November 2020 Edition
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All Saints Coronavirus Helpline

Welcome to virtual worship for this, All Saints Day

You can access the texts for Sunday by following this link:  

This week, our special guest is the Rt. Rev. Robert Ihloff, Assisting Bishop of Maryland. He has selected as his texts the reading from Revelation - including verses 2 - 4 of the 7th chapter - and, of course, the Beatitudes from the Gospel of Matthew. Bishop Ihloff will lead the Service of the Word and preach, Fr. Ken will celebrate. Deacon Lisa Siciliano will serve as the Bishop's deacon. Consecrated wafers are available in the back of the brick church - see the announcement - for members to pick up and then consume at home during the Eucharist. 

Hope Sayles will serve as reader (Revelation) and Barbara Brown is this week's prayer leader. 

As always, we will open the worship space at 9:45 AM to give everyone a chance to do a little greeting before the service begins at 10. And, we will once again be called into silent reflection before the service begins.

To join the service by pc, laptop or smart device, click on this link:
If you are asked for a password, enter 014954
(You may join directly through the Zoom app by entering the Meeting ID: 715 310 766 and then the Password: 014954)
To join by cell phone (audio only)
Call in number: 1-301-715-8592 When asked for the access code, enter: 715310766#  WHen asked for the password, enter: 014954#
To join by landline:
Dial: 1 301-715-8592   Meeting ID: 715 310 766  Password: 014954

Link to our bulletin >>> Bulletin

Message from Bishop Sutton
From the Rector:

Sunday is November 1, All Saints Day. Our Feast Day. 

The Rt. Rev. Robert Ihloff, Assisting Bishop of Maryland and a friend and former member of All Saints, will be here - in person, on our campus - to celebrate with us. 

It is fitting, then, that we honor the feast by making it available to all who wish to partake of bread, consecrated for that purpose, as we gather around the altar, virtually, on that morning.

I have consecrated - i.e., blessed, set aside for this single, spiritual and sacred purpose - an ample supply of wafers and have placed them in small plastic bags. The bags will be in marked baskets - gluten free, 1, 2 or 3 - and those baskets will be placed on the table behind the font in the rear of the brick church. They are available now for you to pick up in advance of Sunday morning's Eucharist. Please take the quantity you need. (If you have more than three in your household, please utilize whatever combination will work for your family). 

A word about the wafers and how they should be handled. In short, with reverence. Which, to begin with, means to not handle them more than necessary. When you arrive at home, find a good spot to place them where they will not be disturbed by daily routines. We will do this again at Christmas - for sure - and at other points as we move through the foreseeable future, so perhaps finding a place in your home that you can dedicate to this purpose would be of benefit. 

I am so looking forward to sharing this meal with you on Sunday. Be blessed, and I shall see you then.

From the Family Commission

Reminder: Please return your panels to Deb Watson no later than November 10, 2020 for the “I AM Thankful for…” collage. It is not too late to request a packet for you and your family to participate in this church wide project. Call Deb Watson or Hope Sayles to request a packet.  We want to have a big collage displaying our thankfulness.

Also, don’t forget to contact someone in the parish and check on him or her. Call, text or email parishoners and let them know that you miss them and that you care about their well- being. We need each other.
“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first an great commandment. And the second is like unto it. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.” Matthew 22; 37-40.
From our Music Director:

Since we are still gathering for Virtual Sunday Services and we are using primarily pre-recorded music, the need to create videos and PowerPoint presentations has become our modus operandi. It would make those presentations much more personal if, in their creation, I could use some photos that are special to our own folks. If you would like to share photos for this purpose of scenery from your travels or local scenery, flowers, gardens, wildlife...the list goes on...please email them to me at:
Thanks so much!
Deb Watson

From the Connections Commission:

Photos are needed to finalize our new and improved website that is COMING SOON! The Connections Commission is looking for photos related to All Saints' Parish community and outreach activities (especially with Parish members included) as well as Parish events and worship at All Saints. We are looking for high resolution images, preferably at least 1500 pixels wide.

