June 27 E-News
Rector's Corner
Q & A What might you need to know about Rev. Emily's Maternity leave?

●  When does Rev. Emily's leave start?
Tuesday, July 9th unless Baby Lloyd arrives sooner!

●  When will Rev. Emily return to work?
Tuesday, October 1st and back in the pulpit on Sunday, October 6th for Blessing of the Animals!

● Will Rev. Emily answer church messages and emails?
No, this is a true leave of absence. All responsibilities have been covered and Rev. Emily, the Wardens and Vestry have done a great job of planning and preparing for these next few months of services and events for our congregation. We will honor the true purpose of this professional leave and allow the Lloyd family to bond and enjoy these special weeks.

● Who is the Substitute Priest?
Reverend Anne Weatherholt, starting on August 11th. Before that supply clergy and lay leaders will take care of the services.

● What if I have a special pastoral need or emergency?
Contacting Kyra Wiley in the office from 9-1pm Monday - Friday is a good option.
(301) 349 2073 kyra@stpeterspoolesville.org
Contacting our Senior Warden, Sandy Miller is another good option.

● What can I do to help make these weeks go smoothly for our congregation?
Participate! Don't miss a beat in worship, Sunday School, special groups or events. Look out for others and let the office, Rev. Anne or any Vestry member know when there is a special need or a concern of any type. Look out for each other and support one another, as we always do!

● When can I visit Rev. Emily and family?
They will visit us! When the Lloyd family is ready, they will attend a church service so we can meet and welcome Baby Lloyd!

● Is Baby Lloyd a girl or a boy?

  • TEAM MEMBERS NEEDED FOR A JOURNEY TO MARS!! We're going on a space mission this year and we need you to join us on our way to Mars...and Beyond! St. Peter's Vacation Bible School for 2019 will blast off July 22-26 from 1-4:30 p.m. Our mission takes us on a journey to Mars and Beyond as we explore where God's power can take us. We are in need of many adult and youth leaders to serve, lead and most of all, HAVE FUN on our adventure. Please contact Carole Bailer at bailers@verizon.net or 301-874-8475 if you have questions. There is also a sign up sheet by the door in the foyer. (Youth leaders have to be rising 6th graders and above.)
  • DO YOU HAVE OLD CAMERAS THAT YOU DON'T WANT? If you have old SLR cameras that are of no use to you, then consider donating them to the WSP to sell in their E-Bay store. As it turns out, these old film cameras are good sellers on E-Bay and sales of cameras donated to the rummage sales have netted us many hundreds of dollars. All proceeds will go to pay down the building loan and a tax receipt can be provided.
  • DO YOU HAVE OLD STERLING RATTLING AROUND IN YOUR CLOSET? Old silver that is dented and in desperate need of polishing is not of much use. Consider donating it to the WSP for scrap. We get paid 70% of the market value of sterling. Last week we turned in 42 pieces, including some gold watch backs, and walked out with $1570 in cash! That money will also go towards paying down the building loan.

    The WSP has an E-Bay store to sell all kinds of things. All funds raised go to pay down the building loan. Please check it out: https://www.ebay.com/usr/women_of_st_peters . To see all items for sale once you are in the WSP store, click on "see all items" at the top. Once in that list, check out all the items recently sold by checking the "sold" box on the left. It is an amazing assortment! Thank you to Erik Andreassen for managing these listings and sales. So far this year, we have raised over $6500 on E-Bay. Please contact Barbara Andreassen if you have something to donate for sale: bkandreassen@comcast.net . Thank you for your support!
Prayer List
Please Pray for Members and Friends of our Parish: 
Mary White Lok, Sam Hardwick, Chris Rabida, Berry Thompson, Winsome Brown, Thomas Lee II, Jane Bupp, Laura Davis

Pray Those in our country's Armed Forces:
Nathan Rolls, Simon Brown, William Stamm, 

Steve Horvath, Sandy Miller, Avery Miller, Erik Andreassen, Jane Bupp, John Clayton, Benjamin Lawrence, Bill Anderson

In the Diocese: 
The Cathedral Church of St. Peter and St. Paul
Cathedral Chaplains and Cathedral Volunteers
Independence Day (July 4) Pray for justice, freedom and peace for all people.
Ministers in our Sunday Services
Third Sunday After Pentecost- June 30

8:00 a.m. Service
Eucharistic Minister - Rande Davis
Lectors - Barbara Davidson, Carol Baxter
Ushers - Bill Fox
9:30 a.m. Service
Eucharistic Minister - Sandy Steele
Lectors - Alison Romano, Andy Romano
Ushers - Alison Romano, Andy Romano
Acolytes - Scarlett Hunter, Rachel Hunter

1 Kings 19:15-16,19-21
Psalm 16
Galatians 5:1,13-25
Luke 9:51-62
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Key Contacts
Emily Lloyd, Rector: elloyd@stpeterspoolesville.org
Office Administrator: kyra@stpeterspoolesville.org
Sandy Miller, Senior Warden:  sandyawmiller3@gmail.com
Bruce Kirby, Junior Warden:  bakirby1@comcast.net 
Daniel Weatherholt, Music Director: dweatherholt@stpeterspoolesville.org