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All Saints Coronavirus Helpline


Welcome to virtual worship for this, the 4th Sunday after Pentecost. 
You can access the texts for Sunday by following this link:   http://www.lectionarypage.net/YearA_RCL/Pentecost/Aprop8_RCL.html     
(We will be following  Track 2  this week)

And, what a track!! Jeremiah chides his rival prophet - oh, yes, both parties had their own prophets, even in the 6th century B.C.E. - about glossing over news that was potentially catastrophic for Jerusalem; in the Romans' passage, Paul continues writing the apology to the Lutheran Confessions; and, in Matthew, Jesus offers the ominous gift of the prophet's reward - not for me, thanks. (I wonder where our preacher - Deacon-in-formation and Postulant for Holy Orders, Genny Nesslage - will take us?)

As always, we will open the worship space at 9:45 AM to give everyone a chance to do a little greeting before the service begins at 10. And, we will once again be called into silent reflection before the service begins.

To join the service by pc, laptop or smart device , click on this link:
If you are asked for a password, enter 014954
(You may join directly through the Zoom app by entering the Meeting ID: 715 310 766 and then the Password: 014954)
To join by cell phone (audio only)
Call in number: 1-301-715-8592 When asked for the access code, enter: 715310766#  WHen asked for the password, enter: 014954#
To join by landline:
Dial: 1 301-715-8592   Meeting ID: 715 310 766  Password: 014954

Link to our bulletin>>> Bulletin

Special Projects of All Saints’ Regathering

As we look forward to a gradual, optional regathering of the Parish many of us think fondly of our beautiful and historic campus and look forward to being there together again. The fact is, though, that our lovely campus could benefit from some sprucing up to be ready for our return.  And, that’s where you come in! We’re inviting each person and household of All Saints to adopt a small part of the Campus to have it in readiness. That could be a garden in need of weeding, a doorway needing painting, a pathway needing repair…any number of things. (See the partial list below, some perfect for families to involve their children in a safe “adventure”.) The plan is for the people to be able to work on their particular project at their own preferred times, socially distanced and otherwise following safe practices. Charles Sadler, our Campus Use Coordinator, has kindly agreed to coordinate this effort. He will link people with projects, ensure you have the appropriate information and materials for the project, keep track of progress, and put together the honor roll to recognize each individual or household who played a part. If you’d like to adopt a project, or discuss it, please reach out to Charles as follows:   charlessadlerjr@gmail.com  or 301/807-4548 (cell & text).
Special Projects:
- Sanctuary North doors painted
- Sanctuary South doors painted
- Sanctuary Arched window painted
- Parish Hall Upper outside doors painted
-  Parish Hall Lower outside Portico repaired and door painted
- Parish Hall Exterior kitchen window painted
-Ladies Room (lower) painted and diaper changer installed
- Flower beds freshened (several opportunities)
- Resetting some pathway blocks on sand base
- Other projects you’d like to suggest?
Prayer Vigil and Voter Registration

The Calvert County branch of the NAACP is sponsoring a voter registration event and Prayer Vigil on Friday evening, June 26, from 5 to 7 PM. All Saints will be serving as one of the sites along Rt. 4. 

Our Prayer Warden, Barbara Brown, will be leading our vigil. In the wake of George Floyd's death and needless deaths of so many others, we will pray for the victims of violence and for its perpetrators; we will pray for justice and equality; and, we will pray for reconciliation and healing. We will also spend time in silent meditation and welcome individual petitions.
We hope that you will join us for any or all of the evening as we gather together outdoors. Please wear a mask and be mindful of social distance. The buildings will not be open to the public, so plan accordingly. We will have bottled water. 

Members of the League of Women Voters will have a table on the lower lot to assist residents with registration - both hardcopy and online. Please help get the word out in Calvert County, especially young people who have never voted at all. Requirements for completing a Voter registration application:

An applicant must be:
·      At least 16 years of age
·      A US Citizen
·      A Maryland Resident
A applicant must know:
·      Legal address (and mailing address, if applicable)
·      MD Driver's License Number or MVA ID Number or MD Driver's Permit Number (if applicable) OR
·      Last four digits of Social Security Number
·      Choose Political Party – choices available in Maryland:
o   Democratic, Republican, Bread and Roses, or Unaffiliated
o   To learn more about political platforms, use the link below:


July Birthdays
Join Barbara Brown and Lisa+ Siciliano every Thursday, 7-8 pm on a conference call devoted to prayer. This is an opportunity for anyone to bring concerns and have everyone on the call pray for such concerns. (This is separate from being able to contact Barbara to arrange individual prayer.) New contact and access numbers are below:

Call: 701-802-5452
Access: 4672453   

Date: Thursday's start time: 7:00 pm
End time: approximately 8:00 pm

Contact info:
Barbara Brown, Lisa+ Siciliano
barbara_brown1@verizon.net; deaconlisasomd@gmail.com
Virtual coffee shop We will gather virtually for coffee, tea and conversation on Thursday mornings. The Coffee Shop will open at 9 AM, and close at 11. Feel free to pop in anytime, and stay as long as you like.
To access the coffee shop on your pc, laptop or smart device, just click on this link: 

Or... If you have the Zoom app, open it and enter the Meeting ID: 878 1395 1329  and then the Password: 027593

Or...you can also join us on your cell phone (audio only) 
by dialing 1-301-715-8592. When prompted, enter the access code: 87813951329#  and then the password: 027593#  
Join us for a Women's Happy Hour where you can get to know the women of All Saints and enjoy a cool drink all at the same time!!

To join on your laptop, pc or smart device,  click on this link:

To join on the Zoom app , enter the Meeting ID: 898 7271 0177
and then the Password: 680248

To join by cell phone  (audio only)
Call 1-301-715-8592
Access code: 89872710177#
password: 680248#
July Vestry Meeting
The next meeting of All Saints Vestry will be virtual, via Zoom, Tuesday, July 14th, at 7:00 pm. All parishioners are welcome to "attend".
Upcoming Events
All Saints Cooks PRESENTS

All Saints Cooks With Maria Feaster
Next Saturday, June 27 th , at 10:00 AM, All Saints’ renowned chef Maria Feaster will present an episode of “All Saints Cooks” sharing her delicious Spaghetti Carbonara secrets, as well as her favorite accompaniments for this dish. Stay tuned to the All Saints Newsletters for her recipe.  You can take part is this tasty program though Zoom, using the following connections information: 
Join by clicking here:
OR Use the Zoom App  with this information: Meeting ID: 81882920709; Password: 011574
OR, call from any phone : +1 301 715 8592 and provide the following when asked: Meeting ID: 818 8292 0709; Password: 011574

Recipe link >>> Recipe

Share-A-Skill Extravaganza - coming next:

Celebrating Independence Day with Amusements from the Past
In keeping with the times of the Revolution, the All Saints Skills Extravaganza on July 4 th , 2020, at 10:00 AM, will feature homespun entertainments from the past. Some may recall your childhood or just give you some fun things to share with children you know. Despite his grandchildren’s conviction that he actually  remembers  colonial times, our Senior Warden, Kip At Lee, will share simple do-it-yourself amusements that were just passed on to him, some from those times and all from earlier times. Among them will spinners, a magical belt hanger, a self-propelled boat, a Chinese paper ball; a willow whistle; and miniature rockets that actually take off! (Not a battery or computer chip in sight.) You can join in these Fourth of July festivities on Zoom with this information:
Join by clicking here:
Password: 844126
OR Use the Zoom App  
Meeting ID: 83771253857;
Password: 844126
OR, call from any phone : +1 301 715 8592
Meeting ID: 83771253857
Password: 844126
Join Cheryl Thompson on July 18th and learn how to crochet any picture using two different techniques.  
Crocheted Graph-ghan Sampler: Two Methods
Participants will create a crocheted sampler from a graph.
For those who might want to "Crochet-Along" and want the materials ahead of time;
1 skein each of 3 colors of worsted weight yarn (background = main color, black and white); an H/8 (5.00 mm) hook, scissors and a tapestry needle.

Mark your calendars NOW!
In case you missed them, you can see Deb Watson's Skills Extravaganza episode, Furniture Painting (part 2) and Cindy Overstrom's All Saints' Cooks episode, Peach Crumble using these links:
All Saints' Cooks

Skills Extravaganza
Did You Miss Other Episodes?
If the answer is YES, you can watch other video recordings. Simply go to our website at www.allsaints1692.org. All Saints Cooks and Skills Extravaganza recording links can be found on the HOME page in the picture carousel.
Once more into the breach...

On Friday evening, July 3, we will tempt fate yet again with monthly foray into all things trivial. Game begins at 7 PM. 

The game room will open at 6:40 so you have time to register your team or individual 'trivia' name and do some last minute posturing and trash talking with your opponents
This month's theme is: It's the End of the World as We Know It (And, I feel fine...)