If you have images that we can use, please email them to by Nov. 15th. We appreciate any photo contributions that you can send our way. If you have any questions, please call Deb Shupe at 410-231-8150.

Thanksgiving Baskets
A time-honored All Saints tradition is to provide “Thanksgiving Baskets” to individuals and families who would not have a bountiful Thanksgiving meal. If you would like to join in this tradition, please send a check to our Treasurer at the church address, or make a donation via Easy Tithe at the Parish website. The amount for each basket is $50. Whether by check or online, please note that the contribution is for “Thanksgiving Baskets”.
All Saints Day
Lives shaped by The Beatitudes
By Mary MacGregor

Today’s Gospel recalls Jesus’ sermon on the mount, commonly referred to as The Beatitudes. In his usual manner, Jesus surprised his followers by uttering godly, countercultural truth. In essence, his teaching that day laid the foundation for what it means to live a Christian life.

What does it mean to be merciful, pure in heart, meek, poor in spirit, mournful, to be a peacemaker, to hunger and thirst for righteousness and be willing to be persecuted for it? The Beatitudes are a guide that, when studied, reveal layers of meaning for us as believers. They challenge many of our basic human desires and behaviors. Of ultimate importance, they clearly reveal what God seeks to bless.

Aren’t we fortunate that our God is forgiving and full of grace as we strive to be transformed by these teachings? Our journey of formation requires change and opening our eyes to see God in action all around us. Included in this change is seeing God’s endless blessings poured out upon us and developing a posture of gratitude in return.

Being thankful changes us for the better. Being thankful changes our perspective on life and can profoundly impact our understanding of God’s generosity. Being thankful can shape us to be stewards of all God has entrusted to us. Being thankful softens our fears. Being thankful turns fear of scarcity into joyful gratitude for God’s abundance.

We remember the saints who have gone before us on this All Saints Day. Some were revered as saints of old. Some were modern day saints. Some were simple folks like you and me. One distinguishing characteristic of saints is that we can see how they embodied and lived Jesus’ teachings, these very Beatitudes. They generously gave of their lives so much so that we remember them today. We are confident they were blessed by God for their faithfulness. May we be thankful for their witness and see in them lives shaped by The Beatitudes and be willing to do the same.

Canon Mary MacGregor is a member of the board of The Episcopal Network for Stewardship. She has been deeply involved in congregational development for over 25 years, and served as Canon for Congregational Vitality and Mission Amplification for the Diocese of Texas.
Rector's Discretionary Fund

The COVID pandemic has placed additional stress on many agencies and organizations as they stretch resources to meet the needs presented by our neighbors for food, utilities, medicine and rent. But, those closest to home are also being impacted by this health crisis and the rector's fund is one way that our members are able to find assistance with a myriad of issues in strict confidence. Normally that fund is fed by donations made for weddings, funerals, baptisms and other occasions where the donor wishes to honor someone's memory or celebrate an anniversary. All are great ways to play forward our thankfulness. But, need is outstripping the ability to offer even nominal assistance, and so Ken+ is asking those who are so moved and able, to offer a gift - large or small - that could become a utility bill, or prescriptions or even gas to get to the job for an essential worker.

To make a contribution, CLICK HERE.  Many thanks for your generous consideration. We are all in this together.  
November Birthdays
Conference Call for Prayer -

Join Barbara Brown and Lisa+ Siciliano every Thursday, 7-8 pm on a conference call devoted to prayer. This is an opportunity for anyone to bring concerns and have everyone on the call pray for such concerns. (This is separate from being able to contact Barbara to arrange individual prayer.) New contact and access numbers are below:

