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Adoramus Te
the Latin words for “We adore you”

a reflection by Robby Kiley, Director of Religious Education
We open each Station of the Cross with a simple prayer called the Adoramus Te , the Latin words for “We adore you.” It is a beautiful prayer, rich with meaning. But because this prayer is repeated so often, we might be tempted to overlook it during our reflections. Instead of breaking open one of the stations this week, I’d like to take a few minutes to sit with this little prayer and allow it to be a means of transformation for us.

The Adoramus Te originated with Saint Francis. He was a man of deep faith, who was passionate in his care for the poor and vulnerable. He also had great love for the Church, and his friars recount that when he would pass a church, he would kneel and pray this prayer:

We adore you O Lord Jesus Christ, in this church and in all churches of the world, and we praise you, because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world.  

My CCD students should be able to tell you that it was Fransiscan missionaries that first developed the devotional practice of the Stations of the Cross. The Via Dolorosa , the physical trail that Jesus followed, has long been maintained in Jerusalem, and pilgrims would travel to Jerusalem to follow this path. This practice peaked after the Crusades in the 1300s, but in 1686, Fransiscan Friars were given permission by Pope Innocent XI to erect stations in their own parishes. Suddenly, pilgrims no longer had to journey to Jerusalem to pray with Jesus during his passion - they could do it at their own parishes.

As an order for worship formalized, the Adoramus Te of Francis became the call to prayer at each station. The prayer itself is a beautiful encapsulation of our faith. It reminds us that we LOVE (adore) and offer our PRAYERS (praise) to Jesus, because Jesus suffered and died for each one of us. We remember this suffering and death when we pray the stations, but it is the end of the prayer that is most beautiful to me.
Jesus didn’t undergo his passion without meaning. His suffering had purpose, and that purpose was to “redeem the world.” At this point, I usually stop and quiz my CCD students to see if they know what the word “redeem” means. To redeem isn’t just to tidy up or to make nicer - it means to make new . The cross of Christ makes new all that came before, and all that has come since.

During this last week of Lent, we should stop and wonder: what in our life needs to be redeemed? What in our families, our community, our world, needs to be made new? As you pray the stations this week, recall what this prayer offers, and ask God to make new those things which are damaged, hurt, destroyed. May this be our prayer, not just this Friday evening, but every day.

We adore you, O Christ, and we praise you, because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world.
Though we cannot be together for Friday night stations at Saint Pius X this year, we invite you to embrace this touching prayer with your family by following along with the video (click HERE or the image below), narrated by Fr. Bill Schooler. God bless all, until we meet again.

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Mother of Divine Love, we entrust to you our nation and world, our families and loved ones, that we may be spared the worst of this illness.

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For those already afflicted, obtain the grace of healing and deliverance.

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Shelter us under the mantle of your protection, conform us to the will of the Father, remind us always of the love of your Son, Jesus, and bring his peace to our land and to our hearts.


Saint Rocco, protector against the plague and all contagious diseases, pray for us!

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