn, Alan Goldhahn, Dan Graves, Bailie Hall, John Halligan, Paige Halligan, Ron Heberle, David Hildenbrand, Shaina Hummel, Earl Irons, Misty Jaymot, Kirstin Kielhold, Kerry Kishi, Kim Kishi, Anna Koepplin, Emil Koepplin, Pat Langhoff, Jeweliana Mann, Penny Meyers, Anthony Moore, Alexis Niggli, Patti Osterholm, Robert Peavy Jr., Mark Price, Doris Renz, Jordan Rusch, Trevor Schroeder, Jon Sharp, Dylan Silva, Lisa Staples, Ben Swope, Hannah Swope, Mark Swope, Lee Terra, Ronald Tobeck, Jackie Tucker, Lusandra Vincent, Cathy Warr, Brenton Weist, Carly Whittaker, Rose Mary Wiech, Diana Wolff, Harley Zimmerman, Stephanie Zweifel. 

Julie Albert, Christopher Anaforian, Jamie Anaforian, Chris Andrews, Arthur Barkley, Esther Bartholomew, Glenn Basden, Bryan Beckler, Jeff Bennett, Gerald Burkhardt, 
Betty Campora, Stephanie Cantrell, Cassidy Daley, Julia Deadwiley, Wesley Evans, 
Douglas Francovich, Lorene Freggiaro, Bernice Gehring, Mary Haas, Laura Heberle, 
Ken Hermes, Anna Hetzner, Colleen Ianni, Patrick Ianni, Collin Jacka, Emily Jacka, 
Don Jones, Carlie Kralj, Matthew Lagomarsino, Darlene Lassanske, Eleanor Maier, 
Neil McKeown, Kenneth Mullen, Michael O'Connell, Rhonelle Pillsbury, Heidi Plunkett, 
Nathan Reeves, Raymond Ring, Cameron Rogero, Erik Roget, D'Arlene Rosenau, 
Charlene Rostomily, Bre Rusch, Kevin Schmierer, Alyssa Schroeder, Kaitlin Schroeder, 
Joerg Schwarzenberg, Jeff Simpfenderfer, Rachel Simpfenderfer, Vivian Stirling, Monica Swope, Jeff Thompson, Sharon Tunnell, LaVonne Vickrey, David Vincent, Andrea Weist, Gerald Zimmerle.

Beth Abinanti, Erick Albert, Sondra Aman, Brandon Baumbach, Darleen Beckler, Brandon Bitz, Jennifer Blachly, Megan Blachly, Susan Burkhardt, Susan C.Burkhardt, 
James Carson, Laurie Churchill, Corey Colla, Allison DeOliveira, Patricia Dold, Kenneth Erlenbusch, Lucas Evans, Roberta Evans, Todd Fabian, Gianna Fabrizio, Stephen Faszer, Sherise Francovich, Charlene Freund, Violet Froehlich, Treva Fuso, Beverly Gabrielson, Trevor Goff, Katie Graves, Cookie Hanlon, Linda Hatterle, Susie Hennecke, Matthew Herzfeldt, Erin Hines, William Hrovat, Susan Hummel, Robert Jaymot, Kathy Knight, Lenora Lagomarsino, Dean Lagomarsino, JoAnn Lang, Rachel Larson, Brody Mackey, Christopher Mann, Norma Mann, McKenzie Martel, Rick Martel, Kimberly McCarver, Tony McCarver, Janelle Meyers, John Munoz, Sharon O'Connell, Nancy Ouding, Lauren Plunkett, Raymond Porteous, Susan Quaschnick, Joshua Renteria, Alexander Scheflo, Dorothy Schmidt, Maureen Schroeder, Duane Schulz, Maggie Simpfenderfer, Willa Smith, Todd Snider, Charles Wagner, Lisa Wells, Hilda Wentland, Jeffrey Werder, Frank Wright, Daryl Zimmerle.
John & Like Coughran
Roger & Melinda Harbin
David & Linda Jeffers
Larry & Cheryl Nitschke
Harold & Bernice Rohrbach

Beth & Ray Abinanti 
Susan & Robert Burkhardt 
Jennifer & Russell DeWalt 
Larry & Patricia Dold 
Kenneth & Donna Erlenbusch 
Ruby & Michael French 
Kristy & Jeff Glenn 
Jennifer & Randy Gordon 
Colleen & Steve Herzfeldt 
Roxanne & Michael Hess 
Kari & David Ianni 
Nancy & Robert Kiesz
Penny & Nick Meyers 
Evelyn & Craig Moser 
Marique & Michael Neu
Nichole & Tony Peavy 
Cheri & Wayne Peterson 
Rhonelle & Glenn Pillsbury 
Virginia & Stanley Rall
Karin & Grant Rogero
Jacki & Mark Roth
Jean & Steve Schroeder
Diana & James Wolff
Wright, Lillian & William

J ulie & Erick Albert
Jamie & Mark Anaforian
Erin & Chris Andrews 
LeeAnn & Glenn Basden
Susan & Gerald Burkhardt 
Laurie & Paul Churchill
Donna & Jack Crain 
Erin & Jeff DiPiero
Karen & Tom Ferre'
Charlene & Edmund Freund 
Alice & Jerry Frohling 
Elsa & Oscar Gross 
Mary & Helm Haas
Susan & Ron Heberle 
Ken & Lorrie Hermes
Karen & Phil Honkala
Julie & Matthew Hummel
Misty & Robert Jaymot
Kathy & Randy Kirchhof
Kathy & Morris Knight
Muriel & Elmer Lautt
Terri & Rick Martel
Nancy & Ken Nieland
Dorothy & Alexander Scheflo
Kathy & Duane Schulz
Katherine & Joerg Schwarzenberg
Janet & Kenneth Theilen
Debbie & Robert Whittaker
Katherine & Frank Wright

Kristen & Timothy Duffy
Ruth Ann & Lee Eichele 
Sheryl & Vito Fabrizio
Jerry & Susan Glenn 
Kara & John Halligan 
Teresa & Don Jones
Jill & Richard Ledterman 
Lisa & Ricky Lehnertz
Gabriela & Neil McKeown 
Shirley & Larry Moore Sr
Mary Kaye & Ray Schramm 
Maureen & Joshua Schroeder 
Hilda & Charles Wentland

Staying connected as a family, in the church and in the world, is important to us at St. Paul. Thank you for being a part of our church family.

   In Christ,

  Your Church Staff
  Saint Paul Lutheran Church

The  mission of St. Paul Lutheran Church is to
Connect with God, each other and the world.  

The priorities in that mission are outreach to families with children and youth, deepening spirituality, strengthening stewardship, and developing leadership.  

The vision for St. Paul is to be an oasis, a place of refreshment, respite and renewal.
If you would like to be a part of this mission and vision, please contact the church office at 368-2747 or
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