Here is the link, your key to an evening of trivial frivolity:

On your lap top, pc, or other smart device, click on this link:

If you are joining over the Zoom app, enter the meeting ID and password when prompted:
Meeting ID: 854 2143 1414
Password: 018091

Feel free to invite friends and family to play. Please have them contact us at  allsaints1692@allsaints1692.org   so we can identify them when they arrive for the quiz. And, before the game, please check out the specials at the Scorpion Brewery in Owings - our partner in trivia for going on six years. Through our monthly contests, we have raised thousands of dollars in support of youth leadership development in Calvert County, and also money to feed hungry families and individuals in our communities.

The knitting/crafting group continues to meet via Zoom on Thursdays from 1 - 3 pm. If you would like to join us and are not receiving our emails, please contact Cindy Overstrom at  cynthiaoverstrom@gmail.c om .  If you would rather not attend with your computer, you can also call in with any phone. 
The next Zoom ECW meeting will be on Saturday, July 18th at 1 pm. If you are not receiving the email invitation for these monthly meetings and would like to attend, please contact Cindy Overstrom at   cynthiaoverstrom@gmail.com . If you would rather not attend with your computer, you can call in with any phone also. 
Donations needed
Pump bottle hand sanitizer and sanitizer wipes We need people to buy these items in preparation for the church reopening and leave them in the church near the PA equipment. You can e-mail Cindy to let her know items have been dropped off. If you would like to be reimbursed, you should also tape your receipt to the item/s with your name.  cynthiaoverstrom@gmail.com  
Giving Matters - Electronic Options

As you probably have heard, All Saints has gone digital for those who prefer an electronic option for giving. contributions can be debited automatically from your checking or savings account or processed via debit or credit card.  The electronic giving program offers convenience for you and consistent giving for our parish.

Consider scheduling a recurring electronic contribution today. It's easy! You will no longer need to write out checks and prepare envelopes each week. Even when travel, illness, Covid-19  cautions and other circumstances prevent you from attending services, your electronic contributions will continue to be received on an uninterrupted basis. Just click "Make This Gift Recurring on the payment form, It is as simple as that!

This option is great for paying your pledge. You may also support various ministries directly by contribution to a designated fund such as the Building Fund, Puerto Rico Youth Mission trip, Project Spudnik or Reading Camp.

If you wish, you may choose to donate a small additional amount to cover the transaction fees associated with your donations. This is called a convenience fee and it is optional.

Did you know you will be able to view your complete online giving history online?

If you would like to give online, you can go to our website and click on this link  https://www.allsaints1692.org/support-us  and then Click Here to Give.

Text-to-Give is just as easy as online giving! Text GIVE to 410-304-6141 on your smart phone.
YOU WILL RECEIVE A LINK. Follow these simple steps to set it up! 
1. For your first time click “SIGN IN” then “REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT”
2. Complete the registration to receive your secure PIN 
3. Select the fund, enter the donation amount and payment information. Tap “Save Payment” to use it for future gifts. 

If you have any questions, please forward them to  allsaints1692connections@gmail.com .
Planned giving encompasses a variety of ways to create a gift to your church using accumulated resources. Although planned giving usually involves financial or estate planning, it is not reserved for the wealthy. Planned giving is for anyone concerned with the wise use of his or her personal resources and provides the opportunity to make a considered choice about their ultimate disposition.

To learn more please contact Steve Watson or Ken Mckenzie.
All Saints’ supports students in need at Beach Elementary School throughout the school year with HeartF.E.L.T. backpacks filled with food for weekend meals. Did you know that during the past school year,198 meals were provided through our backpack program each week (792/month) to  F   eed  E   mpty  L   ittle  T   ummies? With the instabilities caused by the COVID-19 virus, All Saints’ will continue to provide weekend backpacks throughout the summer. We usually accomplish our obligation and privilege to  F   eed  E   mpty  L   ittle  T   ummies by collecting canned food and cash donations. Unfortunately, Covid-19 makes food collection difficult and perhaps dangerous. 

Our last major food order was about $2200. We have additional students receiving HeartF.E.L.T. backpacks this summer and the  Giving Back Commission   is asking us to rise to the challenge of raising $2500 through monetary donations to provide summer weekend meals for participating students. If you would like to help us support young students through the HeartF.E.L.T. backpack program, you can generously give with this link:    https://app.easytithe.com/App/Form/80443fca-1722-411e-99c1-895fd8fcce13   or by mailing a check to All Saints’ Parish, P.O. Box 40, Sunderland, MD 20689. Don’t forget that nearly every form of “plastic” and fund transfers will work with easyTithe. Thank you!!!
End Hunger in Calvert County / United Way of Calvert County
Food Pantry Volunteers Needed
A lot of children in our county will not have food to eat over the next two weeks because they receive free or reduced meals at school. While there will be grab-n-go lunches at three locations in the county, this will not come close to meeting the children’s’ need.