Call: 701-802-5452
Access: 4672453   

Date: Thursday's start time: 7:00 pm
End time: approximately 8:00 pm

Contact info:
Barbara Brown, Lisa+ Siciliano;
Virtual coffee shop We will gather virtually for coffee, tea and conversation on Thursday mornings. The Coffee Shop will open at 9 AM, and close at 11. Feel free to pop in anytime, and stay as long as you like.
To access the coffee shop on your pc, laptop or smart device, just click on this link: 

Or... If you have the Zoom app, open it and enter the Meeting ID: 878 1395 1329  and then the Password: 027593 can also join us on your cell phone (audio only) 
by dialing 1-301-715-8592. When prompted, enter the access code: 87813951329#  and then the password: 027593#  
November Vestry Meeting
The next meeting of All Saints Vestry will be virtual, via Zoom, Tuesday, November 10th, at 7:00 PM. It will be a standard meeting and all officers and Commission/Committee Chairs are asked to have their reports to the Senior Warden no later than Sunday, November 8th.All parishioners are welcome to "attend".
Upcoming Events
We are looking for others with special expertise to share. If you have a skill, hobby, or particular interest that you would like to present on All Saints Skills Extravaganza, you are invited to join the fun. Please contact Sherrill Munn, email: or phone: 410-286-7586 to let him know your skill and schedule you program."
The Culinary Adventure Continues at “All Saints Cooks”
The acclaimed series, “All Saints Cooks” will continue Saturday, October 31st, at 10:00 AM. Start your Halloween deliciously! (Zoom connections information is below.) In this, the 14th of the series, Lisa Herlihy will share her secrets of making stuffed acorn squash (or, Squausage) (recipe link also below).  All of the past shows are available on our Parish website, including the most recent demonstration by Filo Blake of meat cutting and sausage-making (Our thanks to Filo!)

Link to recipe >>> Recipe

Join by clicking here:
OR Use the Zoom App with this information: Meeting ID: 81882920709; Password: 011574
OR, call from any phone: +1 301 715 8592 and provide the following when asked: Meeting ID: 818 8292 0709; Password: 011574
Share-A-Skill Extravaganza -

  • Join us for two special Skills Extravaganza presentations on holiday decorating.
For the first at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Nov 7, Patti At Lee will help enhance your Thanksgiving celebration with unique decorations. 

She will show us how to create three different centerpieces:
  • a pumpkin design with flowers; 
  • a pumpkin cut-out with flowers arranged inside; and 
  • a cornucopia basket with squash, pumpkins, and other vegetables.

For those who wish to follow along and work under Patti's tutelage, here's what you need to have handy:
  • ornamental squash, 
  • small pumpkins white and orange, 
  • medium-size pumpkin (with lid cut off and seeds removed), 
  • cornucopia basket, 
  • whole medium pumpkin.  
  • flowers: mums: various colors and kinds. Or two bundles of flowers from the store and some greenery.  
Patti's Dec 5 Christmas designs presentation will focus on your Christmas decorating. More information coming soon!

Brighten your holiday season with your own creations, thanks to Patti's guidance. We have so much to be thankful for, especially as God is bringing us through this pandemic and closer to each other.

Join by clicking here:
Password: 844126
OR Use the Zoom App 
Meeting ID: 83771253857;
Password: 844126
OR, call from any phone: +1 301 715 8592
Meeting ID: 83771253857
Password: 844126
Did You Miss Other Episodes?
If the answer is YES, you can watch other video recordings. Simply go to our website at All Saints Cooks and Skills Extravaganza recording links can be found in the videos section.
Friday evening, November 6 at 7 PM is the time and date for our next Trivia showdown. This month's contest is entitled "What Just Happened...?" which may or may not delve into anything current and will certainly not offer any insights or answers to any lingering questions... but it will give license for us to try to find a friendly and challenging distraction from whatever just happened...

So, in the spirit of good health and safety and bipartisan trivial pursuits, we hope you will join us for our monthly quiz.

As always, the game room will open at 6:40 so you have time to register your team or individual 'trivia' name and do some last minute posturing and/or trash talking with your opponents. 