Anyone wishing to volunteer to help sort, box and distribute food for children please sign up! If you know of any children in need, and are willing to deliver, please click on one of the delivery service slots.

Volunteers age 14 and older are welcome, as well as ages 12 & 13 with adult supervision. Closed toe shoes and masks are required. Gloves will be provided.

If you have been involved with caring for anyone who has been ill, please refrain from signing up for this activity.

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Check back frequently as new dates may become available. Thank you!

The Countdown to Camp Has Begun
At the beginning of the year, we began 2020 planning for our regular summer camp at St. Paul’s in Prince Frederick. We were going to bring back the ever-popular Olympics theme that campers have enjoyed in the past. Teachers were brainstorming about books, learning activities, field trips and art and craft projects.  How quickly things changed!
Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic changed everything, including Reading Camp Calvert (RCC) plans for this summer. Even though we cannot hold an on-site camp this year, Reading Camp Calvert (North and South) is excited to roll-out our 2020 plans for a remote camp. In the past, every camper has gone home at the end of camp with a backpack containing books for their home library. This year, we will distribute backpacks at the beginning of camp with books and related activities before our “camp from home” begins. This year’s remote camp will not be focused on specific skill-building. (Campers will have just completed several months of “virtual” school and surely will not be interested in what would seem like just MORE school.) Instead, our focus will be on providing fun reading activities related to the ten books that will be included in each camper’s backpack. We are expanding our camp from five to ten days (one day for each book) and there will be activities provided for the “book of the day”. 

Reading Camp Calvert is thrilled to announce that we will have two special guest readers this year – Timothy Young and Simons Acquah. Mr. Young joined us several years ago, working with campers to design and develop really cool characters for stories they would be writing during the week of camp. He has written and illustrated books that children love to read and you can find out more about his books on his website: https://creaturesandcharacters.com/ .  

Mr. Acquah has helped RCC with post-camp activities (Breakfast and Books), during the school year. His multicultural stories cover positive topics, including acceptance, inclusion, love, trust, friendship and self-esteem. You can learn more about his books on his website: https://simonsacquah.com/ .
This year, both camps will be working with students who attend Title 1 schools and those participating in the Free and Reduced Meal program. These children remain food insecure and most likely do not have a home library with pleasure books to read. In the past, RCC has provided two meals a day for our campers during camp week. For our 2020 remote camp, we are very thankful that our friends at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Prince Frederick have generously offered to provide non-perishable food for our at-home campers.

Elementary school principals received camp applications at the end of May and the applications were forwarded to students/families that the principals invited. Our thanks go to the school administrators for taking the responsibility to ensure applications were distributed to students in need.

We would also like to thank the Mandile family and Lissi Mojica’s crew of youth for helping us get the backpacks filled with books, activities and food.
If you would like to help us provide books and activity supplies to our campers, please use the following link to donate online:

Community Events
Calvert County Census PSA - "We Count!"
The census 2020 response online final date has changed to 10/31/2020. Beginning in August, census takers will be coming to households who have not yet submitted their 2020 form to help get the information completed.

As already explained in other emails, Calvert County has a goal of reaching a 90% completion rate by the time all forms are due. As of June 18th, we are #11 in the state for completed forms. Calvert County's return rate is 69.6%, so that means 27692 or more have not been counted. Your help is needed to encourage friends, families and neighbors if they have not yet submitted their census information. As a reminder, the decennial census itself does not determine federal funding. Rather, data derived from the census helps create other data sets, and those are used to determine how the federal government will distribute money to states and local governments as well as individual households and organizations.

The link to a Calvert County video called "We Count" is very helpful to use as a reminder. You can add the link to your Facebook page or other social media pages, as well as send to your email contacts.

Additional info can be found here:   www.2020census.gov/

90% - That's the Calvert County GOAL!
Community PSAs
A Public Service Announcement from the Maryland Emergency Management Agency:

We have received notifications from our federal partners that there are scams you should be aware regarding to Coronavirus. Some of these types of scams include:

• Individuals and businesses selling fake cures for COVID-19 online and engaging in other forms of fraud,
• Phishing emails from entities posing as the World Health Organization or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
• Malicious websites and apps that appear to share virus-related information to gain and lock access to your devices until payment is received,
• Seeking donations fraudulently for illegitimate or non-existent charitable organizations, and more.