Here is the link to our Quiz:

On your laptop, pc, or other smart device, click on this link:

If you are joining over the Zoom app, enter the meeting ID and password when prompted:
Meeting ID: 854 2143 1414
Password: 018091

Feel free to invite friends and family to play. Please have them contact us at so we can identify them when they arrive for the quiz. 
And, before the game, please check out the specials at the Scorpion in Owings - our partner in trivia for going on six years. Nothing like a friendly growler and some exotic food truck offering to get you ready to rumble. Through our monthly contests, we have raised thousands of dollars in support of youth leadership development in Calvert County, and also money to feed hungry families and individuals in our communities.
The knitting/crafting group continues to meet via Zoom on Thursdays from 1 - 3 PM. If you would like to join us and are not receiving our emails, please contact Cindy Overstrom at If you would rather not attend with your computer, you can also call in with any phone. 
Les Saints du Vin will meet on Sunday, November 8 from 4 - 7 pm
The next Zoom ECW meeting will be on Saturday, November 21st at 8:30 a.m. If you are not receiving the email invitation for these monthly meetings and would like to attend, please contact Cindy Overstrom at If you would rather not attend with your computer, you can call in with any phone also. 
The “Outreach Minute” Thankfulness

While many countries have national days of thanksgiving, ours is a little unique. As any of our children could tell us, it’s customarily linked to a particular meal when Christian European newcomers to this land shared a meal of thanksgiving with “long timers” who, though not of their faith, and been instruments of God in their survival. For Christians, as we were recently reminded by sermon, the natural response to the love of God is to share that love with others in meaningful ways. As national holiday most perfectly a celebration to be shared by all, is also a poignant reminder for Christians of our privilege to share the blessings we have received. When we each sit down to a Thanksgiving meal, it will be satisfying to recall a recent occasion when we shared our blessings, and so be “double-blessed” on that day
On the HeartF.E.L.T. Front
Don’t forget that All Saints will host the monthly “Drive Through” Food Drive on November 1st from 12 - 2PM!

Someone will be in front of the church, observing safe pandemic practices, to receive your donation. Please wear masks and enter the North side (parish hall end) of the campus driveway and exit on the South side (Rte. 2-4 side.)

Community Events
Church to host graveyard tours
All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Oakley Parish, located at 21569 Oakley Road in St. Mary's County's 7th District, will host guided Halloween Graveyard Tours on Saturday, Oct. 31, from 2 to 6 p.m. Free admission, though donations to the All Saints’ Church Reconstruction Fund will be accepted. Cookies and cider will be for sale. Tours last about 10 to 15 minutes, and after the tour, people may enter the church to view the progress of the reconstruction. Masks and social distancing required.

The Annual Community Thanksgivining Service - “Calvert Gives Thanks" - will be conducted virtually on Sunday, Nov. 15, 4 pm, and sponsored by the Calvert Interfaith Council and the Daughters of Abraham. This community interfaith celebration of strength, courage, and healing will feature Calvert County choirs and inspiration from many Faith Traditions. Please register at 

ALL are Welcome!
Community PSA's
SPECIAL REQUEST: Anyone know someone who is crafty and wants to make a wreath for Calvert Hospice upcoming Festival of Wreaths? We are looking for wreaths to help make our event successful. Please let me know if you are interested and I will send you the decorators form to fill out. Wreaths are not due until the week of Nov. 16th. Please spread the word, thanks so much for any help you can provide!
Early Voting has begun... October 26th through November 2nd, including the weekend. The hours are updated to 7am to 8pm (previously it was 8am to 8pm). Calvert will still have the one Early Voting site in Prince Frederick.  On Election Day, there will be five voting centers in Calvert, equal to the number of high schools plus our early voting center.  

Whatever your views, voting is a “contact” activity – that is, contact with a ballot, getting it in the right place to be counted, and encouraging/helping others to do so. As Christians, we don’t sit on the sidelines; we vote our respective, individual consciences; celebrate our shared right to do so; and, join in prayers for our Nation with all. 
Recently seen through the window: two elderly gentlemen standing in the middle of the road -- having met by passing their opposing yard signs -- sharing inquiries about their families’ well-being, and mutual offers of assistance. Kind of sums it up!

Attention All Saints Parish!!! Please call the church office if your contact information has changed. It is imperative that we have your correct address and telephone numbers, both home and mobile and email address. We will be updating our church directory in the near future and we want to make sure that all information is current and accurate. Thank you.
From the Connections Commission

Sharing information via our All Saints’ newsletters, midweek email updates and snail mail communications continue to be a work in progress. We would like to thank all who contribute the information we include and we encourage all Parish members to submit “news” items and photos that would be of interest to our Parish family and friends. 

Info and flyers to be posted in the December monthly newsletter need to be received via email by Tuesday, November 29th. Please send information to AND This allows time for editing and clarification when needed. 

Please refer to the publicity guidelines on our website for more information.

Note: please send your submission as you'd like it to appear. We'll edit for spelling and punctuation but submissions should be written as they will appear instead of as requests.

Parish buildings are not open now, and only individuals specifically authorized for an essential service may be in them (e.g., HeartFELT food packing). Those authorized individuals must wear masks, must practice social distancing and must sanitize touch areas as they enter and as they leave. This is not a matter of personal choice and applies to everyone including volunteers, business suppliers, and contract personnel. If you note a deviation you may politely remind the individual. If you are not comfortable doing that or doing so doesn’t correct the problem, please contact a church officer.

There is now a sign-in sheet located on the desk by the downstairs entrance and another upstairs outside the ladies room. Please use these to sign-in with date and time in and out of the Hall.
1. Love and Acceptance of Neighbor: Work toward alleviating suffering and bringing healing to our communities in acts great and small. Welcome with love, compassion, and care all who engage with All Saints. Strive to bring together in love and fellowship those who otherwise may be divided. Promote equality, human rights, inclusion, dignity, and respect for all.

2. Worship and Formation: Create disciples through worship, education, and coming together in fellowship. Demonstrate and share the love of Jesus with others. Offer creative and enriching programs for adults, children, and youth. Promote worship activities that strengthen congregational relationships and bring our community together in love and mutual respect. 

3. Valuing and Sharing Our History: Respect, maintain, and share our sacred space and the stories of those who have worshipped here for over 300 years. Encourage understanding and enlightenment through listening to and learning about our history.
Worship Commission:
Deb Watson 301-801-0960 
Dennis Laurie  410-714-2533 
Parish Family Commission:
Hope Sayles
301-855-0251 or 301-467-1467 
Christian Formation Commission:
Paul Dickson 410 257-3893 
Erryn Fleming 764 913-4042 
Living Our Values Commission:
Sherrill Munn 443 404-7560 
Giving Back Commission:
Patti At Lee 202 669-5594 
Finance Commission:
Patrick Herlihy 202 603-3273 
Connections Commission:
Deb Shupe 410-231-8150 
Lisa Herlihy 410-610-1084
Property Committee:
Tom Hyde 443 684-4583 
Planned Giving Board:
Carl Bucheister 301-855-4687
Episcopal Church Women (ECW):
Cindy Overstom 410-474-0086
Calvert Arts Festival:
Lisa Herlihy 410-610-1084
Cemetery Committee:
Brian Dowell 410-257-5449
Parish Leadership

Senior Warden - Kip At Lee
Junior Warden - Patrick Herlihy
Property Warden - Tom Hyde
Program Warden - Deb Shupe
Prayer Warden - Barbara Brown
Treasurer - Steve Watson
Music director - Deb Watson
Vestry Members
Bryan Dowell - 2021
Tom Hyde - 2021
Patrick Herlihy - 2021
Nate Pope - 2022
Deb Watson - 2022
Sherrill Munn - 2022
Dave Shupe - 2023
Lissi Mojica - 2023
Barbara Brown - 2023