Additionally, you may come across these scams through text messages, phone calls, email messages, etc. Here are somethings to consider when overwhelmed with Coronavirus info found online.
Before you act, stop. Ask yourself: 
1. Who is the message from?
2. What do they want me to do?
3. What evidence supports this message?

It is for this reason that we are issuing this alert to provide you with resources to help keep you and your families safe. Unfortunately, scams do often appear during times of emergency, disaster, and uncertainty. For us to keep people safe, we really do need to rely on you to help carry our message to those who need to hear it. Please, take a moment to read over all of these resources and share them with your loved ones. These tools will help all of us stay alert and resilient, even during this pandemic challenge.

Thank you for your time and commitment to help keep your fellow Marylanders safe. We have to continue to be each others' heroes by staying home, continuing to physically distance ourselves, and always washing our hands. We keep saying it, but it truly is a community effort.

U.S. Department of Justice
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Calvert Arts Festival
Make sure your calendar is marked with the new October date!
From the Connections Commission
Sharing information via our All Saints’ newsletters, midweek email updates and snail mail communications continue to be a work in progress. We would like to thank all who contribute the information we include and we encourage all Parish members to submit “news” items and photos that would be of interest to our Parish family and friends. 

Info and flyers to be posted in the August monthly newsletter need to be received via email by Tuesday, July 28th. Please send information to allsaints1692@allsaints1692.org   AND   allsaints1692connections @gmail.com This allows time for editing and clarification when needed. 

Please refer to the publicity guidelines on our website for more information.
Note: please send your submission as you'd like it to appear. We'll edit for spelling and punctuation but submissions should be written as they will appear instead of as requests.


Parish buildings are not open now, and only individuals specifically authorized for an essential service may be in them (e.g., Heartfelt food packing). Those authorized individuals must wear masks, must practice social distancing and must sanitize touch areas as they enter and as they leave. This is not a matter of personal choice and applies to everyone including volunteers, business suppliers, and contract personnel. If you note a deviation you may politely remind the individual. If you are not comfortable doing that or doing so doesn’t correct the problem, please contact a church officer.

There is now a sign-in sheet located on the desk by the downstairs entrance and another upstairs outside the lady's room. Please use these to sign-in with date and time in and out of the Hall.
1. Love and Acceptance of Neighbor : Work toward alleviating suffering and bringing healing to our communities in acts great and small. Welcome with love, compassion, and care all who engage with All Saints. Strive to bring together in love and fellowship those who otherwise may be divided. Promote equality, human rights, inclusion, dignity, and respect for all.
2. Worship and Formation : Create disciples through worship, education, and coming together in fellowship. Demonstrate and share the love of Jesus with others. Offer creative and enriching programs for adults, children, and youth. Promote worship activities that strengthen congregational relationships and bring our community together in love and mutual respect. 
3. Valuing and Sharing Our History : Respect, maintain, and share our sacred space and the stories of those who have worshipped here for over 300 years. Encourage understanding and enlightenment through listening to and learning about our history.
Worship Commission:
Deb Watson 301-801-0960 
Dennis Laurie   410-714-2533 
Parish Family Commission:
Hope Sayles 301-855-0251 or 301-467-1467 
Christian Formation Commission:
Paul Dickson  410 257-3893 
Erryn Fleming 764 913-4042 
Living Our Values Commission:
Sherrill Munn 443 404-7560 
Giving Back Commission:
Patti At Lee 202 669-5594 
Finance Commission:
Patrick Herlihy 202 603-3273 
Connections Commission:
Deb Shupe  410-231-8150 
Lisa Herlihy 410-610-1084
Property Committee:
Tom Hyde 443 684-4583 
Planned Giving Board:
Carl Bucheister 301-855-4687
Episcopal Church Women (ECW):
Cindy Overstom 410-474-0086
Calvert Arts Festival:
Lisa Herlihy 410-610-1084
Cemetery Committee:
Brian Dowell 410-257-5449
Parish leadership

Senior Warden - Kip At Lee
  Junior Warden - Patrick Herlihy
   Property Warden - Tom Hyde
   Program Warden - Deb Shupe
   Prayer Warden - Barbara Brown
   Treasurer - Steve Watson
Music director - Deb Watson

Vestry Members - 
  Sherrill Munn
   Bryan Dowell
   Nate Pope
   Deb Watson
   Dave Shupe
   Tom Hyde
   Lissi Mojica
   Barbara Brown